A blog brought to you by HarleyKyn productions. In short, it's just any ramblings that I may have, some of them may do with ponies while others are just going on about something I've been thinking about. Either way, if you take time to read my blogs you have my thanks. <3
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  1. It was absolutely fantastic! I can say that Pony Cons are absolutely the best thing. I've been to Anime Los Angeles and Anime Conji and I have to say... nothing beats a pony convention. At least, for me. I've NEVER had customers come back to my booth JUST to hang out and talk with David and I. It was beautiful, it was fun and I couldn't ask for a better community. We have our issues but all in all, get us together for a weekend, things can be quite fun! Got to meet Cinema Brony which was amazing! That was incredibly enjoyable. I regret not getting to actually talk to him, but I had customers in the way most of the time. :\

    I got to see Foozogz DJ, and I may have fangirled... a lot.

    I need sleep now. It was great. If you can do a brony convention, DO IT! It's fun <3
  2. Well, after going to bed around 1 AM and waking up at 6 AM, which is so much earlier then I usually ever wake up, my boyfriend and I headed down to Anaheim for the Equestria LA convention. We took my/our button business with us because we enjoy conventions as Vendors, we love talking to the customers and the other vendors, we find it better then the actual convention itself. That being said, I had a great time despite being so exhausted that I was falling asleep on Davey's shoulder a few different times. For those of you that remember this name, I got to see That One Colt again this year. He is doing the gender-swap Pinkie Pie for his cosplay (I don't remember the gender swap name, sorry! :[ ) and is such a great and fun person to talk to. Another EP forum person stopped by the booth to, I believe it was Cinema Brony! Forgive me if I'm wrong, it was a long day and caught me right at the pinnacle of my exhaustion. I want to see MORE people from EP and I hope they show up, I new a few mentioned they would!

    That being said it's now time for me to just kick back and relax in the hotel room. It's been a long day and I need the rest for tomorrow. If you ever get a chance to go to at least ONE brony convention... do it! The people are incredible. At least where I live, so I can only hope and imagine it's the same everywhere else!

    Love you all <3
  3. It was back in September of last year that I had to leave. My laptop had long since died, and my Mom's laptop was doing okay but truly wasn't cutting it. On top of it all, internet at work wouldn't load EPR for reasons I still am not aware of. But I return once again, and with a pleasant shock that honestly makes me remember over and over again why I always return to this place, no matter how much it changes.

    Life pulled me away again, but I finally have a solidified horse & work schedule on top of decent internet at work that finally loads everything without issue. I came back expecting to see some friends again, but the response I got was not only from the older members who know me but from those that have no clue who I am. To you new people, you have no idea how much that means to someone like me. I've been around since July 2011. I've made a lot of amazing friends, sometimes I forget just how special EP is to me because I get lost in life and adulthood. But when I get to sit and think about it, I realize EP brings me amazing friends every single time. No matter how many times I have to leave, I will ALWAYS come back. It's just hard to think I'd never come back. Sometimes I swear life is so busy that I think it'll be impossible but a recent change and adjustment has me thinking positively once again.

    So to you new people, you keep the spirit of everypony alive. A place where, no matter who you are, you're somepony even to those that don't know you.

    Then there is returning to the radio, and I learn that people have attempted to carry on the "Harley Welcome" as it has been dubbed. Even better, two of these people don't even KNOW me and only just met me within the past couple days. People that didn't know me tried to carry on my sense of love and friendliness towards everypony. I had always intended for the Harley Welcome to be for EVERYONE, no matter who they are or what they do. And it has become just that, it would seem. I still can't tell you how much it means to me that this welcome was named after me. Though I started it just because it's how I felt, it became something bigger than that in the end. I'm glad people I never even met got the message and continued to spread it.

    That being said, I plan on being here for quite a long time. If this schedule holds firm, which it has for two weeks thus far, then I'm here to stay. Thank you for welcoming me back, to those new and old. I sincerely love you all and don't know what I would do without the mass amount of friends I've created over the course of time. You are all special to me, yes, even you people that don't know me but still welcomed me back, even those that lurk. You are ALL special to me. And one day I hope I can pay you all back for it. <333

    You make a girl want to have liquid pride, EP community.

