I dunno you're reading this so I assume you know, and I don't
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  1. Well, I have seen a lot (Or at least I happen to run across) of long winded blog posts that always seem to be philosophical, and ask some question of sorts. Or it's another one of those post's where someone complains that EP isn't what it used to be. I mean, both of these just bother me to no end... it get's old. But I digress, this is more for me than it is for you so the 3 people who see this don't need to feel obligated to respond. I shall end now so you can go back to your long philosophical questions about what is right, who is right, and how their right, ciao!
  2. One day in the chat I had an idea for something I like to call "Holiday days" and the basic concept is that there will be several categories that people would vote on (I.E. Zecora day, Rarity Day, ETC.) I don't have that many details on how it would work, but if I could figure it out I would love to see it work although there may be some kind of stipulation to it or it may annoy those who don't want to participate, but still if anypony has any ideas for a holiday day than I would love to hear about it, but don't forget to include how it would work!
  3. Well (Dont expect a massive plot twist, trust me there isnt one) lately I been reading a fair amount of creepypasta, and looking for good urban legends, and I was just wondering if any of you knew of anything that fits the category, and you would like to share feel free to PM me the name of the story, and I'll give it a look! Even if you wrote it yourself it doesnt matter I still would love to read it!
  4. If you've been in the chat recently (again with the chat) you would know that I've got this thing for the periodic table, and such also if you join the chat Ill try to write your name properly and, write down all of the elements in your name, even of you have numbers, if I don't do it feel free to ask me! I have no problem doing it, by all means feel free to ask
  5. If you've seen me in the chat lately you'll know that I've been pretty absorbed with paracord junk lately, I figured this would be a good place write down my spiel for selling them during a festival: GET YA PARACORD BRACELETS HYA! GET YA PARACORD! GET ONE FOR YA WIFE, GET ONE FOR THE KIDS, GET ONE FOR YA HUSBAND, HECK GET ONE FOR THAT HONEY ON YA ARM! After this is over my hands will heal, and you'll never hear about it for another year.......possibly. Anyway, thus might not be a regular thing, but I love doing the while speech thing, and just thought I'd share.....