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Jul 20, 2011
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Dec 21, 1992 (Age: 31)
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Southern California
Production Assistant

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A wild Harlachu appears!, 31, from Southern California

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Nov 8, 2017
    1. Cosmic Ice
      Cosmic Ice
      HARLEY!!! COME BACK!!!
    2. The"S"Brony
      Hey Harley! How`s it going for you on the other side of the big lake? :-)
    3. The"S"Brony
      Woah, full of ups and downs, sounds familiar xD I bet you`re glad it`s almost weekend again :-D
    4. The"S"Brony
      Oh, sorry to hear that. Work should be enjoyable...
      Hope it gets better soon!
    5. The"S"Brony
      Oh noes! Hope it`s at least something that drives you crazy in a positive way, not negative :-D
      Wish you the best!
    6. The"S"Brony
      Harley, are you alright?
    7. Saikyo
      I'm awesome like that, am I not?
    8. The"S"Brony
      Oh, so sorry for not writing anything! Was preparing for the last goddamn exam I needed to pass, hope that`s good enough for an excuse ;-D
      About food: there`s only one thing (that may come in different varieties) that can be considered being ones favourite food: noodles! In any shape!
      A little bit standarised nowadays, but what can you do? They are good. By the way, that doesn`t mean I don`t like healthy stuff as well. give me salad and I`ll let it disappear xD

      So, what about you? And, while we`re at it, let me also ask about the most favourable (preferrably non-alcoholic) drink :-D

      Aaaaand - because our last talk was quite a while ago - how has your week been?

      Read ya!
    9. Saikyo
    10. Caleb_Belyeu
      No, you don't.
    11. The"S"Brony
      Everyone has favourites :-D And that`s a good thing!
    12. The"S"Brony
      You`re right, for it`s the opposite: the slower, the better. Guess I need a certain control of the things around me... :-D
      And even though it might be fun for you, remember to always stay on the safe site, ok? I mean, it`s not like you already know that, ha.
    13. The"S"Brony
      I have no idea o.O For me, a car is just a thing you use to get from one place to the other. Only things that matter are that it works, that it`s not that expensive and that it is able to carry quite an amount of stuff. Sooo, well...
    14. The"S"Brony
      I am indeed old enough, but I don`t have the license yet. Gotta save some money first :-D
      Soooo... I guess you have a car then, right?^^
    15. The"S"Brony
      That`S exactly what I`m talking about (ok, except for the crowd maybe)! Awesome! I keep being/getting surprised what great people one can meet here :-D
    16. The"S"Brony
      (I`m an idiot. Posted an answer to my own profile :DFH:)

      Ohhh, Renaissance! Now I can work with that! But, no, I haven`t heard of this in particular.
      Now it all makes sense! Wohoo!
    17. The"S"Brony
      What is Renn Fairies? Never heard that before...
    18. The"S"Brony
      Actually they are the horses of a befriended family and their friends/apprentices :-D
      And I know that the fact of dressing up fittingly and going in the woods to pretend to be someone else in a roleplay of 2 to 3 days scares some people, but be assured that I`m not a bad/crazy/... person! (well, crazy maybe sometimes. but certainly not bad)
      This time, the character limit shall not stop me from posting this message :-D
    19. The"S"Brony
      Part 2 (because of 21 characters over limit): Yeah, finding a good place to practice archery can be hard. But on the other hand: you don`t need to be a member of a team or something. I just use the backyard (only, of course, when the horses are not outside), that works fine. And with the right clothing and my old-fashioned longbow it feels even more awesome :-D Sorry, drifting awayyyy...
      And by live-roleplaying I meant outside, not on a forum xD Sorry for misunderstanding!
      Where were we? Oh, yeah, right, color! Your turn to answer this question now! Let me qoute you:
    20. The"S"Brony
      Part 1:
      DARK-BLUE! Aaaaand this awesome green. I always try to find the right tone, but...meh. the green of my avatars hair is close, but not totally. Maybe some day I`ll find it!
      And if I would would play FPS i would probably also go for the sniper. Even though sneaking in stealthmode is one of the best thigns in the world! Yes, Skyrim offers some great places to just mess around with the world. Oh glorious, glorious Fus Ro Dah in the middle of the market place...
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    Dec 21, 1992 (Age: 31)
    Home Page:
    Southern California
    Production Assistant
    Unicorn (f)
    Cutie Mark:
    Not really much to say, as I'm really bad at talking about myself, so why not just shoot me a message! That way you can see for yourself what I'm like :)

    Horseback riding. Gaming.



    Please take time to read our rules before posting. Thanks much! <3 Harley

    H a r l e y C y n
    the psychotic carnival sociopath
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