  4. A portion of you probably recall my last blog (before this one, obviously) saying how life got in the way and beat me down more times then I could get up. Well, I thought those days were going to be done and over with by now. It would seem as if I was horribly mistaken and wrong on so many different levels. But a little background before I go into my large explanation as to why I'm going on a HIATUS. As it's not fair to say "I'll be around at some point". Anyway...

    For those of you who don't know what I do in terms of work, I am the Production Assistant to a Certified Financial Planner. Basically, my boss is that guy that helps people with their money - as in saving up for retirement. He specializes mainly in retirement - so you put money into certain accounts in hopes of them gaining more money then you put in pending different options. It's a stressful job but it's 8:30 to 5:00 or 12:00 to 5:00 pending the week and whether or not my horse grooming skills are needed by a friend of mine (said friend is the daughter of my trainer and the owner of the stable where I keep my horse. Working for her or her daughter earn me hours which earn me $10 per hour which earns me money off my board fee - so it's important I do that). I was able to fit in DJing during the evening and I was pretty damn happy.

    Work told me about a project that was coming outt - we're buying out another CFP's business. That means we're getting more clients added to our already decent sized group. I thought it was going to be well thought out, kinda easy once you got a system. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG. As much as I love my manager considering she's my mother, I can't help but flip the universe at how CHAOTIC this transition is going. There is SO MUCH that should've been done before we started editting paperwork (as we have to send "transfer of broker/dealer & rep" forms to certain companies. Great? Right? Yeah. No. This was SO horribly thought out. I was told it was going to be easy. Bullcrap. All of it. I'm SO livid just thinking about it. It stresses me out so much it has me almost breaking down every time I just walk into the office. (I work overtime for this so... yay...) Either way it takes up my time, my energy and my sanity. On top of that my computer is dying MUCH quicker then I thought. I've had to uninstall SO MUCH just to keep it running at a decent pace. It lags into almost everything I do now. That means it was alreayd lagging with the Livestream studio... it's lagging even WORSE to the point it'd just be useless.

    I was going to steal my mom's laptop for DJing but she's been using it for the transition so that's not an option. And I'm not going to DJ while I'm at my boyfriend's because well... 1. I'm distracted, 2. I do like getting off the computer after half an hour or an hour to go say hi to him. We're the typical nerd couple. Hug. Cuddle. GAMES. Yeah. So... tthat'd just be rude. This has also made it difficult to figure out a plan for people getting the prizes they won forever ago. At first I thought I was going to be able to do it and then everyhthing crashed down on me ONCE MORE. \o/ Long story short. <_< The world isn't done kicking me around yet. X3 But I'm not done kicking back. So for those of you waiting on prizes: I'm going to tell some key people to contact you about it, I swear to god.

    For everyone in general: forgive me. If I could change this I would and I'd DJ every freakin' night. But right now... I literally don't have the means to do so. I'm so so very sorry and I won't be around very often til after this transition and until I can get a decent enough computter to do stuff on. I might be able to borrow a friend's old tower that's still pretty decent. But that'll be a week or so.... all of my love all of my apologies. I can't say sorry enough. Thank you and I hope to see you all very soon.
  5. Hey everypony!
    I decided to make a blog entry as to why my name seemed to disappear all together from Everypony for the past few weeks - I can assure you, I did not forget you wonderful ponies~! Actually, it's getting back here that's probably kept me going the most in what I've been doing - but let me explain what's been going on.

    About a month ago I went to Jack n the Box and decided to spoil myself with an ultimate cheeseburger with extra sauce. For those of you unaware of what on earth that is, it's a burger (a little too peppery for my tastes, since they changed their recipe) with american cheese, mayo, mustard and ketchup. BEFORE they changed how it's made, it used to be the most delicious thing in the entire world to me. So I ate that - ALL of that and went on my merry way, playing Bioshock til about 1:00 AM when I ended my call with Pinkie (Rasii on the forums, for you veterans who remember him) and my boyfriend (MangaTurtle/BonyTurtle) for those of you who know him. I was feeling pretty sick but I thought it was just my adrenaline from the game, as I got into a pretty intense part of the game. So I went to bed feeling fairly cold - no matter WHAT I did, I could not get warm. Eventually I fell asleep, and was in and out of sleep for half an hour before I jolted awake feeling utterly MISERABLE. Sure enough my body rejected EVERYTHING I ate - I'll spare you the gross details. I ended up calling my boyfriend (as I was house/horse/dog sitting at the time, lucky me, right?) saying "I need you." I called my Mom (also my manager at work) letting her know I wasn't going to be in AT ALL that week (this happened on a Thursday morning so I was out Thursday and Friday). So my boyfriend tried to get water into me and get me to sleep... but every hour, then every hour and a half, then every two hours my body was rejecting ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we put in it. It wasn't til around 11 (the last time my body rejected anything) that we decided to get food in my system since I seemed to be fairly awake. Which is amazing considering all night I was in and out of sleep due to, y'know, my body going "OHHEY. Bathroom. Now." So I got saltines and apples... as well as the "Smartwater" brand of water since it has the electrolytes. My boyfriend was gracious enough to be up with me EVERY time I rejected something, as well as be up early enough to feed the horse, then wouldn't leave for home til I was stable enough to last a few hours til my mom could come over and spend the night. So my life was saltines and apples for a good three days since my body could not remember how to eat. Kids, never get food poisoning, it's a real kick in the arse. Should note, boyfriend took care of horse stalls, fed them and topped off their water, as well as, fed the dogs before he left. I couldn't have been more thankful. But, oh god, the last thing on my mind was doing anything that Thursday. Friday I was on skype but didn't feel up to much of anything else. I remember popping in once or twice going "not on long - food poisoning, just checkin' in". So that was all fine and dandy. The next week I worked my butt off getting used to working again - I know I DJed a few times, even once with Bawnty, so all was getting better but I still didn't know how to eat properly. It took me about a week and a half to learn how to eat normal meals.

    Well two weeks after I got food poisoning... I ended up with a cold. I stayed home and SLEPT my butt off while taking things to defends against the cold. This meant going to bed early, waking up late and making sure I stayed away from as much sugar and dairy as I possibly could. It took a good week for me to get over it, a week I was supposed to get back into a horse riding habit again. Well I FINALLY got better and this entire week and half of last week has been nothing but going out there... but not just for riding.

    You see... my horse developed rain rot. Now it's not as HORRIFIC as "rot" sounds, but it's still not fun to deal with. Basically the horse didn't fully shed out so extra heat was being trapped on her flank, eventually the hair started to curl up and bumps started to form. Flies probably helped get the 'infection' settled in (rain rot is a shared name among a few different but similar looking problems, each are treated the same way). So every other day we have to bring her out and give her a good brushing, then get out a gentle curry brush and get the scabs off. It looks and sounds nastier then what it is - honestly it doesn't bother the horse! The only thing they hate is the removal of the scabs. So we have to do that as often as we can (I say we cause my boyfriend helps me with this) so avoid it getting worse and more bumps forming. That's been taking all my nights after work, so I've been unable to get my butt in here. It doesn't help that, at work, when I usually keep both chats up, I'm training a new employee so that's A LOT of time away from my desk, and therefore, my computer. However, she's almost fully trained on everything and things seem to be going good with my horse, so I should on a little more often in the evenings, and maybe even a couple mornings!

    So, I am very sorry for my disappearance, but real life troubles had to be dealt with. <3
  6. Hey everypony, it's Harley here with my first ever blog entry! I'm not much of a blog person because I tend to be just as random in blogs as I am on live chat, so hopefully I can keep myself on track so my OCD doesn't go crazy on me. First off, I want to run off a quick thank you for all the members that have joined over the past year! Three thousand members is A LOT in a little over twelve months. When I joined back in July, there were only about five hundred or so of you. It hasn't even BEEN a year since I've been here on the forums (I was on the radio a few weeks prior to joining the forums) and we've already received three thousands members. That's impressive! Of course, we couldn't have made it this far without your support and patience with us! So, thank you all very, very much for your dedication. It means a lot to me - and I'm sure it means a lot to he other veteran members and staff, as well as, the newer members! That being said, I want to share what ponies have done for me.

    Now, I don't have as exciting as a story as Yami. I haven't changed much, personality wise, since becoming a brony (I refuse to be called a pegasister. ;D). Before I go too far in this story, however, I need to give you some background of how I became aware of ponies.

    I wasn't a big memebase addict like I am now, so I would have never noticed anything pony related. No on I knew talked about ponies and I was all around oblivious to MLP:FiM existing. I refused to watch Gen 1 - 3 because the ponies creeped me out in their design... so naturally I had no reason to really watch a show that... creeped me out. Well, I was playing as a nun/party guest/another side support role in a community production of Sound of Music. There I met this guy named David - anyone who frequents the radio knows his music under "MangaTurtle". He's the one who did The Ballad of Pinkie Pie and At The *Censored* Gala. And no, I had no help in either of them, my only skill in music is singing. Anyway, I met him and we became friends and it wasn't very long after that I started to develop feelings for him.

    That's right. Harley started to fall for Davey. I kept it to myself for a couple months, but during these couple months I friended him facebook. I would see posts about "ponies", but I knew he was talking about cartoons because he said "must. not... watch... ponies". At first, I just ignored it, not thinking much of it. Later, we friended each other on Yahoo! instant messanger. From there we would get to know each other a little bit more and I finally asked about ponies, because at that point he had started watching some episodes. He was getting hooked, but he had yet to become a brony. It wasn't long after that, that I got my answer as to what he was watching... and I youtubed it. When I saw the animation I was floored. Why? They didn't creep me out! I watched all the episodes within three to four days and was instantly addicted to ponies. I looked for ponies on DeviantArt, I had my boyfriend draw a couple - an OC and my pony-sona. I would check EQD all the time, but still had never found Everypony.

    One day I get online and Davey is telling about this website he found - a forum, a community, a pony community. Turns out he found them from EQD! So we both joined the community and I began my journey to become a part of a big family. I joined the radio in the latter part of June, but joined the forum in July. I'm not much of a forum girl, as many of you probably know, but I did do my best to welcome new people every single day. Eventually I got dubbed the official EPR welcoming committee. I eventually became a radio DJ in December, but I got sick with a bad cold, got a new job and moved my horse to a new stable. Basically... I got stressed beyond belief and I had no choice but to quit my job here on Everypony, and I had to leave the forums and radio completely. I can't tell you how much it broke my heart to do it, but my life needed to get stabilized. It took a few months of work, and a few months of getting used to a new sleep schedule (I know, sleep, what's that?) but I finally found time to come back. I reapplied for a job - mainly as a radio chat moderator, as I don't feel like I have time to do any DJing. I never expected to be honored enough to get half of my job back (the half I WANTED back, mind you). I nearly cried myself to sleep with joy that I, with TomTortoise and BlazingDawn, got hired on as moderators. Just this week I got promoted to a EPN chat mod, as well. Crazy right? That's been my life here on EPR... so now that you know my history, let me tell you how Everypony made me a more confident and better person.

    When I first came to this site, I was as I am now. I'm quirky, I'm hyper active, I'm friendly and I'm random as heck. But there was a difference in me that no one knew about and that was my lack of confidence - that's right, Everypony's Harley lack majorly in the self confidence department. I was acting like myself and I made great friends (the "original" Rainbow Dash and the "original" Pinkie Pie and the "original" Big Macintosh, just to name a few). I eventually got to know Grey, Derpy and Foxy. Then my friendship circle just grew and grew, adding on Stainless, Swift, Ripp, Zephyr Haste, Zephyr, Berry Punch, Artanis (now Alzarath), Ryu, ShyGuy, Viper, Scootaloo-- the list just goes on, and on and on. But I still felt like I was just a nuisance, that I didn't make anyone happy... that I just annoyed them. That's right! I thought /I/ was annoying YOU guys. Over the course of time (and with a lot of help from a couple shout outs from Foxy and Zephyr) I've come to realize that... that's not the case. I'm truly accepted and loved here, I have friends that are family and that means the world to me. I may have matured a bit in the past year, but my personality had always remained the same... but my feelings about who I was and am as a person suffered greatly.

    If it wasn't for this particular community and this particular group of people and friends... I would still suffer greatly with confidence problems. I would still think lowly of myself and I would continue to believe I was no good to a community as awesome as this. So to everypony, even if I've just talked to you ONCE or even if I haven't talked to you at all, thank you. Thank you SO, SO much for being there for me. Thank you for accepting me and thank you for making me a part of your family, just as you are a part of mine. I love you all and I can't imagine life without you guys... if I ever lost contact with even a quarter of you guys, I would no doubt cry. I want to remain friends forever... for my life time, for yours. I can't explain how thankful I am for this website, for these members... you really are an amazing community.

    We may have our problems, but in the end, we do our best to be there for each other. So thank you for being there for me, and I do hope that I can be there for you when you need it the most.