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Oct 9, 2011
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With Cyanside and Shadow, from In a store near you

I might be back now...maybe...hopefully. It's been a long time, we'll see... Jun 18, 2016

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Feb 28, 2017
    1. Caberea
      I might be back now...maybe...hopefully. It's been a long time, we'll see...
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      2. Proxy
        'I remember you!
        Jun 18, 2016
      3. Eluuna
        new phone who dis
        (Welcome back!)
        Jun 18, 2016
      4. Xaniith
        Jun 18, 2016
    2. Dreck_Sckrey
    3. Shade
      Hi there Cyan.
    4. Bright Heart
      Bright Heart
      So are you thinking of returning to the forum. I really enjoyed your lux desernus RP.
    5. Bright Heart
      Bright Heart
      hey Cab, you still here. Ive been missing your RP's.
    6. Sparkypony
      Bored, You ?
    7. Sparkypony
    8. rexhyuga
      *big hugZ* ^^
    9. Eluuna
      Hey, Caberea, were you just booted out for a really long time?
    10. Dynasty Charge
      Dynasty Charge
      Just watched your slendertubbies part 1, hahaha! What a randomly strange game!
    11. Sick Lollipop
      Sick Lollipop
      (^.~ Cool beans! I'll make a onexone thread for us in a bit, you go ahead and get some sleep. Love your pony's colors, by the way, lol.)
    12. Sick Lollipop
      Sick Lollipop
      "Eight Star recommended you to me? How.. thoughtful! I'd love to help you, Cyanside. My name's Lollipop, and I suppose I am the best pony to come to about such a thing.

      May I ask, however.. just what caused you to become half-changeling? Perhaps with some study, and even the help of my mother, we can revert you back to your true form. I know what it's like to be forced to not be yourself. In the meantime, I can start teaching you immediately, if you liked."

      (This is awesome! Could we maybe make a thread for this RP?)
    13. Snow
      Bad NEws: Because of you, I need to make an extended quiz...
    14. Snow
      Hey, I made the ethnicity quiz like you suggested, it's in the General Discussion
    15. awsmebrony
      OMG ;w; I'm a friend ;w;
    16. Shade
      *hugs* this could be the last hug you get from me
    17. awsmebrony
      I can has hugs? ;w;
    18. Rarit E
      Rarit E
      I've had Rarit E post on one of my threads :omg: (Totally not edited in: TWICE!!!) does this make me famous now?

      I wasn't aware i did something to earn legendary status. :Boo:
    19. NotWhatWeExpected
      Well, for one you plastered your shipping all over the tags. Don't see Poetic or Dragon doin that.
      Just go a bit easy with it :derpe:
    20. 51m0nn
      I wanna love you :P
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    It took my quite by surprise when i became a brony. What first caught my interest was a banner on another site that was a parody off the friendship is magic series. This sparkled my interest and soon i found myself watching through all the friendship is magic shows and realised i loved them. The sense of humour was great, there characters were unique and well developed, and the situations they were thrown into made for some great fun watching. So moving away from the show and onto me, I've been dabbling in writing for quite a while and have done my fair share of poetry. I enjoy just about anything fantasy which helped me to quickly get caught up with the show. I have a particular liking for music geared to either orchestral or rock/metal (but not death metal), or both. I'm into role playing games are role playing in general, though i tend to direct the events of the role play more than being a character. So yeah, thats about it for me, I'm working on a fanfic called The Lunar Republic, I have no idea where the orginal idea for that came from but I thought it seemed an interesting idea so decided to build a story around it. I look forward to my time at Everypony.

    Reading, Writing, gaming, music


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