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By registering on you agree to abide by this Membership Agreement and any directions made by the Moderation Team. This Agreement may be amended and altered by Administration at any time and by continuing to post here you accept any such alterations.

The Membership Agreement is a guide to what you can and cannot do here and it is not meant to be a complete list of everything that is allowed and not allowed on the Network.

The consequences for breaching the Membership Agreement will be based on the seriousness of the offense, and this judgement will fall entirely on the moderators' discretion.

If you are unsure whether something you wish to post is in breach of this agreement you can send a private message to a member of the moderation team to request clarification.

If you have any issue involving the moderation or actions from any of the staff at, you may post them in The Complaint Box, or send a private message to an administrator.

Global Rules

Members of agree to the following:
This section is for rules that apply to all aspects of

• Do not post or transmit defamatory, abusive, threatening or illegal material, or any other material with the intent to purposely mislead or harm others or infringe on the ability of others to enjoy

• Do not post or link to anything that can be considered to be criminal or that threatens or incites criminal activity. This includes posts or links that contain malware, piracy, child pornography or incitements to violence.

• Do not post any filthy or obscene language deemed inappropriate by the staff.

• Do not post depictions or graphic accounts of extreme violence or abuse. This includes media with the intent to incite fear or shock.

• Do not post or promote hateful, abusive or disrespectful content about people's race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender.

• Do not post (or link to) anything that is pornographic and you may not discuss personal sexual issues, experiences, desires, or problems on the Network. This includes images, descriptions, terms or discussions describing explicit sexual acts. This also includes images or media that is heavily suggestive in nature. In addition, you may not request pornographic media of any form publicly or privately.

• Absolutely no personally attacking, insulting or threatening other members of You may robustly criticise the content posted by other members but may not direct criticism towards the members themselves.

- Do not start threads that discuss the opinions, positions and/or arguments of another member without permission from that member. This permission is required to guard against such threads being created for the purpose of harassment or "calling out" of members.

• Do not post content to purposely provoke or inflame another member(s) of

• Do not deliberately attempting to derail or hijack threads and take them off topic.

• Do not share personal information about another member(s) unless it is both publicly available and is relevant to the ongoing discussion.

• Do not share Private Messages (PMs) without the member’s permission. An exception to this is where staff might need to disclose PMs from members to other staff. The entirety of the staff, except administrators, does not have access to PM's not specifically sent to them.

• Do not send PMs to members that contain illegal propositions or are otherwise intended to harass or insult that member.

• Do not edit posts to such an extent that it substantially alters posts to which others have responded.

• Do not post about disruptive actions you have taken or intend to take against external sites and/or encouraging others to disrupt external sites (this includes the trolling of external sites).

• Do not quote another member in your signature or profile without permission from the quoted member. Spaces such as signatures or profiles are not areas for veiled or covert discussion of other members.

• Do not impersonate another member of

• Do not post or offer to post on behalf of members who have been banned or suspended.

• Do not engage in spamming or soliciting. This means you agree not to use any part of, including Private Messaging to:

- Promote any business, charity or commercial website without permission from staff. This includes advertising or soliciting anyone to buy, sell or donate to products or services without explicit permission and/or having an Affiliate status with Any frequent posting about or linking to a commercial website or other business will be deemed to be inappropriate promotion and/or marketing, subjecting the poster to removal, with or without warning.

- Gather member email addresses or other contact information for the purposes of spamming (i.e. sending bulk unsolicited messages).

• Accept and follow the directions outlined in Section 4: Legal and Other Issues

• While we are more than happy to host our site and services for people across the globe we do ask that you speak Standard English in public discussion. Private messages are an exception to this rule. We also ask that you do not use excessive slang and/or leet (1337) speak. Although abbreviations such as "lol" and "afaik" are acceptable, we do ask that you keep in mind other forum users who may not frequent the net and may struggle to understand such terminology.

• Depending on the severity of an offence on the radio/forums/chat, you may be subject to punishment on other sections of the Network as well.