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  1. For those of you who don't know I play a free to play game known as World of Tanks. I enjoy the game from time to time though I will admit that it can be very very very stressful a lot of the time. In this blog series I will Review tanks that I have played and that I am currently playing. I will also give ideas of what sort of equipment to use with the tanks, dependent on the play style, as well as the play style that I use with the tank.

    PLEASE NOTE: My play style and your play style are completely and utterly different do not think that I'm trying to impress upon you that my way of playing is the best, because I'm not it's just the way I use the tank.

    Other than the note I will be randomly selecting the tank each and every blog. The blogs themselves will be going up when I have the time, or whenever I feel in the mood to make one.

    The first tank I'll be reviewing is the French Tier V heavy tank the BDR G1 B.

    Stock Config.
    Armor starting with hull: front- 60mm, sides- 40mm, rear- 60mm
    Turret armor: 60mm all around
    Hit points: 600 hp
    Stock gun: 75mm SA32 Damage: 110/110/175 HP, Penetration 74/91/38 mm, rate of fire: 14.79(with stock turret) with upgraded turret 15.79

    Like many of the stock French tanks the BDR is very very weak with it's stock configuration. Though the armor and HP is vastly superior than it's tier IV brother the B1, as well as the armament, expect to be outclassed in almost every aspect by the other tier V tanks and even some tier IV tanks as well. The BDR also has another disadvantage in that it is extremely tall meaning that it's camo rating is very poor. Even with the second 75mm gun expect to bounce off of other tanks even at mid range, I've actually bounced off of an M4 Sherman at mid range before. The view range of the tank is also extremely poor meaning that you will have to rely on your team mates to spot for you, much easier if you platoon.

    Gun #2: 75mm SA44 Damage: 110/110/175, Penetration: 100/129/38 mm rate of fire: same as stock gun
    FCM F1 turret: armor 80/70/60

    From the first glance and what info I've given so far this tank doesn't seem too great, but the fun comes when you start to upgrade the tank. As always the suspension should be upgraded first which allows you to fit the heavier turret and engine as well as the better radios. This tank truly become a force to be reckoned with once you unlock the fearsome 90mm DCA 30. With Damage rolls of 240/240/320hp and a penetration rating of 135/175/35mm you will dominate just about everything at your tier and lower, that is if you hit in the right area >.> This is a tier VII gun on a tier V tank and seeing that matchmaking will through you into up to tier VII battles this gun comes in handy. Though it suffers in the department of having a rate of fire of 6.32r/m, this equates out to about a 12.42 second reload time, a gun rammer is a very viable option when it comes to equipment buying as it will decrease your reload time to about 6.42 seconds.

    Fully upgraded with the 90mm gun this tank is great at making in game credits as you will be doing massive amounts of damage when you get a good connecting shot that also penetrates well. Keep in mind though that even fully upgraded you are a very tall target and being a heavy tank with a solid hitting gun you will be a very prime target for enemy artillery and tank destroyers as well as other enemy heavies.

    I play this tank as a mid ground sniper. Sticking together with groups of team mates and firing only when fully aimed and then only when I have a clear bead on the opposing enemy tank. Another thing to remember is that this tank is not very mobile and as with a vast majority of heavy tank, especially tier V's, once you're going in a direction you'll have a hard time relocating. Make sure you mark out where allied tanks are heading and go where your gun will be of the most help and where you'll do the most damage.

    Well that's all for now I'll see you all next time, or if you play World of Tanks, I'll see you on the battlefield!

    *Statistics on all vehicles are credited to the World of Tanks Wiki*
  2. As the title states I'm having computer issues once more, this time the computer won't start up all the way. I will be taking it in to get it looked at, if it can't function anymore and the hard drive is still in good condition and the files on it can be downloaded onto an external hard drive then I will get a new computer. Problem is I have no idea how long this will take. If ever you see me on EPN it means I'm either on a computer at school or on my Xbox using the Ie app. This also means I will not be on as much as before so if you need to talk to me just send me a PM, or try and catch me when I'm on, I have no idea as to what times I'll be on but they won't be consistant.
  3. *Cracks knuckles* Alrighty then, seeing as though I don't do this enough I will finally pay attention to those posts that I have been ignoring and even some of the members on the site. Whatever happens to me I don't rightly care as this is all simply my opinion of which I'm entitled to... so don't get flank hurt over it it's my opinion for crying out loud!!!!

