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  1. Today, 2 years ago, on 17th of Jul 2011, I made account on this site, and made my 1st post. ::S:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. So, today on Sljeme mountain my old Raiden Strike kicked it's last jump, and along previous already damaged/hardly usable straps and buckles, one of toe straps broke and made binding unusable.

    So, that means that it's time for new bindings. Due to certain series of events, I was left just enough money to get new ones and I've got Union Flite. (warning, slightly nsfw name of binding when you look up what Flite means).
    Sadly, they didn't have CMYK, so I had to go with what store had, which was Black.
    Now to test them on Friday.
  4. my theory goes here:
    ok, in case this princess/alicorn thing is permanent, and since story writers said that nothing will change beside her physical look, that drives some questions, and I've figured out possible (season 4) answers, so bottom up:

    Q: What happens to Celestia and Luna?
    A: Absolutely nothing, I see no reason for them to step off to retirement. They aren't old (at least in looks and minds), they are capable of doing their job (also if they are no longer princesses, that would mean that that would be end of the show for Luna and Celestia, and they are favorite ponies to lot of people, and thb, that would be dumb thing to do (specially with all Celestia toys)).

    Q: Ok, Celestia and Luna are still princesses, what's Twilight's job?
    A: Well, same as now. Celestia and Luna's dirty work (aka, fight villains and do what Celestia and Luna could do themselves, just don't for some reason). Only thing that Twi would have more power now to fight them. Beside that, maybe some political dinner here and there. Also, there's possibility of doing absolutely nothing, but just having the title (what do Prince Harry and Prince William (UK's princes) do beside just being a prince? Even dough they are future Kings of UK, even as king, they don't do much because they have PM to do all the work.

    Q: Ok, so, story writers said that she won't leave her friends. Her friends live in Ponyville. Where does Twilight live?
    A: Ok, now, to move all politics to Ponyville just because Twilight's friends are there would be kinda on rank of saying that USA will move the White House to Hawaii just because Obama has friends there (even tough that would be nicer scenery than DC). To move whole show to Canterlot.... not really (==> meaning, AJ would have to leave her farm and family, Pinkie Pie leave all her friends from Ponyville, and her job at Sugar Cube Corner, etc.). For Twilight to live alone in Canterlot, has no sense. We all know how sad she and everypony else was when she tough she was going back to Canterlot on end of Lesson Zero (even dough it's possible to travel form Ponyville to Canterlot). For Celestia to "reward" her for something that was previously "punishment" would be stupid (congratulations, you were employee of the month, now you're going to jail as your reward (although, in Croatia that would make sense *inserts generic Croatia politics joke*)).
    Conclusion: everything will stay in Ponyville

    Q: Ok, what the hay? You just said that it would be stupid to move politics to Ponyville, what gives?
    A: Well, as I said previously, Celestia and Luna are likely to continue being a princesses. Cadence (even just happened to be part of royal family that basically had only Dating service in Canterlot and now doesn't even live in Canterlot anymore), doesn't live in Canterlot and she's still a princess. I think that might be case with Twilight as well. She'll live in Ponyville, just as before, and do everything just as before (and study something I hope, maybe more magic, or some science, doesn't mater, as long as she doesn't change in what she does). She'd only have some special jobs she'll have to do on demand, and not always, but as they pop up (once, twice a season). Also, it would be awesome if they made some kind of force field around Canterlot so, Twilight would be alicorn only when she enters Canterlot, and return as a normal unicorn when she exits Canterlot (much like in Crysal Empire).

    Q: Wait, story writers said that they will make some kind of mythological story around being a princess, wouldn't that change how the whole show feels?
    A: Yes for season premiere's and finale's. I mean, if this was some kind of Japanese anime, yes, I would expect some dramatic, dark and mythical story trough out the season. But this isn't Japanese production, this is MLP:FiM, and I expect more easy going and fun episodes trough out the season (that have no heavy princess jobs or drama included). Story writers know that as well. I doubt they would change something that was so successful.

