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Mar 15, 2014
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Texas, USA
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Lightning Bliss

Alicorn of Unity, from Texas, USA

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May 6, 2014
    1. Lightning Bliss
      Lightning Bliss
      I actually do my own artwork, i always preferred it that way. If you like, you can make a request to me and I can do your OC in avatar form or sig. I do avatars for $5 and I do sigs for $10. If you want your OC in an image on a larger scale with a background that's $25. I do alot of custom works, infact some of my friends like Polaris, Arkman, Skylar, Doc.Volt, and Wayzer are known clients of mine.

      @Rockout E. Stringer
      Oh good I nailed it then!
    2. Rockout E. Stringer
      Rockout E. Stringer
      You know what I like!!! Riot is literally my favorite 3DG song!!!
    3. PeachBlink
      That reminds me! I meant to ask you who does the art for your OC? It's really neat art! I need some of my OC, September Tansy. :3
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    Texas, USA
    2D Animator
    Alicorn (f)
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    Hello everypony! The name is Lightning Bliss, and I've been a pony fan since the movie Fireflies' Big Adventure, and I watched it nearly every day since I was a little girl, along with all the other MLP shows as well! But as the years went by, VHS tapes were lost and outdated, I lost touch with the MLP franchise till I later discovered one of the original movies MLP Attack of the Smooge, was available on DVD. To satisfy my nostalgia I bought and watched it to hope of reliving my happy childhood memories. To my surprise though... I didn't feel the excitement I had from when I was younger... I realized immediately why this was because this movie was to target very young little girls, ages 3 - 7yrs of age max honestly...and well I was 23yrs old by then LOL!

    It wasn't till MLP FIM came out that my nostalgia was reignited and I was able to watch ponies again knowing the show was capable of relating to both the young and older generations like myself. However being that I am an adult and wasn't sure how I'd be viewed for my likes of a supposed girly cartoon… I didn't really announce I was a "brony" till mid 2013. Now I happily embrace that I'm not only a Pony Fan, I am a Brony or Pegasister since I'm a mare, and an Alicorn pony with a mind to try new things and make new friends here!

    I have been recently become a married pony to my new husband, some would know his OC as Night Lights the black dragon. My husband is NOT a Brony, but he is part of a fan community that has been here for generations, a Trekkie is what I mean lol! We got married during the Christmas Holiday season, Dec. 14th, 2013, after years of going through immigration stresses that I cannot begin to explain to you viewer. But I'm happy to share my feelings and joy throughout my days of everything glorious in my marriage with new friends here since a large part of my teen and young 20yrs have been full of tragedy. I embrace the bliss that is to come in the beginning of the new paths of my life!

    2D animation, drawing, gaming, reading, watching movies, eating!


    I'm a happily married alicorn to my Trekkie husband!
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