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  1. Remember how I said you can't do both 'parts' to Chapter 13?

    Apparently I was wrong.

    On the main menu of the game there's an option that says 'SPECIAL.'

    I selected that and there it was. Chapter 13 Verse 2.

    Since it would feel 'incomplete' without doing it... what do you think I did?

    Of course I played it. :D

    We start off with Gladio and Ignis getting a 'present' from Ardyn. Their weapons back. With the situation dire and Noctis' location unknown, they accept all the help they can get. YEAH I DON'T CARE. THIS GUY IS STILL AN *squee!*. :angry:

    The play of this is slightly different than the regular game. It's hard to explain without playing it yourself. But it wasn't overly difficult honestly.

    Gladio and Ignis fight their way through Zegnautus until they come across a control room with a tape showing the emperor and Ravus fighting. :eek:

    Ravus is forced away by Daemons. Where he seems to come across Noctis. He tries to give him his father's glaive... but NOCTIS CUTS HIS MECHANICAL ARM OFF. o_O

    No of course it's not really Noctis. IT WAS THAT *squee!* ARDYN AGAIN POSING AS HIM. I SERIOUSLY HATE THIS GUY. :mad:

    Gladio and Ignis continue trying to find Noctis... until they come across another big room. A monitor room with the Crystal on it. Gladio messes with the control panel to unlock the room.

    But then...

    A FREAKING TALKING DAEMON APPEARS. It's Foras again. Which is clearly the emperor in this scene. SO LET'S KICK ITS ASS. :mad:

    Not overly difficult honestly. It's mostly a 'hit and run' fight. Attack it, run away, run in, attack again, continue until you win.

    Afterwards Gladio and Ignis continue their search. Until Ignis claims to hear Noctis' voice and Gladio follows Ignis.

    That was pretty much it. Not long but still interesting I suppose. Apparently the gameplay is the same as Episode Gladiolus. Which I may or may not do if a walkthrough is ever done for it. But I think it may be some time. I want to get through some other games first after spending 100 hours plus on this game.

    This time for sure. I'm completely finished with Final Fantasy XV.

    My mind hasn't really changed on it honestly. I wish the ending was better but I liked the game too much to let the ending make me hate it.

    Next time:

    DREAM DROP DISTANCE REVENGE!! Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix thoughts/experiences
  2. Noctis & co. enter the citadel...

    Ardyn decides to give us a 'warm welcome...'





    This fight... to be honest...

    Wasn't overly difficult. Was it because of my over-leveled status? Probably. But that was fine by me. :smile:

    It was still a lengthy battle though. I only had to use a couple items.

    I LOVED the part where Ifrit got REKT by Bahamut and then Shiva. It made me APPLAUD. :twi:

    Afterwards... Noctis seems to be saying goodbye to his friends. The game even makes you choose a picture for Noctis to take with him.



    Ardyn is finally confronted. He then incapacitates Prompto, Gladio and Ignis claiming they have no 'part in this'





    Ready everyone?


    OH. MY. GOD.


    It was just epic not hard. :zebra:

    I enjoyed it honestly.

    It wasn't overly hard for me either. Using the Ring of Lucii helps to dodge his assaults with Holy. Which also deals damage. Which is also nice.

    Again only some item use was required.

    At the end... both Noctis and Ardyn were tired and couldn't do much. Except Ardyn who kept attacking me. You really can't dodge here which made it... annoying. So more item use had to be done. :angry:

    Attacking constantly seemed to be the answer. As it eventually led to Noctis doing exactly what I wanted him to do.

    USING. ALL. WEAPONS. :cool:


    Noctis heads for the throne... while his friends deal with another horde of Daemons.

    More goodbyes..................





    Noctis summons the past kings of Lucis....

    They... start attacking him...........


    This isn't happening.... :boo:


    Noctis ends up in some ethereal space. Where he faces off with Ardyn one last time and finishes him off for good.




    Wait... Cyber Sleuth did the same thing before he was brought back. So that'll happen again... right?



    There seems to be a monument on the throne with Noctis' full name on it. After the credits........

    Noctis and Luna seem to finally be together and married and even share a kiss. Fitting I suppose. :)


    THE END.




    I just...

    I don't know what to say...

    You know what?

    I thought about it for awhile after I was done.

    I just can't do it.

    Was it an ending where the game gave me a 'double middle finger?' Yes. Obviously.

    But I just can't do it. I can't hate the game just because of the ending.


    Because of the experience and the time spent on the game. I just LOVED this game too much to hate it just for the ending.

    At least Noctis and Luna are finally together? :cry:

    Final thoughts:

    Do I wish the ending was better? Of course I do. But it doesn't matter. The game was just too AMAZING to hate it just for the ending.

    Therefore... my final thoughts on Final Fantasy XV are.......


    Also... with the game beat... I've completed my 'challenge' as well. I now NEVER have to watch Equestria Girls 4 EVER. DEAL WITH IT. ::S:


    Next time:

    DREAM DROP DISTANCE REVENGE!! Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix thoughts/experiences.
  3. Yes. I'm stealing lyrics from songs now.


    As promised. No more sidequests.

    The group continues and Ardyn announces he has a 'surprise' for them. A 'blast from the past.'

    Who is it?

