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OCD Pony, from The United States of America

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Mar 1, 2014
    1. PeachBlink
      ​Dat Pikachu~
    2. TheTaZe
      Sorry, for the late response. I forgot how to use the visitor message system in vBulletin.
    3. TheTaZe
      No, I did not. I found it by typing in woona in Google search.
    4. DaRarityRikuNFan
      I just don't understand. You just dislike grass types, right?

      I didn't mean to sound like a meanie, I want you to know this. I'm autistic, and, very confused about the world...

      I admit; lately, i've been less forgiving of others a bit. But this song helps calm me;

      ...its okay if you still think i'm not worth being friends with. Maybe i WAS a bit harsh to you...even though i don't know how i was.....(i'm completely unaware :()
    5. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Also, today is my sylveon loving best buddy's birthday, and, I can pm you the url to his forum so we can party together with him if you like! Well, thats all, i hope i didn't chew your ears off too much xD
    6. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Thanks for adding me as a friend. :) Yes, you will defenetly like me, as I am indeed a Pokemon fan, myself, too! Pikachu's been my favorite again lately but I also was a bit obsessed with Keldeo yesterday due to my pony obsession as of lately XD And Keldeo is SUCH a pony pokemon lol I had a lot of fun being pwned by my sylveon loving friend over on his new forums when we rped as Sylveon and Keldeo there yestaday too lol. :3 I'm guessing pikachu is your favorite pokemon, too, is it not? Your avatar of it is soooo cool, by the way ^w^ Also, I love your profile picture, she's very pretty :) What's the name of this pony you have there? I'm guessing she's your oc. Noooo idea what mine would be yet...xD; hahah lol Also, are you a Kingdom Hearts fan? I really like those games, too! I like how i'm on a kh forum as well that isn't all cluttered with yaoi fangirls lol (actually, kh13 forum is kind of a primaraly male, much of like this place :3)
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    The United States of America
    Unicorn (f)
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    Melody Rain
    A biography to me is a place where I put things that other people look at in order to identify with me. So, I shall state what fandoms I am in. I am a Brony (Female, I resent the "pegasister" thing), a Whovian, a Sherlockian, a Trekkie, I like Marvel and DC, I love anime and manga, I love Tron: Uprising (even though it was cancelled AND IT SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN!) and Adventure Time and ATLA and I also love Star Wars, Pokemon, and LoTR :D If you like any of these you are instantly 20% cooler in my eyes.

    I enjoy drawing, singing, playing the guitar, reading, and being a part of Fandoms



    :DFH:<<<My reaction to most everything.

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