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Apr 25, 2012
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Eight Star

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I feel... ever so late to the party. Feb 14, 2019

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Feb 14, 2019
    1. Sinderlocke
      I've been coping at the moment. :) I've been making a few positive steps recently and I'm hoping things will get better. I suppose my actions in itself are an indication that I'm getting better.

      How are you? Still active on the RP forums?
    2. redmon77
      how do you write your stories so well? do you write it down as an outline and just fill it in when you're finished, or do you just write the whole thing straight out? i really need help
    3. Snow
      Not too much has happened, there is the beginning of the war and the first skirmishes. I would suggest just reading it to get a better idea
    4. redmon77
      may i ask you a serious question? from one writer to another?
    5. Tech Tea
      Tech Tea
      Funny story. Tech Tea came from a typo of: Tech Team in a community Project.
      I decided it would sound very British and took it.
    6. Sick Lollipop
      Sick Lollipop
      Thanks ^.^ I love her so much.
    7. Sick Lollipop
      Sick Lollipop
      -big, watery eyes- could I be part of the great Eight Star's RP Club?? c:

      And i hear you have a skype? could I add you by chance?
    8. Junko Enoshima
      Junko Enoshima
      Thank you so much :D
    9. Junko Enoshima
      Junko Enoshima
      Could you give me tips on how to draw better?
    10. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Well yes and no, but I know I'll experience something just that bad someday. Maybe not soon... but eventually... > w>
    11. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Well I am feeling a lot better today. I didn't really do anything for Christmas, or new years. I just kept going to sleep every 2 hours while I was sick. Not even the wonderful world of Skyrim could help me. xD
    12. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Yeah I'm really sorry about that, I got very ill suddenly. I had a cold, strep, and migraine for the past couple of days. I had no real access to the internet till now. I'm still suffering from the cold a bit but not by much. How are you doing Eight? Did you have anything good happen with you over the holidays?
    13. Rarit E
      Rarit E
      Well, yes and no. I made one in that pony creator flash game on Deviantart, but i never really use it for anything :P

      Here's the image if you want it, but there's nothing else about it: http://i.imgur.com/kuDTg.png
    14. Eluuna
      Thank you, Eight Star!
    15. SoulEmber
      You're welcome. Use the knowledge wisely ::S:
    16. SoulEmber
      AHGAD! Oh, colors? Let me PM them to you.
    17. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Well, the majority of my family live a good 4 hours away from me. I don't have a car of my own, so I can't really go and see them... I don't really have friends. Only friends I have are you guys on EP and some on XBL sadly. I'm too shy to make any friends here in person... > w<
    18. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Ah.. I don't really have plans of my own just yet. I may just play Xbox all week, or even try making my character for RP. I'm not so sure... > w< Hoping you'd give me an idea on what to do for my holidays. xD
    19. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Hey there, Anything interesting going on with you lately? Any changes in your holiday plans?
    20. redmon77
      cute avatar!
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