    I've noticed that many people have stated the sites dying, or the site is going down hill in my eyes. Okay yes maybe to some, but not quite everyone on site see's it that way, by everyone I mean members not staff that's something for another time possibly if I feel like it, anyway my one true answer to you all is if you're not going to give us something to fix either a.) take a break from the site or leave wholly no one is holding you back but yourself, if you need to take a break then by all means do so trust me when I say, or don't I don't rightly care, everyone needs a break at some point or another, b.) tell us what YOU think needs fixing and some of us staff will get back to you telling you either we will or will not go through with it or we will present you with another version of it and run it by you and see if it's okay, or at least that's how I think it should go but well go figure it doesn't.

    And now with that out of my system:

    Apperently I'm one of the mods that doesn't talk a lot, save those that know me and know that on the right subjects that I talk a lot about, but that doesn't mean I don't pay attention to the site it means that I'm annalyzing how people react to certain conversations and storing that data menatlly for future reference so I know not only when to take action, but how to take action and handle the situation. I care not what the other mods say, but for whatever reason this seemingly works and I will continue to use this system no matter what because if ain't broke don't fix it. You will all notice that I have also disabled comments to this blog because I will not WILL NOT have any arguments, or negativitiy of any kind on this blog, it makes me sick at times not because it happens no I have accepted that much, but when other members tell those arguing to take it else where, preferably private messaging or the site discussion area, and they go unheard and I agree with them there that if things are to be argued over take them somewhere private either via PM, skype, or Private channel in the chat otherwise take it to site discussion so that the other can move on with the rest of their lives without having to be caught in the crossfire.

    Any and all comments, or hate mail may be delivered to me through either PM or on skype. Otherwise thank you for your time see you all later... maybe.
  4. Alrighty then so to start things off I'll let you all know that I've been sick since monday of this week, but it didn't really hit me until yesterday morning because of me being sick I'm tired beyond all belief and the core temperature of my body has dropped.

    This in turn has made it hard for me to moderate chat mainly because I don't want to accidentially go off on someone for a minor issue so I'm taking somewhat of a break from moderating. This does not mean I won't be here to listen to problems that members would like to talk to me about, by all means I'm all ears. What it does mean however is that I get to step back and think, finally, about several things one of them being if I should remain on staff or not.

    I have been considering leaving staff for quite a while now, but I have not gone through with it because I have not had any major time, between chores at home and school, to think it through. I've been told by several member, not staff members of the site, that they don't want me to step down from staff. My question is why not? I really want an explenation as to why these members don't want me to step down. I mean I hardly do anything really. I won't truly go through with stepping down at the moment as I want to understand why these members don't want me to step down. Then I will think it through some more before coming to a conclusion.

    The other thing that has been going on, as in today and a few weeks/months ago, are all of these "major" arguments that have happened pretty much all over the site. I must say I'm very dissapointed in all of the ones that are involved, staff and members both as I will not side with one permanent side, consider me Switzerland in this reguard >>. Even though I am part of staff I don't nececarlly agree with everything the other staff members do, but that doesn't mean that I'm fully agaisnt them either, same goes for the members I see things that seem like good ideas, or at least parts of them, but again I do not fully side with the members. I guess you could say I'm caught in the crossfire of both sides with my head down waiting for it to pass which will probably never happen seeing as no one on this site save for a tiny majority can get along with one another.

    All I want to do is come on here look around see that everything is semi okay chat with my friends I have made on here, role play a little bit, and be with my girlfriend. Seems that's a bit much to ask with the staff and members on this site.

