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*insert clever title here*, Male, from fine, Memphis Tn. usa north america earth solar sy

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    1. Ailment
      Oh.. so that's why you've been talking to me! I couldn't get why someone would ask me questions.. That's kind of you! And I've actually tried talking in different threads.. but I've failed every time, so I'm done trying for a little bit.. But still, thanks! Yet another person I owe.. My debt just keeps increasing!
    2. Ailment
      I am in college (First year)... Even with that being said, I don't think I can really help you with that assignment.. You see, I'm majoring in electrical engineering to be a technician.. The subjects I excel at are: Physics, Chemistry, Math (Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry, whatever), and basic engineering. I also happen to have completely ignored the debates going on.. All I have really seen are those political war commercials against each side. What do you mean by propaganda? Do you mean like radio broadcasts, online ads, t.v. commercials, picket signs in yards, etc. or do you need something like "Mitt Romney supports "Insert very debatable subject (I.E. Abortion)", therefore Obama is the right candidate and you should vote for him"? I only had to take one year of civics, and it didn't even touch subjects like this. None of my other classes had any assignments on the topic either.. So, if I'm going to help, I'm going to have to research the subject for a little bit.
    3. Tech Tea
      Tech Tea
      Do eet!!!!!
    4. Ailment
      I only have an Xbox, but I haven't bought a new live subscription in about a year.. Which do you think is better, Xbox or Playstation? I do like some Xbox games, but I can't stand to have to pay to play online..
    5. Ailment
      1. I am terrible at coming up with ideas on what to build.. I like fixing things, not necessarily making things!

      2. I only play fps games when my friend comes for a visit. I am terrible at them. I have lost every match I have ever been in on Call of Duty and my friend always kills me with that sword thing on Halo. The only fps game I was decent at was a freeware called Mission Against Terror and I quit playing that a year ago! I guess my next question would be what game systems do you use?
    6. Ailment
      I don't really play video games that often.. I used to about five years ago, but the only games I ever played were Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and Medal of Honor.. My best friend really enjoys Minecraft and I've seen him play it a lot.. He managed to build a giant castle.. I think I would be terrible at that game.. I guess I'm going to have to ask the same questions to you, but I can guess that you play Minecraft
    7. Ailment
      1. That's kind of cool that you have family who likes the show. I have met no one who actually likes the show where I'm from.

      2. I'll try to make the thread there then, thanks for the info!
    8. Ailment
      Oh... heh heh, messed that one up.. I actually found out about my little pony by accident. I was looking up a song and the video at the very top ended up being a pony music video.. The description said something about being brought to you by a very devoted brony... I didn't know what a brony was, so I looked it up... I like to understand why people like certain things, so I figured I would search for statements from actual bronies... and then somehow I ended up watching an episode knowing I wouldn't like it, and then ended up enjoying it and choked on my own words.. I think I watched it 2 or 3 months ago. Weird, huh? So, uh, how did you find out about mlp?
    9. Ailment
      Is that what I should label the title of the thread as? Or should I rephrase the question entirely? I'm not necessarily trying to find out when others started liking then film, I just kinda want to know what aspects of the film made it so appealing to the viewer... if that made any sense at all.
    10. redmon77
      brohoof! i used to go by milkfur
    11. redmon77
      Don't diss thunderclan
    12. Cessoe-Pony
      I see i'm just being stupid
    13. Radaboy
      That's a lot of Tech Decks bro. I hate to toot my own horn, but I've got more, it would too long for me to round all of 'em up and take a pic
    14. Radaboy
      Oh, I see, I too have many Tech Decks, I love em!
    15. Radaboy
      *gasp* I thought so! I love krooked! Although I prefer Creature, krooked is the most fun. I'm actually riding a krooked as my current board, Mike Anderson, aka Manderson, is my favorite guy on there next to the Gonz. Sir, you are awesome.
    16. Radaboy
      If I may ask, where's you get the name for your PSN?
    17. Terrace Grey
      Terrace Grey
      Imma just messin' wit' choo! I always call my three cats "kitties", so every time I hear cat, "kittie" comes to mind... :P
    18. Tech Tea
      Tech Tea
      The MC server?
      In a min.
    19. Echoax
      Neat, It might be a while before I'm ever on it though. Don't use my PS3 much.
    20. rexhyuga
      there is non one here with that exact name
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