    It's Ravus. WAIT WHAT?! WASN'T HE DEAD?! o_O

    Yeah... the *squee!* made him a Daemon. WONDERFUL. :sigh:

    Ravus says to kill him...

    Ugh. At this point I suppose it's mercy. :(

    New boss theme.

    Although it was a bit of a grind and I had to waste some items once again. Victory was mine.

    Kind of sad really. ARDYN. I. SWEAR. :mad:

    No time for that apparently. Daemon attack. HORDES OF THEM. :eek:

    So the group tells Noctis to leave to get the Crystal and they'll handle the Daemons. NO. WHY?! :sad:

    UGH. NO CHOICE AGAIN. :confused:

    Noctis is all alone once more. But the Crystal... it's right there... :eek:

    He asks it for help. Then what happens?


    Then... OF COURSE. Ardyn appears to mock Noctis. He goes on about some story and tells Noctis to become the 'champion of the crystal' as it wouldn't do any good to kill him as a mortal claiming it will be his 'redemption.' THERE'S THAT WORD AGAIN. THE ONLY THING YOU'LL BE GETTING IS ALL MY WEAPONS. DOWN YOUR THROAT. :mad:

    Inside the Crystal...

    HI BAHAMUT. :eek:

    Bahamut basically tells Noctis how this is going to all end and what he has to do as the 'King of Kings.' Basically... Ardyn is something called the 'Asurpur' who needs to be killed due to him falling into madness. WELL I FIGURED THAT MUCH OUT MYSELF. Considering... you know... he already revealed he was immortal. ::S:

    But that's not the important part. The important part is apparently a 'blood price' has to be paid. Which seems to be... the life of the King.



    Well... Noctis wakes up in some... stone prison. To eternal night. WONDERFUL. :sigh:

    He makes his way to a destroyed Galdin Quay. Most of the Daemons can ge dispatched quickly with Death though. But some should be avoided. LIKE A LEVEL 84 DAEMONWALL. ARE YOU SERIOUS GAME?! :pff:

    But I avoided it. When the road was reached... a truck came by. Being driven by... TALCOTT?! An older Talcott. Who reveals that 10 years have gone by.

    WOW. IT'S FF13-3 ALL OVER AGAIN. :boo:

    Talcott catches Noctis up with everything that has happened. But Noctis is back now. He's quickly rejoined by his friends at Hammerhead.


    The group dons some sick threads and Insomnia is finally reached. Some AMAZING themes here.

    I fight my way through Insomnia and practically reach the final point.

    It's time this ends. One way or another.

    Next time:

    Final Bosses. Will this game really end like Persona 3? IT BETTER NOT. BUT IT CERTAINLY SEEMS LIKE IT'S GOING TO. :cry:

    I suppose we'll be finding out soon enough... can peace and the world truly be saved?

    Well... we might as well try. Or die trying. Which seems like is going to happen either way. :sad:
  4. Yep. I did them both.

    Crestholm Channels was almost like a maze. But I somehow survived it and at the end... yet another LARGE enemy was awaiting me.

    A Jormungand.

    Even though it was a lengthy battle and lots of items had to be used, victory was mine. :cool:

    Now... Costlemark Tower.

    Was much harder. I finally understood why my Official Strategy Guide called it the 'hardest dungeon in the game'

    As I barely was able to do much before an annoying 'Bomb' like enemies (Galvanade) caused a Game Over. I survived it next time however.

    Here's a tip from me to you. This dungeon is SO MUCH EASIER if you wait until you get the Ring of Lucii. Even though I didn't discover this until later some of the enemies in this dungeon were susceptible to Death. Most notably of which being said Galvanades. MAKE SURE YOU USE THAT ON THEM SO THEY WON'T DECIMATE YOU AND YOUR PARTY. :confused:

    Once again use of items was key here. But I was able to make it to the end somehow and this time the large enemy that awaited me was a Jabberwock.

    This went about the same as the Jormungand battle did. It was lengthy and lots of items had to be used but I won thanks to the Summon notification popping up. :D

    I got the last Royal Arm as my reward and a Trophy for obtaining all 13 Royal Arms I'm assuming. :smile:

    At this point... I think I'm done with sidequests. There's really nothing left worth doing.

    So guess what?


    From now on it's Main Story until the end. Until I beat this game.

    Get ready for this wild ride. Because once it starts it won't be stopping until the credits. ;)

    Next time:

    What's in store next with Ardyn and his BS 'games'? Not that it matters because with our powers back there's really nothing that's going to stop me from SHOVING. EVERY. SINGLE. WEAPON. DOWN. HIS. GOD. DAMN. THROAT. :angry:
  5. Some major revelations coming up.

    But first... as I continued... a poisonous gas filled the area. WONDERFUL. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. THANKS ARDYN. :pff:

    But Noctis is able to trudge through it and get rid of the poison.

    However... he gets annoyed... by a Daemon called Foras. Who freaking talks. YEP. I'M SURE THAT'S TOTALLY NORMAL. :confused:

    With no weapons the only choice was to avoid attacks until the elevator came.

    On the next level... the power goes out. ARDYN. I'M SICK OF YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMN 'GAMES.' :angry:

    When power is restored... the freaking Foras shows up again along with some more of the Magitek Axeman. Once again fleeing is the only option.

    On the next level... Ardyn 'shares' with us the fact that the area we are at now is where Daemons were pretty much made. From beasts and men alike. Oh... great... so that means... :eek:

    URGH. I. HATE. YOU. ARDYN. :mad:

    He keeps teasing something about Prompto as well. Foreshadowing I guess. o_O

    When we make our way to another area... we're trap by two electrified walls that close in on us. OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. :sigh:

    It looked like the end of Noctis was only moments away. Until... GLADIO AND IGNIS TO THE RESCUE. They're able to stop the walls and the group is somewhat back together. Except one obviously.

    That one being Prompto. Who we eventually find in a prison cell and immediately rescue him. He asks if we were worried about him. YES. WE WERE. ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS. YOUR BEST PROMPTO. :twi:

    Now all that's left... is to get our weapons back. We come across a locked door... that Prompto is somehow able to open... with his wrist. :eek:

    So... it turns out... Prompto was born in the Daemon lab and was a MT. But you know what? The group reaction here was pretty much my reaction. WHO CARES. YOUR PROMPTO AND YOUR BEST. YOUR PART OF THE GROUP AND YOUR STUCK WITH THEM. NO ONE CARES WHERE OR HOW YOU WERE BORN. BECAUSE YOUR FREAKING PROMPTO. :smile:

    With that said, the device is turned off and weapons are returned. Just in the nick of time as the giant enemy from before returns. But with our weapons back, it pretty much falls quickly and easily. Enemies roam the area now but with the group reunited and powers re-obtained with new OP powers, they really pose little problems.

    Eventually the Foras makes it's reappearance and... apparently... one of the group (can't remember which one) reveals it to be the Emperor. Well... that's... nice I guess? For me that's fine. More reason to KILL IT'S ASS. Plus... karma working it's magic yet again. ::S:

    So I do just that. I kill it's ass.

    A major boss is coming up and I'm not sure if it'll let me do this at any future point.

    So... back to Lucis we go. To do the final sidequests. First up... Crestholm Channels. I'm still not sure I'm ready for Costlemark Tower but I may try it anyway because I just legitimately don't know if I'll be able to go back to the past to do quests past Chapter 13. So there's pretty much little choice here.

    Still though. For now it's just Crestholm Channels.

    Next time:

    Crestholm Channels. Will I survive? What about Costlemark Tower? Will I survive that? Is it really the hardest dungeon in the game. Provided that's how the Official Strategy guide describes it I certainly shouldn't doubt it. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Oh goodie. :confused:
  6. Here we go everyone...

    We talk with the person from the Fleuret family. Who asks if the Ring was delivered 'successfully' to us. It depends on your definition of 'successfully' but yes it was. The woman states that this will please Ravus too. WAIT WHAT?! o_O

    So... it turns out... that Ravus may have been a double agent. As a cutscene seemed to show that he actually did care about his sister (Luna). Well... now I just feel bad. :(

    Ravus seems to be waiting to give Noctis' father's sword to him, but finding him will be difficult. Noctis assures the woman he'll find him. Somehow.

    Before we can get on the train we're stopped by a random girl who tries to cheer Noctis up by saying that Luna really loved him. We... kind already knew this but thanks? I guess? :dunno:

    We then finally board the train and meander around collecting items until... the train stops. Yeah... not surprising. Seriously. The cold seemed to practically freeze it. THANKS SHIVA. :pff:

    We end up having to fight lots of Daemons again. Despite the struggle we come out victorious and reboard the train to check something out. Only to see... GOD DAMMIT I'M TIRED OF THIS *squee!*. (Yes it's Ardyn again) :angry:

    Somehow, a strong snow storm rages in the train as Noctis struggles to make it to Ardyn and his downed friends. As Ardyn seems to be immune to this. BUT HOW?! :confused:


    So... yeah... Gentiana was Shiva the whole time. We get another Royal Arm and Shiva's blessing. Then... Noctis smashes the Ardyn ice sculpture. REVENGE FEELS SO GOOD. :twi:

    Gladio and Ignis recover. However... Ardyn shows up AGAIN. Claiming we hurt his feelings with our attack and reveals he's immortal. OH GREAT. SO HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET RID OF THIS GUY FOR GOOD?! :mad:

    Then... he does... something. That seems to take away all the weapons of Noctis, Gladio, and Ignis. Just in time for Chapter 13 to truly start and to be assaulted by Daemons. GEE THANKS FOR THAT. So no choice but to make a run for the Regalia here.

    We drive out of the train and attempt to maneuver around getting shot at by Imperial Airships. I thought I would struggle at this and I didn't. Until the end when I got the car stuck. Somehow I got it free though and made it before the gates closed on us. The car can't go any farther now.


    Then... the game threw a curve ball at me. Two different routes. A Noctis one and a Gladio and Ignis one. I tried to ask on the GameFAQs FFXV board how to do both but apparently you can't. That's... actually unfortunately. I really want to do both. :sad:

    Noctis it is then. With no weapons... Noctis has little choice. He finally puts on the Ring of Lucii. What happens when he does?


    You get three attacks. Death, Holy and Alterna. Death is exactly what it says. A magic attack that eventually instantly kills an enemy. Holy is basically a defensive move that damages enemies when you guard. Alterna is basically a group death spell.

    So... I'm confused. What part of this is so 'dreaded?' I mean sure... it gets a little ridiculous when you come across some zombie-like Magitek Troopers but the resolution for me there was basically Alterna. I just wasn't good enough to go from hiding spot to hiding spot.

    I really didn't struggle all that much.


    Eventually I maneuver around a GIANT enemy, cause there's no way in HELL I'm going to try fighting something like that with no weapons, to get a key to activate an elevator.

    BTW... the battle theme during this is actually pretty dramatic and good.

    There's just... one other thing.



    Some of the jumpscares actually got me pretty good. NO. WHY. I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR A HORROR GAME. :cry:

    We think we see Prompto too and chase after him. However... it turns out to be a trick as well. I don't even know what to say anymore at this point. :sigh:

    However... the large enemy forces Noctis to a lower level. Where we find... a seemingly dead Ravus.


    I. SWEAR. TO. GOD. ARDYN. ALL. OF. MY. RAGE. :mad:

    But... we get Noctis' dad's sword. So now we have the ring and the Sword of the Father. EVEN MORE OP NOCTIS GOODNESS. :cool:

    I make it to another safe room and stop there for now.

    GOOD GOD. THIS GAME. I SWEAR. :confused:

    BTW... if you couldn't tell from the title. I have officially logged 100 hours in this game. Wow. I don't even remember the last time I logged 100 hours in game. It's even possible I've NEVER logged 100 hours in a game. Until now that is. :eek:

    Next time:

    Is there more horror? How is this chapter 'dreaded'? Why can't I do both routes? I'm only in the midst of it though. It may begin to become ridiculous. But I'm still loving the hell out of this game. Despite the horror-I-didn't-sign-up-for. :confused:
  7. Suddenly... I have quite a lot to talk about. So, let's get started.

    After doing a few more sidequests I felt like I still wasn't ready for Crestholm Channels or Costlemark Tower so I moved back to the main quest.

    The group not getting along is a little disheartening. :(

    Either way we head on down into a dungeon where supposedly another Royal Arm awaits. With a blind Ignis in tow.

    The problem here is that if you walk to far ahead of the group, particularly Ignis, you get complained to by a random party member. So, the dungeon takes longer than it should in order to keep the group together. Plus, still not getting along. :sad:

    As we head further into the dungeon an obstruction blocks our path so we use old machinery to move it, which requires obtaining a key to activate the generators. Once the generators are active again the obstruction is removed and we progress further.

    To be honest... I felt quite sad here. Not only because the group wasn't getting along, but, because I STILL WANT TO FREAKING KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO IGNIS. o_O

    Clearly that's not going to happen though. We're just supposed to guess it seems. Also, a new battle theme played during night when you fight Daemons. Here it is.

    Either way before we can obtain the Royal Arm Noctis is confronted by (jerk) Gladio who is trying to make sure he's ready for this. To which I have Noctis respond with frustration because what he states next is right. He's not asking for everyone to sacrifice themselves for him. Gladio, being the new jerk he seems to be, once again thought he was ready to accept his duty but clearly isn't. Or... you know... YOU CAN QUIT BEING A JERK. LOTS OF IDIOTIC THINGS ARE HAPPENING YOU KNOW. :sigh:

    Either way, not surprisingly, the Royal Arm can't be obtained with a battle first. With... a Marlboro. OH GOODIE. Though this ended up... being quite easy. Mostly likely due to my over-leveled status. But it kept reviving. Eventually though, despite being blind, Ignis makes it swallow Fire magic and that puts it down for good. IT'S OFFICIAL. IGNIS IS NOW A BLIND BADASS. :cool:

    Afterwards the Royal Arm is obtained and Ignis confronts the group on their 'pointless bickering' YEAH YOU TELL THEM OFF IGNIS. :pff:

    The only bad thing here is that it's pretty much confirmed that Ignis is blind for good now. But the group is somewhat back on good terms now after Ignis confronts them.

    Afterwards, Noctis wants to go to Tenebrae so we're back on the train. As Tenebrae is reached a strange sight is seen. A big grouping of clouds. Just there. Not moving. O... kay... o_O

    Things just get worse after this. It turns into a train ride of hell. Time somehow stops and Ardyn reappears. FINALLY. NOW REVENGE SHALL BE MINE. :mad:

    Noctis had the same idea. He kept chasing after him and trying to assault him while the *squee!* acts like he did nothing wrong. When he's finally cornered, he states he just wants to talk but Noctis is having nothing of it. YOU WANT TO TALK? OKAY. BUT FIRST I'M GOING TO SHOVE A SWORD DOWN YOUR THROAT. THEN WE CAN TALK. :angry:

    After this though an explosion seems to return time to normal. The train seems to be under attack by, you guessed it, the empire. Which Prompto seems to think is Ardyn's doing when Noctis informs Prompto that he saw him.

    So, the train has to be protected from Imperial onslaught. Too much damage to the train causes a game over. I did okay until a damn tank showed up. Your supposed to warp point to it but I SWEAR IT WASN'T LETTING ME. So, I got a Game Over and had to try it again. I don't think this was my fault honestly. :sigh:

    Luckily the checkpoint was right when the tank appeared and I could point warp to it this time and we rode on top of the train as it progressed. Awesome honestly.

