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Feb 6, 2012
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Dec 22, 2012
    1. ThePoeticPony
      No worries man, I hope things start to get better soon for you, and thanks for the congratulations *hugs* :smile:

      (wait, what was that about slapping me?!)
    2. ThePoeticPony
      I don't know how to remove vocals, I just download the instrumentals seeing as how all the songs I'm doing can be downloaded in a YT desc :derpe:
    3. Zephyr
      It was just a sound spell, it had no physical form except for a puff of smoke.
      I'll edit my post to integrate you.
    4. dalexgc
      Oi ^^ Você é brasileiro,não é mesmo? Eu sou meio novo nesse site e quero conhecer outros bronys ^^ Então...será que podemos ser amigos? Se isso estiver bom pra você...I'm actually american but I speak both xD anyways...foi bom conhecer você. :)
    5. Rashall
      hey hey hey I'm trying to make it like what Snow wanted except without going straight to an adventure from the get go.
    6. Zephyr
      Well, Act 5 is split into 5 parts, but has a bad tendency to addict people.
      Especially the 2nd part.
      My god is that good.
    7. Zephyr
      Wait you actually liked Act One?! I found it one of the most boring things I could have read ever.
      Oh dear god you are going to have to change your pants so much by the time Act 3 arrives, that's when the trolls start to make their appearances and the story begins to progress at a much faster rate.

      Act 5 is currently the best act at about 2000 pages.
    8. Zephyr
      Some truly wonderful is what it is. Just wait until the trolls pop in.
    9. Ace_Sorou
      Yeah, I'm trying to think of something to post back.

      Nothing's coming up. Give me an hour or two, I'll have something.
    10. Ace_Sorou
      I dunno, it just gives me this strange vibe, reminding me of something...like...

    11. Ace_Sorou
      Your profile pic makes me go:
    12. Ace_Sorou
      Yeah, but I kinda lost track of what was going on.
    13. 51m0nn
      Thanks for the advice Faon! btw the religious thread has flared back to life again if you want some entertainment :P
    14. SR20DETDOG
      Yes, yes it it. I don't know why I ever left this place but I'm back now and lovin' it.
    15. Gears Flywheel
      Gears Flywheel
      I don't have any with me! D:
      There are two in my vest, which is hidden in a tree.

      I don't think Celestia would give us the chance to retrieve them... :(

      I'm totally knackered, so I'll have to risk my life to do any fighting at all. We are not in any fit state for taking on anyone, let alone Celestia.

      I can't wait to see what distraction you've cooked up.
    16. Tekkie-The-Quiet
    17. Zephyr
      Dude, against edge, you should definitely pass me a sword or something and we can Sonicboom past him at the same time like that attack from Chrono Trigger.
      That would be amazing.
    18. Dragonbait
      You have a PM
    19. ThePoeticPony
      Indeed, we must stick! I've just created a group called "The Brony Bookworms" if you're interested ;D
    20. Nthitho1
      Hey Faon you posted your post twice.
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