Fan-Fiction: Rules and Regulations

Fan-Fiction: Rules & Regulations

Fan-Fiction: Rules & Regulations
The following rules govern the uploading of fictions to the Fiction Archives. The rules are basic guidelines and the moderator in question for each individual case can approve/disapprove at their own discretion.

• Submitted fictions must be approved by the Fanfiction Moderator before they will appear public for the rest of the community.

Fan-Fictions Should:
• Be over 500 words (guideline).
• Be 100% your own original work.
• Be written in plain English and contain minimal spelling mistakes/grammatical errors.
• Be unique - Do no resubmit edited fictions, just update your current one. Contain all the chapters, do not submit each chapter separately - Update your previous fiction.
• Be posted in the appropriate category - if in doubt ask a fiction moderator or submit it under "General".
• Be about ponies/MLP: Friendship is Magic.
• Non-MLP fictions are permitted, but please be sure to submit them to the correct category.

Fan-Fictions Should NOT:
• Contain any form of nudity, mature material/sexual/clop/erotic.
• Contain excessive amounts of blood, gore and grotesque references.
• Contain any disrespectful comments and/or views of a sex, racial or prejudiced nature which can be interpreted as offensive or abusive.
• Reference a real person/their alias etc - without their permission/consent - A fic should not be disapproved on this point alone but it should be noted that if a complaint is filed against the fic and proof of consent cannot be given it and possibly the rest of the author's works will be removed from the archives.