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  1. So yesterday, I had to stay late for a extra task. About an hour after I left the store it got robbed.

    Police arrest 3 minors in connection to overnight robberies

    I know my store they stole chips, money from one of the cash registers, stole keys and jewelery from customers, and beat on one of the clerks. She's okay.

    Tonight after I left a gentleman who's been 86ed (He's not allowed in the store) for stealing beer, decided since we wouldn't let him in the store, he was going to punch the window. There is now a nice fist sized hole in the window and it's pretty broken. I had been next door at Jack in the Box eating when I saw the cop car pull up and I was worried. My co-workers are fine and they caught the guy.

    Bad things then to happen in three's I'm not looking forward to what's next....
  2. Okay so how does my work day start? We have a line of customers and one of the drawers needed to be turned over. Instead of standing in line a lady hand her money to the first person in line tells him what she want done with it and walks out with a soda in hand. The guy is a regular and a nice guy so he complies, five dollars in gas. However she had a soda, and I had to ring that up. So it was 4.04 in gas and 96 cents for the soda. A different lady comes in complaining that she wants five dollars in gas. They had already started pumping the gas and I can't just let them have the soda for free. The first lady who didn't even bother standing in line tried saying she wasn't with the second lady. Yes she was they got in the car and left together. Since they weren't listening to me Ignored them and the second lady said she was the wrong lady to mess with and she'd be back.

    About an hour later she was back and she stole about twenty-five dollar worth of stuff. Now proper pocedure is to call the boss report the theft to him and then to the 7 Eleven theft prevention hotline, once there out the door , I'm not supposed to go after them. I stupidly did. I went to the car their window were rolled down, and I tried to grab stuff back. I got pepper sprayed.

    Not an experience I'd like to go through again. In the end the cops got her, we got the stuff back, most of it opened or had pepper spray on it so it had to written off, but I didn't press charged cause I didn't recognize her when the cops took me to see her. (My coworker did when they brought her by) She has been told she not allowed back on the property.

    My other coworkers heard about this and wondered why there wasn't a more severe punishment for the lady. 25 dollars worth of stuff, is still small time isn't it? I don't fault the cops for not doing more. What more could they do?
  3. Am I the only one who finds the way that word is used stupid. We're all the same *squee!*ing race. We are all humans. So what if the bloody tone of your skin is a different bloody color your still a human. Why the flying squeal do we use the word racist to describe discrimination based on skin color? Wouldn't Toneist or something be more accurate?
  4. So I generally sleep from 0500 to 1300. 5 AM to 1 PM to those that don't know military time. Sunday night, Morning I couldn't sleep. I got up from my bed about 0630-0700 something sounded off with my AC. I then notice my carpet is wet. I immediately call my apartment maintenance. It took an hour and a half for them to send someone and then another half an hour for the person who would drain the water to show up. I lost about $200 dollars in comic books had to move half my apartment around. I really don't get why the didn't call for the Carpet guy(he's the one that gets rid of the water) as soon as I mentioned the flooding maybe then it wouldn't have gotten so bad. I have an inch of water in my kitchen.

    Anyway that's where I was yesterday. I keep my computer on the floor in the area that got flooded so I had to disconnect it and move it out as soon as I noticed the water was moving in that direction. So I'm lucky it didn't get damaged.
  5. What the title says.

    I was at work. I had just finished taking out our cardboard when a customer asked me for help at the pumps. I helped him out and then was on my way back inside the store. I saw a piece of garbage on the ground and went to pick it up. I saw a truck backing up so I backed up and let them pass. After they passed I went to get the garbage and I got hit. I didn't see who hit me I just hit the ground hard.

    After I got hit I felt numb I wanted to get up but I just couldn't. A moment later I did. I'm not sure if I had picked up the garbage before or after I got hit, but it was in my hands and customer were telling me to just sit on the curb, So I did. They said they called the cops and an Ambulance. I remember talking to a firefighter or a cop and then going inside to sit down. After that I sat till my headache was manageable and started to go back to work. My Manager got their. She had me talk to the owner and then call the 7 Eleven hotline. They then sent me home. My head still hurt a little, but I was more than willing to finish my shift.

    I'm told I declined talking to the paramedics, but I remember thinking that they'd follow me inside.

    Not an experience I'd ever like to repeat.
  6. He wouldn't leave his computer till he won an arguments and he had to go to the bathroom really bad. Instead of peeing in his pant somehow his bladder exploded and he died. That's why I hate back and forth posting so much.

    Seriously I know I've mentioned this many times before but my problem with back and forth posting on games stems from the fact that it just doesn't seem right to me. Whats the point of a forum game if it's only two people playing it. Back and forthing in a game just makes me feel like I'm intruding, rather than it being a game that everyone should play.

