Radio, Forum Chat and RP Chat Rules

Radio, Forum Chat, and RP Chat Rules

Live Chat Rules
The following rules dictate how one should compose his or herself and what is expected of them when they are participating in any of the live chats

• Role-playing is prohibited in the Radio and General Chat, please use the role-play channel provided, or the role-play section on the forum.

• When using the Radio keep in mind that the use of bold text is limited to Radio Mods. If you would like to request a song to be played, please do so in underlined text so it stands out.

• The linking of other livestreams is not permitted in the Radio Chat without express permission from a Moderator.

• EPN Chat Moderators and Admins can be distinguished by their colored name, purple and red respectively. Radio chat moderators can be identified by checking the online list, and their usage of bold text.

• Under no circumstances are general forum rules exempt from any chat, private or not. Admins CAN VIEW private logs but won't do so, unless a complaint is issued. Any offensive language or remarks not permitted under ANY circumstances.

• Keep in mind that will not tolerate rudeness, insulting messages, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory messages. This includes but is not limited to sexist, racial, abusive and/or undermining remarks.

Role-Play Specific Chat Rules
All General Chat rulings automatically apply to the Roleplay Chat

• Inappropriate behaviour such as: Advertising, spamming, and trolling are strictly forbidden. Warnings will be given, after which banning will ensue.

• Respect The Staff - Moderation staff reserve the right to take any actions deemed appropriate to ensure the RP Chat is not disrupted or abused in any way, at any time including removing members from the chat at anytime.

• Respect Each Other - You're unlikely to have a Game Master to oversee the whole RP and to keep it running in the way it's meant to go. It's within your own, and everyone else's best interest to make sure that your giving every RPer present an equal chance to get involved wherever you can. Looking for ways of including everyone should be the main goal.

• Keep It Clean - Roleplay in the chat should be clean and appropriate: clop (sexual action), gore and any other manner of NSFW content will not be tolerated. If you have to show such actions, keep it about PG-13 or around 12a if you're European. You can generally get away with allusions to gore but don't describe it in detail. Cutaways or focusing on shadows or any other indirect way of conveying actions are what's desired to keep things reasonable.

• No roleplaying with another member's character when they are not present. You must ask the owner of the character for permission to use.

• Do not interrupt an on-going RP. If you wish to join in, you must ask permission of the RP's creator.

• In the Causal Roleplay Channel, we will be freer and looser with the following rules and guidelines. Afterall, the point is just to goof around a little and practice. While mods will step in if it's detrimental to the overall appeal of those involved, we will have a looser place to play in.

• The Normal Roleplay Channel will have these rules and guidelines apply in the interests of making a more stable environment for RP. This is where you come for a more serious, focused RP outside of EPRP's.

• RP Chat Moderators and Admins can be distinguished by their colored name, purple and red respectively. Issues should be addressed to the Chat Mods; they are not to be disrespected and their word is final. If you have issues with any moderator, please private message Tyro or Eight Star.

• For good, effective Roleplaying, you need to be thinking about four cornerstones of a good RP post. This is about not only respecting those who are RPing around you but to make sure you get a better experience.

Eight Star's Personal Rules of a Good Role-Play:

It takes at least two to RP. Participate with your fellow pony. Don't be afraid to participate with new players - they may surprise you. If there is a player you would rather not play with, it is alright to politely state, "I'm sorry, this role-play is just for the current participants."

Don't skim the posts others make, as anypony that's in your role-playing world may make an impact on it. By recognizing something that's happening left wing, your character's reaction could change the entire path of the game. With realistic reactions, the role-play will feel more engaging, and more fun for everypony.

Try your best to ensure that your actions and words are sensible to your character, and able to be understood by the other players, and possibly anypony who's observing. Comprehensive and in-character words and actions will allow the RP to move a lot easier, with less stops to ensure understanding is had.

Try not to spend too much time on one part of the role-play. Talking your character into a corner, or moving the role-play into a dead end can be a killer for a game. Keeping the play moving and bringing new things to the table can keep a role-play fresh and enjoyable.

  • "A character's speech must be written in quotation marks."
  • (Out of Character Text must be in brackets)
  • For example, if you need to ask the Game Master a question: (GM, what stat do I need to add to my roll for this search check?)
  • Any actions that do not directly affect one, singular character or text that serves to explain something happening in the world must be displayed as below
  • There are two methods for performing actions:
  1. Text without anything around it denotes an action or an event.
  2. Use the '/action' or '/me' command
  • An action command works like so: “/action does something.” or "/me does something."
  • If I were to do this it would appear in chat as: Dragonbait does something.
  • The second method is the preferred way.
  • /action and /me commands will be in italics.
  • You can also mix actions and speech, for example: /action walks over to Tyro and says, “Hey, can you help me open this door?”
  • This would appear from me as: Dragonbait walks over to Tyro and says, “Hey, can you help me open this door?”

These are essential to learn to improve your Comprehensiveness while RPing. If no one understands you, you can't RP all that well and cause frustration for everyone.

  • Some Rps require you to roll dice, for this you will use the '/roll' command.
  • For example: To roll two twelve sided dice you would type “/roll 2d12”
  • Your roll results will be calculated by S.P.I.K.E. and displayed for everyone to see.
  • If you need to send a whisper (private message) to the GM or to another player, use the '/msg' command.
  • For example: If Tyro is the GM and I want to make sure only he sees a message, I would type something like “/msg Tyro I'm going to try to steal that vase while the rest of the party is busy fighting the diamond dogs!”
  • Then only Tyro would see - I'm going to try to steal that vase while the rest of the party is busy fighting the diamond dogs!

Punctuation, spelling, and grammar are very important to role playing. The other players must be able to understand you. • You must not use “texting” ways of spelling words. Again, your Comprehensiveness will suffer.

• Your Participation, Recognition, Movement are down to your writing skills. Practice makes perfect and take note of other RPers for tips. If in doubt about something, ask for help and someone will answer you.

• Character Balance - Should the general consensus be that you are Over Powered (generally shortened to OP) within the RP chat you are taking part in, please tone it down so as to allow the RP to continue smoothly. RP Chat Moderators will keep an eye out for characters that are unfairly powerful and so should all involved in the current RP. Similar unfair advantages of characters include:

- God-Modding: The Character is invincible and capable of avoiding harm beyond all reason and logic. This makes potential fights between such characters pointless if attacks are meaningless or events created to cause harm or trap said character are dodged with no explanation further than "Because they can".

- Power-Modding: The Character gains powers, abilities and skills when required to allow them to escape tight spots or win fights or just to appear more splendidly awesome than anyone knows about the character. There is generally no or little explanation offered as to where and how the character gained such an ability or skill.

- Metagaming: The Character miraculously gains access to knowledge that definitely should not be possible of knowing. For example, a character appearing to act upon information taken from a conversation he or she could never have ever been near enough to eavesdrop on. As a result, they'll avoid the hot-tub of gorgeous babes, champaign and fresh butter icing because of no good reason.