    Bonus note: Celestia said that she wants to use Discord's magic for good. We all know that Discord is able to change creatures, and give and take horns and wings to ponies very easily (Return of Harmony episodes). Maybe that will be his new job.

    Bonus note 2: We all know that animators of the show love to recycle vectors and animations in the show (hint, hint, specially visible trough out season 1 and part of season 2 on AJ (until they fixed her running animation all together)). I think story writers are aware of that, and won't make poor animators do everything all over again from point 0.
  5. [​IMG]

    If they won't change her personality, or who she is (as in what she how she handles situations and such (and doesn't stop to be a bookworm (which is basically her trademark)), and if she'll stays with her friends, I'm ok with it.
    Beside, her personality is what I like.
    Let's say she had an accident and she got wings in it, and well, that's not reason to stop like her if that's still her. It may take time to get used to the change, but I guess that will come with time. (if change is permanent).

    Meanwhile, I'll kinda ignore all debate threads and crapstorm (not here in particular, but in brony community in general) that's bound to happen, and just watch memes, and do things I usually do.
  6. wow, everypony did this like week ago. Well better late then never.

    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone on the site for all good times I've had here, and that I (probably) will have in future. This is technically my first brony related site I joined (technically, I was on cheezeburger network even before ponies, and I was there when pony memes started to pop up (so that kinda started to be brony community, but not yet officially), then I joined everypony, and later then, was crated, which is now bonry community on cheezeburger network)).
    Anyway, working and helping people on this site makes me happy. I finally get something meaningful to do, and best part is, I get to know lot of new friends.
    ok, now time to set individual praises (no order of putting people on the list (let's just say I wrote it down alphabetically, and put it in randomize function), and if I forget you (hope I won't), just give me a nod to see that I forgot you:

    Sessha - : you're my LSBFF (Little Sister Best Friend Forever). For more references, watch The Canterlot Wedding episode.

    rexhyuga: you are one who inherited title of forum games master. As far as I see, you're one of people fueling them, and keeping them going. You're also very friendly person to talk to on skype ^.^

    Yami: You're lot like me in personality. You like to help everyone, your favorite pony is Twilight, you're extroverted person, you have plushies, etc etc. You're one of people I always like to talk to because I know I'll always meet a nice and helpful person on the other end.

    chocolatechip: you're one of the people that has good puns here. I really appreciate your work on Band of Bronies show.

    Merriweather: even dough we don't know each other so much personally, you sound like awesome guy. I look forward meeting you irl on BUCK 2013.

    Winter-Snow: Snowpony!!! you're also always there to help, and always open for a nice relaxing chat ^.^

    Claudia Kitsune: I know we've technically met not long ago, but it seems like we've been chatting trough VM for ages. You seem like really nice person, and I'm looking forward to our future chats ^.^

    Rashall: always nice to talk to you. Sorry that I don't have much time to hang out in EPChat, but I'm always on skype, when I have time to chat.

    Tyro The Fox: brony with fox OC. Well, at least it's original xD. You're awesome person online and irl, hope to spend more time.

    Alexia: You're nice person to talk to, and always in good mood. well, yeah, I saw that you had some problems, and I'm sorry I wasn't able to help in it, but I'm not really an expert in that filed, so I didn't want to give advice which would do even more damage. But hey, anytime you want to talk, I'm always open to talk.

    Gumbs of Gabbie: man, your music is awesome. You're also very nice and open to talk to ^.^ . Too bad we don't catch each other online more often due to timezones.

    SunBurn: you always have some deep and interesting topics to discuss. When this place was down, you had the right attitude and helped site go in the right direction, for that I'm grateful.

    Miche: you're first person from FOBEQ that I've talked with, and whom I'm brought the whole BoB show idea. Thank you and all FOBEQ team for working with us.