    Some thing are also less amusing when it's done by two people going back and fourth rather than when it's by a group. For example recently in Word Ascation a group of us stumbled into Rick Ashly's well know song. It was funny that we all were one the same track. But then it got taken over by back and forthing, and it just wasn't as amusing. It's easier to get two people on the same mindset rather than a group.

    So another back and forth rant because @Ridley Wolf asked for it.
  7. I can not respect the movement. Not in the slightest. If they really believed what they preach why don't the tackle both halves of the problem. Yes part of the problem is cops, but most of the events they protested were cases where the cops were actually in the right.

    Here's the other half of the problem. If you so firmly believe that you're being unfairly target by stereotypes why not tell you people to stop living up to the bloody stereotype. Last night a guy came in to my work grabbed two beers went to the counter and asked for cigarettes. Then after my coworker grabbed the cigarettes he asked for a swisher. As she was grabbing the swisher he pocked the cigarettes and started to walk out with them and the beers. She called him out on it and he just walked out. I ran after him and tried to get the beers back. He punched me in the face with one of the beers. My glasses were knocked off my face and I'm kind of blind without them so that ended my chase.

    He was black. The co-workers he stole from were black. I was off the clock still there to prepare for a audit. An audit we have to go through because the high amount of theft we've been having. Black Lives Matter only seems to call out the cops for what's been happening lately. I'm not saying they're aren't bad cops. There most definitely are, Rid, a white guy had a run in with a bad cop. Some of the responsibility needs to fall back on them. Tell these people if they want a better chance of not giving bad cops an excuse, follow the bloody law. Acting like a thug just because people already assume you're a thug validates the stereotype and makes it harder for people to move on from the perspective they already have.
  8. There I times when Ridley rubs me the wrong way, but there are other times we see eye to eye. So I'm kind of annoyed he got banned. What he got banned for was labeled as Racism. I've never know Ridley to be racist. He has several times complained about the immigrants he works (who happen to be Mexican) with and it's believed his most recent rant was the cause of the ban. He started off explicitly saying the immigrants at his job site and ended saying Mexican. Granted he didn't ended the best way, but if you read the whole thing in context he did start by specifying at his work site. I've never seen him treat Prince of the Night bad, and she (or he?) has flat out stated they are Mexican.

    I work in a convenience store I'm not sure the proper ratio but we have a lot of minority customers and because of that most, but far from all, of are problems are with minorities. I don't have problems with people because of their race I have problems with them due to their actions. I get that maybe Ridley didn't have the best tact, or maybe wording, but was it really racism?
  9. I get casual RPs are just that casual. They don't have rules, but there are just certain things that rub me the wrong way. First I know my character is a robot, but he's a living Robot. I don't take kindly to people who say they can simply hack Lio. Life is complicated. I can't hack a person's human character, I don't care how frelling smart their character is they can't hack Lio.

    Second is my character's Tech. I know this is a self imposed rule of mine, but I take time to develop tech Lio uses. Years of Real life pass before Lio has something new. That said I don't take kindly to someone saying they can hack it or simply copy it. One of the reasons for my self imposed rule is so that I can say I built failsafe and firewalls into the tech. I don't care what powers someone's characters claim to possess you can't frelling account for every possibility. There are somethings you can account for and that someone saying the scanned it. Good for you, your scans give you what? A portion of the picture. Not the whole *squee!*ing thing. The first episode of Star Trek DS9 is a perfect example, the Cardasions scanned the station and saw armaments that weren't there.

    The example that brings up my rant is my interdimensional communications hub. A station that started as a nock-off of DS9 admittingly. Now my knock-off more or less just had the shell, my own tech was used. Ridley mentioned he can't communicate between dimensions, I mentioned I can to prove a previous point about some people have different specialties that others. I didn't suddenly have the station just so I could say it. Ridley always going on about estabished facts so here's a few: My first post ever mentions my character is from another dimension. Brings up that my body here is a remote. There's a post somewhere in the Last to Post where I mentioned my real body was in another dimension which would tie everything together but I haven't found it yet.
  10. Maybe it's just me cause I'm old (35), but it kind of gets annoying when game topics become back and fourth. Last to Post I get, it's more a conversation topic than a true game, but "Word Association", "ABC", even "React to the person above your kissing you", games like those it's tiring seeing two people take over the games and in some cases taking the games off track. I was told if it's not broke don't fix it the one time I commented in a game about it, but these games do have rules in the first post in some case they are getting broken.

    I myself try to adhere to waiting two or three post from other before posting again. I'm sure anyone can find examples of where I've broken this personal rule. "Type the Username with your eyes closed" being a recent example. In that case I wanted to reply to Irregular Apocalypse and his getting my name right on the first try.

    Anyway. I don't know if anyone will read this or even care. But I just wanted to get this out of my system. I've already started the rant once in my Ask Me thread. Just felt I needed to finish it.