Welcome to the blog of Queen Chrysalis~ What I talk about is random. Whether it's ponies or IRL stuff, It'll be posted here. I'll be posting at my leisure, so don't bother expecting daily bog posts.
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  1. It's weird. I'm happy to have friends on here. I'm even happy to know that people don't mind me and that I've gotten fairly well known on here. But something is still nagging me. I'm bothered with the fact of how I would seem to newer members. We all have been there, being greeted by members that have been on a forum longer than you. They seem a bit imposing, like if you would mess up that they would yell at you...

    I feel that way when I greet new members or see them around the forum. Like my presence is one of the few that is imposing to new comers. I guess it's kinda silly but I do worry about these things because I care. I care that new members feel comfy being the same forum as me. That's why I try to be more friendly to newer members whenever I can get a chance. I don't wanna look like someone that is scary to try and talk to. Nor do I wanna come of as one of those high and mighty types that act like new members are peasants compared to them. I hate members like that.

    Maybe I am compassionate enough to give new members a chance and see if they are willing to stay. I don't try to shun people, even though my cynical nature will kick in with strangers. I've been trying to make an effort to be nice and show that I care, even to those that have been here longer and around the same level as me. I guess that's how I think with forum communities...

    *sigh* I'll be quiet now.
  2. Hey everypony. It's been a while since I did one of these huh? Well I decided to make on today to express myself personally once again. But this time, it about my darker emotions and what help alleviate my darker desires.

    Now I know all of you that do keep track of my blogs know my tight love for Queen Chrysalis and she does indeed help me at times during days where I feel devious. She'll always be number one in my heart as far as MLP FiM goes. Yet there are times where she isn't the one I need to alleviate some deeper suppressed emotions.

    Lately in the past day or so, I've been thinking about my issues. More importantly my inner burning hate, my sadistic nature that is slowly growing more and more. Then it hit me. You know that new Mario Party game that came out on the Wii U right? You get the option to play as the Mario characters and for multiplayer, you can even play as the big bad himself, Bowser. I know there are those that may like to play as Bowser to mess with their friends for the heck of it. Me... It goes deeper than that. Boswer alleviates the deepest of my darkest emotions. My want to harm, my want to harm myself, my general dislike of the populous around me. He clears it all in one wondrous foul swoop. To feel myself be the big bad, to have the ability to watch as Mario and crew run from me in fear. To watch them be in pain as I torture them in the Bowser mini games... it just brings a feeling of schadenfreude that help me feel better. To know I can cause so much pain and chaos without consequence. It nearly is like I was Bowser himself. It has made me wonder if maybe I am attracted to villains because of what they can represent in my actual life. Am I a villain at heart? Maybe.
  3. If anyone is wondering why I suddenly disappeared for a while with no mention to why, it's because my data usage was nearly maxed out again. Thankfully, I'm back to normal as of today. I made huge hiatus on being on the internet in general to keep the data from not rising too quickly. Thankfully it didn't max out, but I think it was because I was very stringent on internet usage. I hate to do it, but it had to be done so I don't get hit with data over usage fees. I got lucky last time when it went over, but if it did this time... I'd be in a heep of trouble.

    Anyway, I'm back. I also know why my data sky rocketed like that. It was because of Netflix. Don't get me wrong, I don't use it. One of my friends was using a account from one of his friends. I told him that we cannot continue keeping the app for the Wii U because of all the data it soaks up. Thankfully, that got resolved quickly and we removed the Netflix app. This shouldn't happen again.
  4. Alien Isolation image.jpg

    This is awesome and ironically this was found on e621 of all places. I know it's not all porn all the time, but I really didn't expect this. This would defiantly be a good background for a huge fan of the Alien series. Alien Isolation is a exceptionally well made game and one that I recommend to anyone who has seen at least the first two movies.
  5. I'm sitting here dealing with fire alarm testing. It's been going on since about 9:00 am. I have been hearing people complaining how it's scaring the crap out of their pets. Some are sick and tired of it all together. The good news in all this though is that tomorrow the building across from us will be dealing with all day testing. So torture will be shifted. I just have a feeling that everyone will have a ringing in their ears for the rest of the day, if they haven't already gone deaf from how loud the alarms are.
  6. A number of things have me ticked off. The two most pressing things involve a stupid idiot setting of the fire alarm in my apartment complex, and the second thing involves a issue that happened here. It's a resolved issue, but it's left the person affected feeling rather down. I feel a mixture of things. None are happy emotions for sure. Let's see: Sadness, Anger, and the best one... HATE. Not sure what I'll do from here, but I just hope that @saberscratch88 will be alright. None of that anger or hate is directed at him.

    I hope everypony else has a good day... I'll try to make mines better. The keyword is 'try'...
  7. Well there are a number of things to dislike. The holiday existing in general, everyone being lovey dovey, and the fact that you are forced to give a care as a kid. The worst part is if your single on this day, it's the most grueling day of your life and one you'd rather not pay attention to. This day is honestly one of the reasons that I like to be secluded and alone, and why I'm fairly introverted. I like to keep to myself this day and if I must go out to do something, I tend to block out people in the world around me. I know it's kinda bad to do that... but I'm uncertain that I want a relationship really. There too much bastardization in the world to really want love from anyone. No one should be subjected to shameless flirts either, the ones that can break your heart in a instant. It's not fair to say everyone is like that, but I don't really trust this world. I tend to be cynical to protect my pride and my heart. Maybe one day someone can prove to me otherwise... though I dought it.