    Fluttershy: man, you're awesome, you're ready to give your heart for the site and your friends. Generous, and you always like to pleasantly surprise your friends.

    Rarit E: idk about you, but I consider you a friend. And know, my doors for help are always open for anypony.

    DRD: The guy with most TwiDash pictures ever. It's nice to have you back on site.

    51m0nn: You're also like me, but not in way like Yami, but in way like Crazy Twilight. I think it's awesome that both if us understand each others feelings under pressure (or specially when there's no pressure), and I'm very thankful that you're always there to help me out.

    Gabachi: one more in the helpful herd of bronies. You are one of those people that you know that you're talking to person that will help you in any time.

    ThePoeticPony: you're nice to talk to, and you always have some interesting topic. Also looking forward to meet you on BUCK 2013.

    Ramza: Well, you can be stubborn and hotheaded from time to time, but I see that you do care for the site. Important is that you are able to see (sooner or later) where you went wrong. Tbh, your personality kinda reminds me on Rainbow Dash.

    Angel Wing: With you, there's always a great laugh. Implicit jokes, sharing media, funny videos, Slenderman, "horror" meetup. And I know you're always there to help ^.^

    Thorinair: You're one of my best friends. If you exclude music/snowboarding, vectors, models, and other awesome thing you can do and I can, we're very much alike. It's awesome how you're always there to help, and how we already have internal jokes, memes etc (that also applies to Angel Wing).

    mike406: you're the best admin. And you have best signature on whole site. I wish we could talk more, I know you're a busy pony.

    Radaboy: Always nice to play TF2 with you. idk, but for some reason, every time I think of you, I think of Lyra... maybe because of your Lyra avatar

    Sandemic: my co-admin on Croatia Bronies. Always having "brilliant" ideas, and so called Sweetie Belle of the group. Although, you're truly a gaming brony and a good friend ^.^

    Miggy: fellow snowboarding brony. I hope we'll snowboard together sooner or later.

    Foxytail: I think you're first person that I've got to know online first, and then met irl. Well, here you go, this is one thing you're special about. You were also awesome head admin, and a great friend. You're always there to help everypony, even though things aren't always honey and milk for you. Even when you're not lead admin anymore, and have your own new site, you still stick around.

    The"S"Brony: my faithful maths student. Sorry for appointments I missed, I hope I will still be able to help you with your maths tests.

    BryGuy Shinigami: we've met not long ago, but you seems like a swell brony. Always nice talk to ya. ^.^

    Temptest Wing: well, you're really good guy, I know you've been disappointed with some events on this site, but I hope that's in the past, and I hope that corrupted OC in your sig will gain his original colors once again.

    BlazingDawn: you're DJ with special style to your dj sessions on EPR. Also, thank you for your work on BoB show.

    Lightning_Mustang: sorry I forgot you originally, thank you for your work on BoB show. you also have one of most original OC's i've seen ::S:

    Thank you all for being my friends, and I'm very grateful for that.
    in the spirit of holidays:
  7. [video=youtube;8ieexj4jLyg]![/video]

    (you can vote for this to come on frontpage of memebase. here: )
  8. it's about to start in 30 min
    first up streaming is BronyState, and in about 6-7 hours in, Everypony will take over, and the BronyState etc.
    you can follow the event here:
  9. Here it is, another Everypony Network community post, powered by Yeti's fingers, eggs and a window.
    More after the break.


    Everypony Review team is back and running. If you're interested more, you can check in topic here.

    Too much Pinkie Pie in your system?
    Why now cool off with our Band of Bronies show?
    This week's special guest: Rommuel from Bronies for Good
    Saturday, 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio

    Also, Everypony Network, together with BronyState, GalaCon, Bronies for Good on Kallisti cherity event that will be on Everypony Radio and BronyState (exact schedule yet to be announced). Here's official event announcement from Bronies for Good's website:
    Drawing a piece of art into existence is like childbirth. Legions of us crowd to livestreams to observe how the adroit fingers of a visual artist assemble a series of perfectly inconspicuous lines until—all of a sudden—a beautiful unicorn opens her eyes!

