Community Post #126 - Sometimes, Our TV Stations Just Don't Care

27th Jan 2015 - 2:28 AM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Post #126

There comes a time, when one gets bored or exhausts their Youtube lists for things to watch. Markiplier has nothing left to see, your nostalgic for when you had Nostalgia Critic episodes to watch and The Grumps are all grumped out. Your source of passive entertainment will have to come from somewhere else. Something that may have been languishing away while you've had fun without the influence of the mainstream culture that your parents are consuming by virtue of being a generation behind. You haven't used that screen in years. That particular screen that you haven't gazed upon since the internet so handily took you out into an adventure of information.

Indeed, my friends: you likely just boot up Netflix.

But I'm talking about the... [Read More]
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Community Post #125 - I Promice I'm not Endorsed by Nintendo

12th Jan 2015 - 11:41 PM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Unrelated Ramble #125

I know, I know...These aren't supposed to be me just writing down my personal life and thoughts, they're meant to reflect the site in general but I cannot get this out of my head. And, hey! At least it's interesting.

Well, maybe just to me but I can try to make it interesting. The jokes are likely to still be lame but I've written over sixty of these things. Can't all be gold!

All right, all right...The big news for me is that I caved in and brought a Wii U. Woo, hurray, yadda-yadda.

I did it because nothing else on the other consoles interested me. Steam has my back on anything niche. I will never touch an Xbox One unless forced to... [Read More]
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Community Post #124 - Back to the Usual Stuff

7th Jan 2015 - 1:19 AM - by Tyro The Fox

Community Post #124

Pictured: What I've been doing most of December.

If you've been wondering why one of these posts hasn't been written in weeks, it's because of two reasons.

One, I forgot to ask somepony else do it. Two, I've been a checkout assistant for Sainsbury's.

Sainsbury's for those likely not in the know is a supermarket chain over here. And apparently, only over here. Unlike Walmart, Lidl and Morrisons who have managed to move overseas to other places, Sainsbury's is UK and UK only. It also hasn't been bought out by anything right now too.

And I got to join the team for the Christmas Holidays. Yay me.

You know what? It's not a bad job. On one hand, it's pretty monotonous. You beep things... [Read More]
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Community Post #123 - I feel like a little revenge, OK?

15th Dec 2014 - 1:42 AM - by Tyro The Fox

Double Checked Community List #123

So, I've been having something of a Kingdom Hearts marathon recently as I attempt to play the HD versions of every game in the series so far. With both collections sporting four pretty hefty Action RPGs, I'm going to be on this marathon for a while. A long while, considering Kingdom Hearts traditionally harsh difficulty curve.

And the fact that I'm going to play them on Proud because...why not? I played the first and second games over and over, I should be able to manage it.

So I recently finished the first collection disk, Kingdom Hearts I.5 HD ReMIX, and I've now come to one big conclusion on it.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (or 'Re:Chain' for short)... [Read More]
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