    Imperial airships appeared afterwards and the objective here was to warp to them and take them out. I REALLY liked this part of the game. This game is seriously THE BEST now. :cool:

    Anyway, after taking out enough airships we warp back to the train where we think we see Ardyn holding Prompto at gunpoint. But apparently, it was an illusion or something because Ardyn disappears and Prompto falls off the train. NO. ANYONE BUT PROMPTO. I SWEAR TO GOD ARDYN. YOU. WILL. GET. YOURS. :mad:

    We get knocked out and then come to. I got through 2 chapters doing all this. :eek:

    Anyway, we come to on top of the train again and get assaulted by Daemons constantly. So Noctis fights his way through the Daemons as he waits for the train to make it through the tunnel. This was slightly annoying but it wasn't like I ever hit 'Danger' status so to me that means I did good enough.

    Eventually, there are just too many Daemons. Then... FREAKING LEVIATHAN APPEARS TO SAVE THE DAY. Honestly... I didn't expect that. :confused:

    We arrive at the station with Prompto still missing. Things appear to get worse when we are reunited... with... Aranea. :sigh:

    Until we learn that Aranea has apparently quit the empire and is in the 'search and rescue' business now. BETTER REDEMPTION THAN STARLIGHT GLIMMER. :trollestia:

    Anyway, we also learn that the Empire has gone to crap now too as some kind of accident occurred at a Daemon laboratory and they're crawling all over now. Plus, the rumblings of longer nights have caused issues. Less and less light and more night means more time for Daemons to roam and cause problems. That's... not good. Obviously. Either way, karma has made the empire pay for their actions. THANK YOU, KARMA. ::S:

    Either way we'll be heading off to try to track down Prompto but something tells me that we'll have to face off with more Daemons to do so. We are informed that someone from the Fleuret family (Luna's family) is nearby so we're instructed to speak with them.

    I finally stopped here after all that. I'm to Chapter 12. Approaching the so-called 'dreaded Chapter 13.' We'll see if it's so 'dreaded' or not soon enough.

    Next time:

    We try to track down Prompto and likely must deal with more Daemons as well. Am I screwed now? It seems like I can't do sidequests anymore now and I wanted to at least attempt Crestholm Channels and Costlemark Tower. Well... we'll see. I certainly hope not.

    Also... 'dreaded Chapter 13' is coming. Is it as 'dreaded' as I've heard? I still don't see how it is considering my over-leveled status but we'll find out soon enough.
  8. After a myriad of sidequests (again) I attempted the optional Imperial Base known as Formouth Garrison.

    Once again, this sidequest practically required stealth in order to not get HORRIBLY REKT. Which, as you should know by now, I'm not the greatest at.

    So yeah I failed on my first attempt again. Though, to be honest, I just wasn't sure what to do. :confused:

    The second attempt was better. Though, the final fight was a A PAIN IN THE ASS. Two large mechs at once. Even using the turret doesn't really do all that much as you can be interrupted by the mechs and practically be put into the 'Danger' area VERY FAST. :angry:

    I got a Game Over on my first attempt against the 2 mechs. But I was victorious on my second attempt. BUT MY GOD. I HAD TO WASTE A LOT OF ITEMS. :mad:

    Keep in mind my party is in the 60's and the recommended level for this (according to the walkthrough anyway) is 45. :boo:

    Despite my victory I wanted to gather the items around the area. Even that caused some problems as more annoying mechs were around the area, causing long battles and even more item loss. Yeah... I'd say this is probably the worst sidequest in the game so far. Or, at the very least, the worst Imperial Army base mission in the game. :pff:

    Keep in mind, I've yet to do Crestholm Channels and Costlemark Tower which has been described, again by my walkthrough, as the hardest dungeons in the game. So we'll see how long Formouth Garrison holds as the 'worst sidequest in the game.'

    I suppose it's not like it really mattered though. All the Broken Car and Rescue quests I did got me back to 100k Gil so it's not like I wasn't able to not buy my items back. Still though, the frustration of it... :mad:

    But victory was achieved, and I suppose, in the end, that's really all that matters. ::S:

    With that out of the way there aren't really many more sidequests left worth doing. Some of the hunts that are remaining I'm not sure I want to do. I don't want to put myself through ridiculously hard hunts.

    I may not do many more sidequests before just doing Main Story only and just trying to finish the game. I do kind of want to at least attempt Crestholm Channels and Costlemark Tower but considering my experience with Formouth Garrison I may try to wait until my party is in the 70s or possibly until I'm close to the end of the game period.

    I suppose it's something I'll have to think about. Either way hopefully I'll return to the main story soon. Or I'll try to anyway. Frustrating sidequests or not I'm still addicted to this game and it hasn't really taken my love of the game away. Besides, my experience with ridiculous difficulty has turned me into a persistent bastard where I just keep trying until I win. Which pretty much hasn't failed me yet. :derp:

    For now though I may do a few more sidequest related things before returning to Main Story.

    Next time:

    Hopefully I can finish sidequest related activity and return to the main story.
  9. Yeah... quite a bit to talk about.

    Negotiations begin and I gain Camellia's unreserved trust. Because I'm using a walkthrough and I'm just good like that. ;)

    Next... we see a scene with Luna and Camellia as they talk. Which ends with Camellia leaving and the Empire entering with guns drawn. Which Luna just acts like they're not even there. BADASS ALERT. :eek:

    Luna then gives what is basically a motivational speech to the people in Altissia. It ends with her nodding to Noctis. JUST REUNITE AND HAVE YOUR CHEESY ROMANTIC SCENE ALREADY. o_O

    Luna confronts Leviathan. Which Leviathan... kind of acts like a jerk honestly. Either way the Empire shows up and Noctis is on his own while Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis are on evacuation duty.