    That's all for now, oh and if I see any arguments or any negativity posted below I will delete the messages myself. If you read this and have nothing constructive, or positive to say please the exit is stage right.
  5. As the title suggest this blog is meant to ask you the members what you think about me, general term is general but I couldn't think of anything else. Be they negative or positive I can take them, just make sure they're within the rules, don't want it to get too far out there. You can also ask me questions, if I feel the question demands it I will delete it from the comments and then talk to via PM just to keep the comments area below clear of overly personal questions.

    So then Fire away!
  6. Okay please note that I'm making this blog simply because this my thought on the whole "Best Pony" thing. Now I know this is a bit early to talk about, but I just wanted to say something about it.

    I'm sure a few of you have heard of this, those that have been on the site as long as I have, it is when several members are called to attention and are voted on for "Best Pony of the Year." But why must there be one "Best Pony of the Year?" This is my question and while many are happy for this one individual some may feel left out and waiting an entire year for the next vote is too long to some. Instead why not just celebrate all of the ponies that have hung around the site and are constantly active? This seems like a better idea to me because then nopony is left out.

    Everypony network where everypony is somepony? How about Everypony network where everypony is bestpony.
  7. I had a little fun this past Saturday in that I got to go to a Games Workshop store in San Antonio Texas with a friend of mine. We had this trip planned for a few weeks already, the reason we went was because it was the stores birthday.

    There was a small 300 point battle, 7 on 7 Imperials vs Enemies of the Imperium. I went with a Sternguard Veteran Squad of 5 marines one with a meltagun the others with boltguns I also gave them Kraken Shells seeing as there were a lot of armored units on the table. I also ran my captain who automatically came with an Iron Halo, saved his life several times, I then gave him a relic blade and artificer armor.

    My little force of marines had to take on a chaos sorcerer and a Demon Prince, I wasn't all that excited really. I wound up holding my own and my captain ended up taking out the demon prince while only taking one of his three wounds.

    I also ended up buying a command squad, another combat squad to flush out my sternguard squad, and a chaplain with jump pack. To say the least it was a ton of fun.
  8. Alrighty then I though I should put this up as a blog seeing as that not many people what music I listen to. Truth be told I listen to a lot but recently I started liking music by Takenbou,, just because of the style of his music. I also like music by Emancipator,, mainly because of the beat of the songs they have. I have aslo been playing burnout 3 recently and a lot of the songs from there I have started to come to like, such as this one,

    These three are only a sample of the types of music I like and trust me they range far and wide. I may update this blog with more songs if any of you have genres you might think I'm interested in, I can tell you right now a good majority of modern day rap/ hip hop and other I do not like.
  9. I was debating on where to put this and have decided to put it here. Note to any and all that read this I have gone to some staff about this issue, but I still feel like I should, no need to post it up here on site.

    As many of you know trust is a very big thing and a very big commitment, trusting someone means that you share a good deal of info with them and that they are someone you can turn to in times of great need. However trust is not given away freely no matter who the person is or their position. Well I have a trust issue with the staff here on EP in that I do not know who to fully trust anymore, even before leaving the site, for the short period of time that I did, I had the feeling that as a "whole" I could not really come to trust the EP staff 100%. Don't get me wrong there are those in the staff that I trust 100%, the count is at about 7 right now, with others slowly but surely making their way up the ladder.

    Whatever anyone says I DO NOT play favorites never have never will. I am also very cautious about people in general having had no friends long ago and having to rely on my self and my parents for a while, which in turn is why I'm very cautious and very slow to trust some one completely. Some people that I've known for a very long time are at 99% trust, anyone new to me is at about 50% so they can swing either way others, those that I do know somewhat well I give the benefit of the doubt and thus they are at about 65% on my "Trust Scale." There are even times when I've thought about leaving any and all forums, no matter how boring that would make my life, just because I don't know who to trust, that is now happening again, not only here but elsewhere.

