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May 10, 2014 at 9:45 AM
Mar 16, 2014
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Veneto, Italy
Engineer student and worker in a factory

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Doc Volt

The Pegasus Engineer, from Veneto, Italy

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May 10, 2014
    1. Rhythm Song
      Rhythm Song
      heya pony

      i got bored and wanted to role play so im role playing

      oh and i edited my post
    2. Wayzer
      sup :3 brotha
    3. -Polaris-
      It's a pleasure to have you here, Volty! :omg:
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    Veneto, Italy
    Engineer student and worker in a factory
    Pegasus (m)
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    Doctor Electron Volt
    Uhm about myself.. uhm.. ehm HI!

    My name is Nicolò, but in Equestria I am Volt, Doctor Electron Volt!
    I am an almost 21 years old Italian guy, I am an electronic engineer student and in the free time I am a red cross paramedic volunteer.. (that’s right I don’t get paid :p )
    Uhm yep I work sometime.. on summer I work for a couple of months in the same wine factory where my father works
    here some photo of the lovely place! ahah XD

    During the rest of the year I earn my bits doing little jobs, fixing cars, computers, television, stuffs… mainly guitar and amplificators… why?
    Well because I am an audiophile too! that’s right! What is an audiophile you ask? Well it is like a sound-nerd.. an idiot like me that likes to spend his time building amplificators and speakers, trying to reach the perfect harmony of the sound.. that’s mean warm, soft music, with still some nice and not to big basses and keeping the music as closer as possible as the artist played it, trying to pretend that you are actually listening to the real artist in flesh and bones in front of you… how you do this? Passion.. time.. money XD I usually build vacuum tube amplifiers, you know, that old glass tubes that glows, yep, very old technology, but they are the best for the sound!
    You may have figured out so far what is my favorite type of music if you just read that :D
    Yep.. I like warm and soft music.. I don’t have a specific gender, I jump between

    -Classical (Tchaikovsky is my fav!)
    -Blues (The Doors forever)
    -Jazz (Ray Charles anyone?)
    -Classical rock (Dire Straits and Mark kopfler forever!!)
    -Rock rock and rock and rock and roll!
    -Metal in almost all of his genders (my favorite bands are without any order: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rhapsody)
    -And overall.. I simply LOVE Rolling Stones :D yay!

    Uhm my other hobbies? Does it run on electricity/gas/diesel? Does it look old and steampunk-ish? Does it have gears? Then it is my hobby XD

    I love old technology and I love High voltage! That’s right! I own five Tesla coils! Built by me!
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    uhm you wanna know when i became a brony? well i can't remember the esact moment... here in Italy there aren't much bronies.. i saw a pony picture the first time playing team fortress 2.. that's right.. then more more and more.. i looked for it and i found those "bronies" thing.. i was like.. what the hell?? i was not an hater.. i was just.. "meh that is sooo gay!".. but you know how this stuffs go XD

    actually, the thing that brought me to the fandom.. was the reading of my first fanfic... Rainbow Factory.. for a nerd and engineer like me.. it was true love XD then i went out from the grimdarkness and now i am here!

    Electronic, High voltage research, i'm also an audiophile and a Red Cross paramedic voluntieer


    Red cross voluntier:""The first to arrive,The last to leave"