    Pretty epic. I had fun during this. As Noctis TEARS APART the empire soldiers in the area. :cool:


    Noctis FREAKING JUMPS FROM A BALCONY and is caught by Prompto in some sort of flying device. SO EPIC. We fight off the water... monster... things as we fly around. :eek:

    We assault Leviathan and demand it's power which somehow makes it stronger. YEAH RIGHT. I'M OVERLEVELED.

    Or... maybe not...?

    Before I explain what happened here's the battle theme that played during this part. Pretty freaking good.


    I... really had no idea what I was doing. I really didn't. I didn't how how to handle this fight AT ALL. So... I sucked. REALLY BADLY. It got to the point where I got annoyed and started over. *sighs* :sigh:

    Luckily second time was the charm for me. Whatever I did was correct. As another scene occurred. We can't seem to do anything to the Hydrean and things look bad. Then what happens?


    Then... Luna somehow manages the strength to... somehow... do something to the Royal Tombs. Light shoots out from all of them and encompasses Noctis...



    You know what? I'm okay with this. TOO EPIC. :omg:




    It was a lengthy fight but I really didn't struggle too much honestly. Mostly because not only can you fly around, you can warp fly around too. NOCTIS IS OP AND I DON'T CARE. :twi:

    After the fight. Leviathan is basically finished off. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU GET YOU JERK. :pff:

    But... I... really... don't know how to describe what happened next.

    Noctis goes back to normal and we get kid Noctis and Luna in a field of flowers where Luna says that what was lost will be returned to him and to fight off the darkness. When did this become Kingdom Hearts? :dunno:

    Then... she says... that this moment is enough.

    Then... says farewell.




    Noctis awakens in a room. With a ring in hand. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO IGNIS?! HE'S BLIND ALL OF A SUDDEN. He calls it a 'necessarily sacrifice' NO IT'S NOT. YOUR FREAKING BLIND. WHAT HAPPENED?! :confused:

    Noctis asks about Luna.

    Ignis: She has passed.



    Next thing you know we're on a train to Tenebrae.

    The group all of a sudden isn't getting along. Thanks to Gladio. Yeah... he's being a jerk here IMO.

    He nags on Noctis for thinking he's a king but just being a coward and saying Luna sacrificed herself for the ring but Noctis is just carrying it and not wearing it. Then he claims he isn't giving a *squee!* about the people around him.


    Luckily Ignis stops jerk Gladio and we arrive at our destination. I collect items and things are... really somber. Though the game seems to be hinting that Luna is just 'missing'


    Either way... things are quite somber right now.

    With some sidequests to do I'll be using BEST DOG (Umbra) to do the time warp again to do them. But it probably won't be as many as I've been doing. Either way what are we doing in Tenebrae? I guess we'll find out.

    Also... is Ignis permanently blind now or is it temporary? IT BETTER BE TEMPORARY. :sigh:

    Will the group ever get along again? Time will tell...

    Next time:

    BEST DOG Umbra helps us do sidequests in Lucis. What are we doing in Tenebrae? Will the group ever get along again?

    Also... I can say this with true confidence now after all this.

  10. Balouve Mines was cake at first. Until the boss at the end.

    WORST FIGHT IN THE GAME YET. Despite being in the 60's I still struggled in it. :angry:

    I had to waste a crapton of items just to survive and win. But I guess it doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you pull off the victory. Still though... :mad:

    My reward? Another Royal Arm of course. Eh. Worth it honestly. :smile2:

    After doing a few more hunts I finally moved on with the main story.

    We get a visit from BEST DOG again with another message from Luna which we respond back to.

    Time to set sail.

    Before that though Cor apologizes for being unable to protect the king. It's really not his fault. As Cid stated. It couldn't have been helped. :(

    We set sail for Altissia. The group engages in some interesting conversations. The most interesting one being about Ravus. Apparently... he lost his arm in the Crown City incident and it was replaced with a supernatural one, which explains his strength. SOMEONE'S CHEATING. :pff:

    He's also apparently walking around with Noctis' dad's sword but doesn't use it. HE'S A THIEF TOO. :eek:

    Either way we eventually arrive in Altissia and Cid has us covered with what is basically a passport. Good thing. When we arrive we have to make it through immigration. AT LEAST THERE ISN'T A WALL. (I hate Trump seriously) :mad:

    With help from Ignis we get in for free. This city... is FREAKING HUGE. As expected. I got lost rather quickly too. Also as expected. :derp:

    Cid suggests meeting up with an old friend of his so off we go. As I roam, and get lost, I come across Gentiana and BEST DOG again. Now we have a new ability that basically lets us time travel if we choose to do so. But considering I'm over-leveled there's practically no point.

    After wasting my 100k gil on weapons AGAIN the group makes their way to Cid's friend. We gather some information from him and then get confronted by someone who's basically a secretary. Who informs us that the empire wants them to hand Luna over and has come to 'discuss terms with the King of Lucis' and to come to her chambers to speak further. CAN'T YOU JUST USE COMMON SENSE?! *sighs* No choice again... :sigh:

    Did I mention Altissia is huge? I did? Okay just making sure. I'm going to try to do a few sidequests in Altissia before moving on. Because once I get to the secretary it's another 'point of no return' again.

