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  1. So, I never make blog posts, or posts in general (Because I am worst mod), but I decided that I should start doing things, in case some people on the site want to know what's inside this mod's head.

    So first thing is first, Spoopy Halloween.

    This was the best Halloween I've probably ever had, even though I'm now extremely sick. Since I am still in high-school, it was at someone's house, but the parents really didn't do anything, which was nice (even though the parents are really cool). It was really fun altogether, especially because I got to see a lot of friends I don't hang out with often. I had a really amazing costume, and so that was really awesome.

    What did I go as? I was the best cat-girl ever.

    It was really fun, and terrifying to go dressed up as a girl, but the reactions some people gave me were hilarious. The host's mom saw me at one point, and just stood there looking at me for a good minute and said "Wait.... (my name)? I didn't know that was you! I was wondering, who's that fine piece of ass walking up to my house". It was pretty awesome. I can apparently pass really well in public too, because when I first came out with my costume on, 3-4 people all asked who I was until someone said my name. Getting comments like "I can't believe that you're not a girl" was pretty awesome. The worst part is my voice though, I still don't know what to do about that. I also got to release a lot of stress I was holding onto from two major projects that were due, so that was good too. I also wore my costume on Thursday for my game development class, since I don't have it on Fridays. Pretty sure a lot of the guys in the class were looking at me (I think I caught one looking down my shirt :I), since the only other girl in the class isn't liked too well. I think a random guy was checking me out in the halls too, I feel you fellow females, it's a very awkward experience. No one looked at me twice and thought "that's definitely a guy" or even "is that a guy?" though, so that was really awesome :3.

    I should probably stop babbling now, and I'll leave a link to some pictures I took in my costume here.

    But yes, Halloween was great, and I hope it was for all of you too :D
  2. Been working in my Game dev class a lot, and I just learned how to fully export a game installer.

    So guess what this means! :D

    That's right, You, sir/madame, will be able to see what I'm making in class. I'll leave a link for this at the bottom of this blog. I've been working hard on this and dear god, the sun/sky being made from scratch is no fun. That took the most time. ;-;
    Math was needed, pain probably wasn't, but they were both in proportion to each other. Installer download (200 MB)
  3. YES, again, i am up at an unusually late time. for what reason? i don't know. I just know the radio is slowly draining my soul... Later today i'll probably pass out for two hours, then repeat tomorrow too. This cycle... School needs to break it... Anyway, hope to see the radio become more lively soon. I miss some of you!

    Also, check my Youtube, i do Playthroughs, and any music i make will go there too.
  4. So, i recently had the strangest(best?) need to make as much stuff for bronies/Pegasisters as possible. I have a Youtube and Deviant art, but i feel inexperienced and lacking in almost everything. My idea is to get as much practice as possible, but i need ideas of what to do. I will do stuff not pony related too, because practice is still practice right? Any help would be appreciated.