    One might say that to behold our favorite artist practicing their craft is an event in and of itself—but what if not one, but twelve of your favorite artists funneled their creativity into a single day-long stream? Could you even fathom the current?

    Starting at midnight UTC+1 on November 18 (6 p.m. EST on November 17), the European convention GalaCon will host just that! On top of it all, they are joined by Anneli Heed, the famous Swedish Spitfire and best entertainer in all of Canterlot!

    So get ready for none other, nary another, not one other more than

    Garrett Gilchrist,
    Jan (Ask The Crusaders),
    John Joseco,
    Perrydotto (Ask Human Discord),
    Putuk (Ask Scootabot),
    Salahir a.k.a. Custody (Ask Human Celestia),
    Tsitra360, and

    GalaCon, however, is not just planning to use the money for their glorious August 2013 convention with its own charity events, no, they decided right away to forward half of the proceeds directly to charity, or more precisely to the Seeds of Kindness 2 fundraiser of Bronies for Good!

    As you will know, Seeds of Kindness 2 is raising funds for the Safe Project, an orphanage in Uganda that aims to provide a home, food, and a new family to more than fifty orphans. They want to build a chicken farm to ensure their long-term sustainability and independence. Your donations have already allowed them to erect the sturdy walls of the building and soon the roof. €7000 more and the project can be completed. So don’t wait: Donate!

    That's it from me for today, be sure to tune in for next Community Post, next week.
  10. It's time for another Community post from your one and only Yetione, live from cloudy Zagreb City.
    Today on schedule:
    - ponies
    - bronies
    - bronies talking about ponies.
    more after the break


    The time has came when it's less than 24 hours from Season 3 kick off, bronies far and wide have been discussing about what they expect from Season 3. More on Season 3 discussion on can be found here

    News from the staff:

    Sadly, one of our forum mods, Rarit E has decided to step off his mod position, but despite his absence from the staff, he'll still make us happy around the forum.

    In the other news from the staff, Fluttershy has re-joined the staff as forum mod. Congratulations Fluttershy, it'll be pleasure serving with you.

    Secret Santa project is on go! Your Secret Santa has been assigned, and working on gifts and surprises on ongoing.
    More on Secret Santa project here

    Have plans after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
    Why not join our Band of Bronies show.
    Every Saturday 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio

    That's it for this week folks. Keep submissions on my PM. Until next Friday-Saturday night, Yetione.
  11. [​IMG]
    seems like some computer architecture and microprograming stuff.
  12. [video=youtube;BY4em8eevqg][/video]
  13. won't tell you what it is, but I'll just give you this teaser. Older members might know what's going on.

  14. Cronies: Operation Sljeme

    High north of Zagreb city, you’ve probably noticed a huge rock with a tower on top.
    Well, we’ll conquer it and hopefully meet some woodland creatures on the way.
    Meeting point: Ban Jelačić Square
    Date and Time: 20th of October, 11.30am
    Note: Make sure you bring water and food with yourself.
    Expected time of climb: 3-4 hours.
    Tour will be guided by expert.


    (also : )
  15. Zagreb Bronies, which over time turned into Cronies (Croatia Bronies), is celebrating 1st birthday this week (2nd of October). Since 2nd of October is on Tuesday, we celebrated it on weekend.
    This was also welcome back meetup for Spiral, who came back to live in Zagreb, and welcome meetup for few new members in the group (Katja, Toni and Thorinair).
    13 bronies from all over the country (and one from Slovenia) gathered at Jarun lake in Zagreb City and hang out.
    We also had Trivia contest where Team Lunini Sljedbenici (traslation: Team Luna's Followers) won.
    Group Photo: