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Oct 7, 2014
    1. The Davidson Nation
    2. The Davidson Nation
      The Davidson Nation
      yes indeed I recently made a fanfic When I was done I tryied to find it and no results.
    3. The Davidson Nation
      The Davidson Nation
      Hello were you the fanfic mod?
    4. Yamiookami
    5. Yamiookami
      Hey, Aynine. There's a brony meetup being planned for the 20th of July at the Mall of Georgia. I thought I'd let you know in case you wanted to come. :grin:
    6. Captain Jack
      Captain Jack
      Is there already a story about the ponies secretly killing off humans?
    7. Captain Jack
    8. Captain Jack
      Captain Jack
      I'll go with Lev and the Silent Soldier.
    9. Captain Jack
      Captain Jack
      I might want to change the title of Lev to something cool. A story about a Gala doesn't sound that great, but if I change the title to something like
      "The Silent Soldier: The Story of the Power to the Throne" (It will ultimately come to that, a final epic battle in a civil war over the throne) I might get some more readers.
    10. Clayton
      Re-read my original message. I bolded the part of the first set of lines that I'm not okay with, then pointed out a second, different instance. It's the reference to the religion itself (first instance). The second instance is too direct in joking with some ideas that are unintentional/can't be correlated to a joke. Just change or remove those two instances and it'll be fine. I didn't point anything else out because I'm giving it a lot of leeway.

      Fine, I removed them and reposted it in the original thread for the story (the author OKed it).

      You have to admit the original was messed up...

      By the way, your inbox is full again,
    11. Captain Jack
      Captain Jack
      I have another story I wrote, but it's about people in a very small Earth, about 20 miles in diameter, after the real apocalypse happened. Would I have to turn them into ponies to publish it here?
    12. Captain Jack
      Captain Jack
      Would Pinky Pie being a Gypsy mafia boss in Ukraine (or somewhere near) count towards racism? It's not really important where she's from, but in the next part, all the key plot events happen in her headquarters.
    13. Captain Jack
      Captain Jack
      Just one more thing- If you find anything in that story that suggests the ponies are human, tell me please. I originally wrote this story with people (they were jumping instead of flying for the part with Fluttershy).
    14. Clayton
      No I meant go to the threaed and tell me what you think of the fics I've posted. THE MST one is just one. I mean all of them.

      On a side note, your inbox is full and you can't receive any more private messages
    15. LyonKS555
      Love your avatar pic :3
    16. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      You're famous brah' :P
    17. awsmebrony
      are you good at singing, guitar, bass, or drums?
      or mixes? or even lyrics?
      if you are post on my wall
    18. Echoax
      It's cool, Just thought I'd offer.
    19. Echoax
      I made this. you can have it if you want. If you don't like I'll change it as well.

      Twilight/Moon sig
    20. Luprony
      Unfortunately links are against the rules. That was set by the site admin, who's in a higher position than me, so I don't really have a say on the matter. Is it actually impossible to put the whole story in the post? Or is it just inconvenient? Because unless it's a technical issue, we don't have a limit on word count.

      And believe me, I will solve the formatting issue, it's just a very long fic. I will alert the other 2 fiction moderators and hopefully we can all get it indented very soon.
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