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Jun 28, 2013 at 7:24 AM
Nov 4, 2011
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Fieuline Tabby

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Jun 28, 2013
    1. go rainbow dash go!
      go rainbow dash go!
    2. Blize
      Well after a long, hard semester...
      Sleep sounds like the most beneficial and desirable plan.
      Maybe work on some poetry.
      Enjoy the hopeful snowfall.
    3. Blize
      Been slowly letting my sanity deteriorate and have been trying to finish my final paper for my poetry and philosophy classes :p
      But other than that I've been holding it together with Dr. Enuf and the sweet kiss of the Christmas Break that is a mere week away.
    4. Blize
      You of wonderful words!
      I have not seen you around these parts in awhile...
      Then again I was gone for a week... And I probably don't browse the same parts of the forums as you...
      But regardless! How are you?
    5. Rashall
      hey whats going on?
    6. Dark Samus
      Dark Samus
      Of course. Metaphysics as I understand it now is about getting to know yourself and since I saw that the documentary could help shed some light about ourselves, I thought it'd fall in line with metaphysics and other parts of your interests. You could say I had to show it to you thinking like that. You see, I'm trying to practice a philosophy of my own which is to promote communication and help others grow in their own way when I can by pointing to new horizons which they may want to explore and just maybe find something of value that they may want to add to themselves.
    7. Rashall
      Happy Thanksgiving Fieuline!!!
    8. Crestfallen Meerkat
      Crestfallen Meerkat
      I'm good. I'm ready for some pumpkin pie.
      I could eat pumpkin pie forever if granted.
    9. Rashall
      hey whats up?
    10. Crestfallen Meerkat
      Crestfallen Meerkat
      You can just call me Crest. ^^
      Oh, thank you so much! Glad to hear. :omg:

      So how are you? :3
    11. Dark Samus
      Dark Samus
      Hmm... I remember something else when I used to introspect like that. Sometimes, it gave me some insight behind other people's thoughts as well.
      Why should we treat each other with love? Well, it's good for our health: physically as well as emotionally/mentally whether it's giving love or receiving it.
      Which kinda reminds me... The other day I saw this documentary concerning Addiction and Brain Development. It got me thinking about my own development for one. It also brings forward that being compassionate towards drug addicts instead of stigmatizing them to no end helps more. Don't worry, it seems pretty easy to understand but it's long though.
    12. Dark Samus
      Dark Samus
      Oh... Easy to make that mistake I guess...
      Asking why I think the way I do. I remember having done that before. Anyway, what's it all doing for you?
    13. Dark Samus
      Dark Samus
      Uhh... So then how do creatures without anything as simple as a nervous system let alone lifeless substances exist??? We "thinking" humans as well as life before us are assembled from originally from lifeless substances and energy at the start (photosynthesis + energy -> sugar which can be made into other sugars, carbs, lipids or in combination with nutrients become proteins which our mom and dad ate before we were concieved). If substances that cannot think then they shouldn't exist so that would make it impossible for us to exist because there would be nothing for us to assemble ourselves from. The consequences of lack of substances reaches far and wide but I think that'll be enough.
    14. Dark Samus
      Dark Samus
      Which is exactly why I turn to you. Even if I accept that I can't typecast as you say from one person, I need at least one good example to remember to act as a counterweight. Well then, here goes...
      Metaphysics you say... As in things like magic, superstition and the like? Hmm...... Can't say I'm the least bit sure about your opinions and beliefs on the issues are. I'm personally one who is anchored to the natural world but that doesn't matter right now. I had this thought... Radio Waves and even Anti-Matter were first proven mathematically. It was later that instruments were built to try and detect them. So... do you metaphysicists use a lot of math too to prove and plot things?
    15. Dark Samus
      Dark Samus
      Hm, you see, I've had a terrible experience with the one and only philosopher I've interacted with so much (and I've proven to be too much of a smartass for him. Good, because I didn't want his poisonous ideas and misconceptions to spread). You pretty much described him when you told us how you'd be like without faith by going into Nietshe and all that. So... I'm hoping you could reverse the damage by being a better example. Should be easy for you.
    16. Dark Samus
      Dark Samus
      Hey, it appears to me that you are into philosophy? Or am I mistaken?
    17. Rashall

      whenever I think about I look at how alone I am, but I keep hoping somepony else in the world will join me. as my little motto goes, "The light is on, the door is open, and the fire is warm."
    18. Rashall
      whats up???

      oh and what did you think of my religion?
    19. Dilly Star
      Dilly Star
      Hey there! I saw your Religious Tolerance thread and thought it was very cool.
    20. Blize
      You're welcome. As the phrase goes, Great minds think alike.
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