    Though I'm unsure how well I'll do considering the HUGENESS of the city. But I'll do my best and try not to waste too much time but there are no guarantees. ::S:

    Next time:

    Meandering around in Altissia. The secretary wants to discuss terms so we'll see how good Noctis' negotiation skills are. What is this Persona 5?! o_O
  11. Sorry for the long delay. I've gone back to work and I don't have as much time as I used to play this game. Plus... well... I got distracted by sidequests again when I said I wouldn't let that happen again. Sorry. They're just too addicting. :derp:

    So... yeah... as stated above I got REALLY distracted by sidequests AGAIN.


    My party is in the 60's. Not joking. Not even to Chapter 8 yet. :eek:

    So I'm pretty much practically ready for the final boss now. But might as well try to get to level 99 at this point so I can DEMOLISH the final boss. ::S:

    I did another optional dungeon too called Daurell Caverns. It was a little annoying but some accessory adjustments and perseverance won the day for me again.

    One more optional dungeon and I'll go back to the main story I promise. Balouve Mines. It's apparently a hard optional dungeon. But my party is in the freaking 60's. Still though.

    Will I survive? We'll see...

    Next time:

    Balouve Mines. Will I ever go back to the main story? I honestly don't know at this point. :dunno:
  12. Somehow I forgot to post this one on here and for that I apologize. But it's here now.

    We get into the base to get a basic overview of it and Noctis and co. formulates their plan of attack.

    The idea is to pretty much 'apprehend' the commander. Ignis and Noctis will handle that while Gladio and Prompto distracts the base.

    Once night falls the stealth factor comes into play again. Admittedly... I failed pretty quickly on my first attempt. I'm not really the best at stealth honestly. I like to just rush in, BEAT EVERYONE UP, then run out. :cool:

    Either way I succeeded on my second attempt. Warp-killing is still fun though. After we 'apprehend' the commander Noctis joins back up with Prompto and Gladio to take down the base's generator and once that's done we learn that even though the commander was turned in to the local hunters, he somehow escaped and fled. WOW. THE HUNTERS ARE REALLY GOOD AT THEIR JOBS. :pff:

    *sighs* Whatever. He'll get his I'm sure. :angry:

    So we just walk out of the base.

    lol Yeah right. We get confronted by someone who thinks they're a Dragoon. A woman by the name of Areanea who keeps calling Noctis a pretty boy. YEAH? WE'LL SEE HOW YOU FEEL AFTER I MESS YOUR FACE UP. :mad:

    This fight... wasn't overly difficult. All you really have to do is block and parry her 'Jump' attack (SERIOUSLY DRAGOON WANNABE MUCH?) and she's vulnerable for an onslaught. That pretty much led to my quick victory. Well that, and, I'm still over-leveled.

    She claims it's 'quitting time' and she won't make any gil, saying she wants to play again before leaving. THAT'S RIGHT RUN AWAY LIKE THE COWARD YOU ARE. :mad:

    Afterwards we reconvene in Old Lestallum to pick up Iris and drive her to Cape Caem where we reunite with Cindy and Talcott. We also see... Jared's grave. :sad:

    Talcott seems to be taking it well as he's still in good spirits and even helps out Noctis and co. with the 'Mythril' they apparently need for the ship.

    But with Cape Caem visited A LOT of sidequests have been unlocked and I'm also considering doing another optional dungeon. Besides, looking forward in my walkthrough seems to suggest a certain party member will be temporarily leaving for quite some time so I'd better get the most of them now. Well that and I was worried once I started the next main quest I would be unable to do the other sidequests. So of course I'm doing the sidequests first.

    As I did so, though, one of the Hunts involved Daemons, specifically LARGE ones called Iron Giants and a new theme played.

    The Hunts are starting to become annoying now. I've gotten a few Game Overs during them. It's not as much as doing well in them that I am just surviving them but still completing them. Which happened for the Iron Giant one. So I may quit them for awhile. I have quite a lot of other sidequests I can do right now anyway.

    Either way I don't like taking risks so I'll probably be doing the multiple sidequests that have now unlocked before moving back to the main story and some of them may involve another optional dungeon.

    Next time:

    Multiple sidequests and possibly another optional dungeon. But I promise I'll try to keep them to as much of a minimum as possible and move back to the main quest as soon as I can or as soon as I can get myself to stop being distracted by sidequests.
  13. So... the Myrlwood. Honestly... it wasn't any more difficult than the Malmalam Thicket was.

    The monster at the end, a Treant, was at least slightly more difficult than the Bandersnatch and took me a little longer, however, the result was still my victory. :cool:

    Yet another Royal Arm was my reward. It was... well... it looked like a giant Shuriken. Like something Yuffie from FF7 would wield or those giant shurikens from Naruto. Kind of felt like it was stolen from that... but... oh well. More Royal Arms for Noctis is still a good thing. ::S:

    Either way... Areanea gives us a 'lift' back to Lestallum. Yes. We rode in an Imperial ship. I... really didn't know how to feel about this. :confused:

    But we arrived to a problem in the Power Plant. A bunch of Daemons apparently appeared out of nowhere and are attacking it, so, we agree to go in to rid them of the problem. Another hunter was already sent in but it's too many for one to handle.

