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  1. Dear Princess Celestia,

    Today I went on and ran around shouting "Следуй за мной, чтобы покорить Америку" ("Follow me to conquer America" in Russian) and a bunch of Russian ponies followed me around. It was probably the funniest and best experience on that site I'll ever have. However, running around in circles in the virtual game has not appeared to significantly aid in the capture of America.


    -feboo gai
  2. Found this and felt like i should share it.
  3. ever since ive been on this forum ive heard about the cupcakes fanfic. well i got curious and searched for it on google to see what it was all about. BIG mistake... that fanfic is SERIOUSLY twisted. i cant really even think straight since im just a little bit traumatized by it. one thing i find funny is that im perfectly fine with making peoples bodies explodein blood and organs in fallout new vegas, but for some reason the cupcakes fanfic makes me almost a bit scared, depite it of course being fictional. whoever made cupcakes is one sick bastard.after i read it, i found another fic that continues off the end of cupcakes and makes it all out to be a nightmare that pinkie had.

    if you havent read cupcakes yet, please, do yourself a favor and DONT!!!
  4. i got bored so i decided i would make a blog entry.


    um... im not really sure what im supposed to do in blogs sooo...
    heres a picture of twilight[​IMG]