    If this comes as a big shock to anyone, doubt it, then I'm glad. I've kept quiet for too long, it's time that you all see me for who I am at certain times. If this hurts anyone then I am sorry, but the who said the truth wouldn't hurt is a liar. Just so you all know it takes a lot of my nerves just to type this knowing that all will be able to see it. I would please ask the mods and admins not to take this to hard as it is just me and only me. I would also ask that if this causes an argument that Lightning_Mustang close this, delete it etc. and only Lightning_Mustang.

    Don't be surprised if I go "underground" for a while, though I will continue to post in the Role Plays that I'm in so they can keep moving on.

    To any members out there, don't be afraid to post up in the comments below. I don't care what, if anything, happens to me because of this blog other than getting this out of my system finally.

    Rashall Firemane
  10. As some of you know the up to date Xbox 360's allow you to play Old Xbox games. I started playing Burnout 3 today and now I remember why I loved it so much. I have a tone of other old Xbox games along with an original Xbox, forgot how fun some of these games could be.
  11. As the title might imply this a simple blog in which you can ask me a question, any weather it be about me or my opinion on something. I will answer as best I can though if it is a question I care not to answer, such as politics, or something I think is better left of in a PM or by talking to the mods about it I will imply so. Oh yeah I'm kind of doing this just for the fun of it.
  12. Okay so I want to know are there any member or staff here on EP that would like to start playing battlefield 3 together if we could?

    I currently have some friends that play it but they don't get on the game that much anymore. Keep in mind this would be for the 360, since it's the only game system I have that can run it. Grey Knightmare gave me the idea of possibly, if there are enough members and staff that sign up, making a EPN clan so that we could all stay in touch and play games with each other. I thought it would be a really cool idea, but I can't do it just by myself. If there is enough interest in this we might also consider renting a server out from Battlefield so that we would have our own server as well, but for the mean time just finding out who all wants to join would be great.
  13. Okay I'm making this Blog due to the fact that I have had some pretty funny things happen to me in Battlefield 3 on both Saturday and Sunday. I will now start to tell those of you who wish to know what has happened and why it's somewhat funny.

    The first thing that happened was on Saturday when I got on and played with a friend online that I hadn't played with in a while. We were playing CQ on Operation Firestorm, I was mainly driving a tank while my friend supported me as my secondary gunner and repair man. Well as we were coming out of the American base the other teams jet decided to try and take us out with rocket pods. Let's jut say that this gamer slowed down way to much and came to close to the ground, I still in the tank traversed my gun upwards and blew him out of the sky while my friend got out and repaired the tank. The second thing that happened was during the same game when a transport helicopter flying towards the middle of the map was spotted by me and my friend, note we were equipped with stinger missile launchers so we could shoot down those pesky helicopters , we both saw it and fired at the same time, my friend got the vehicle disabled while I got the vehicle destroyed. . . along with a multi kill as the helicopter had a full payload. To add insult to injury I downed an enemy attack helicopter with a tank and destroyed a landed transport helicopter along with three crew. Needless to say the enemy team was probably pretty mad at me. Note: I was not using guided shells on the tank to shoot down the jets or helicopters.

    The second game was pretty good as well, in that I jumped in a tank on the American spawn at Kharg Island and automatically shot down an enemy attack helicopter, not a bad way to start a game. That tally rose to two tanks and about a dozen infantry as I had the coaxial machine gun on my tank. That's it for now though I'll keep you all posted.
  14. Just a heads up I may not be on skype any more as my computer is starting to freeze every time I open it up :DFH:. I don't know why this is nor do I know of any solution. My computer has been acting odd for a while now and I fear it my die on me. So if I go offline for any amount of time that is why, if you see me online it may be only when I'm at work :sigh:.
  15. I'm creating this because I have now started to play the table top version of Warhammer 40k with some of my friends at a local gaming store and I must say it's quite fun. I go every friday so I will keep you all informed about how it goes!

    As for Dawn of War II: Retribution, as many of you know I'm trying to get back into this game and hopefully see some of you Dawn of War players on there! If you wish to play with me just add me on steam and we will get started! I will also be recounting my games from Dawn of War on here as well so keep an eye out!