    When we come across this 'hunter...' he has a familiar voice and talks in a familiar way.

    It's flat out obvious once we go in to fight the Daemons as the 'hunter' wields a large Greatsword. HI GLADIOLUS. o_O

    Once we rid the plant of the problem the hunter is revealed as Gladio in full. Even though it was obvious already. :pff:

    However... Gladio now sports a large scar across pretty much the full front of his body. GEE I BET WE WON'T GET AN EXPLANATION FOR THAT EITHER. :sigh:

    With the worked on Mythril in hand we can now take a ship to Altissia, and, I'm guessing, reuniting with Lunafreya.

    First things first though. Yes. MORE SIDEQUESTS :derp:

    However, during so, we get a weird... Moogle plushie from Iris. As a good luck charm. O... kay...? :dunno:

    Apparently it can be used as a decoy in battle. I guess it'll come in handy? Maybe? o_O

    Anyway it's sidequest galore time again as A LOT are now available due to the quest we just completed. So I'll be working on them, and getting more over-leveled, before heading out for our long-awaited Noctis/Lunafreya reunion.

    But soon... the biggest city in the game will be visited. Then I'll get distracted by how big it is, and probably get lost AGAIN. Well... it's all good. I seriously can't get enough of this game at this point. :twi:

    Next time:

    Sidequests GALORE. Altissia here I come. I'm slightly concerned that the Noctis/Lunafreya reunion will be somewhat nauseating and vomit-inducing with it's romance-ness or whatever you want to call it. But I can probably easily overlook that. Because BEST. GAME. EVER. :smile:
  14. After a few more sidequests I moved on to Chapter 7.

    Gladio informs Noctis that he has his own 'business' to take care of and we have to go to the Vesperpool to get the mythril without him. Yet he doesn't state what it is he's actually doing. I should be suspicious of this. I really should. But there is LITERALLY NOTHING TO BE DONE to stop him. :sigh:

    So we go to the Vesperpool with only Noctis, Ignis, and Prompto. As we do, despite Iris' warning about it being under Imperial control, we're let in as if it's not. Which leads to Prompto figuring out the obvious. IT'S THAT *squee!* AGAIN. IS THIS GUY FOR US OR AGAINST US?! MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND. :angry:

    But I did a few sidequests again. This time, it didn't take very long because your stuck in a relatively small region until the end of the chapter.

    Afterwards, we head to the area where the mythril is... and... YEP. THERE HE IS IN HIS ASSHOLIC GLORY. ARDYN. :mad:

    Apparently... someone will be 'escorting' us as we explore the dungeon the mythril is within under false pretenses as new 'recruits' who need 'training.'

    Who is it? Who do you think?


    About the only positive spin I can put on this is that at least she'll be temporary 'with' us instead of against us. Still though. I HAVE MY EYE ON YOU. :boo:

    The dungeon was... not overly difficult. Despite it being Daemon filled. Probably somewhat due to my over-leveled status. Areanea is actually quite the badass as an ally.

    We even get some conversations from her that she may leave the empire due to their suspicious activity. YES. DO SO. RIGHT NOW. BETTER REDEMPTION THAN STARLIGHT GLIMMER. :dunno:

    At the end we find a large beast called Quetzalcoatl. Not a summon this time unfortunately. Once again due to my over-leveled status it wasn't an overly difficult fight and ended only moments after it began.

    Our prize is the mythril that we were searching for. Once out of the dungeon, Areanea states she'll 'train' us some more the next time we meet.


    That was pretty much it honestly. The dungeon was pretty fun and I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy having a former boss as a temporary ally. I don't think I've ever seen ANY game do that. Seriously. Props FFXV.

    Even though I only have 3 party members I think I'll give the optional dungeon in the Vesperpool area a try. It's called the Myrlwood. Although I'm concerned due to the fact that I only have 3 party members right now, the fact that I'm over-leveled leaves me to believe that I can probably do it. I may have to abuse more items than normal but that's okay.

    Next time:

    I can't do sidequests due to being stuck in one area. So about the only thing I'll be able to do is the Myrlwood before moving on to the next chapter. Looks like we'll be crossing the sea soon.
  15. You all get this first. Don't you feel special?


    You know... being over-leveled has taken on a whole new meaning for my playthrough of this game now. Sidequests are just too freaking distracting. They seriously are. You have no idea.

    My party is in the 50's now. The freaking 50's and I'm not even to Chapter 7 yet. :confused:

    Oh well. At this point I just don't care. I still feel being over-leveled is better than being under-leveled and something tells me this is going to help me out SEVERELY when I reached the so-called 'thorn in FFXV's side' known as Chapter 13 apparently. Though I'm fairly sure it's not as ridiculous as people are making it out to be and by then I wouldn't be surprised if my party is at the max level (99) so I'll likely breeze through it.

    Either way I did another optional dungeon. This time it was the Rock of Ravatogh. About as simple for me as the Malmalam Thicket was.

    My reward was once again another Royal Arm. Boy I'm collecting quite a bit of these now. But it makes the Armiger better so it's really worth it honestly.

    I promise I'm done with sidequests. Really. I plan on moving on to Chapter 7 next. With my party at the 50's the loss of a party member probably won't matter at all.

    Next time:

    Chapter 7. Which party member are we temporarily losing and why? What exactly will we be doing? Guess we'll find out soon enough...