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Oct 8, 1993 (Age: 30)

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    1. Tyro D. Fox
      Tyro D. Fox
      Do you have the beard hairs of St. Quentin?
    2. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      Dude. Woah. Woah. Woah!
      Where you been at!? Long time no see my friend.
      Are you well?
    3. I_Ride_Ponies
      Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke. Luke are you there? Luke. Luke answer me. Luke. LUKE.
    4. Equestria
      Are you leaving? :( Awww, I know I was never your friend, but hope everything works out
    5. Stainless
      Bye Lupr, it was nice to meet you, hope everything works out fine with you and your family

      Do well mate.
    6. Dwynter
      Wow. I've always wanted to do something like that in Europe - start off in the UK, like maybe Scotland, and just start wandering eastward-ish. Probably won't happen for me, though. Well, let me know how those plans come along, and if you get a chance, come by Reno and I'll point out our one or two interesting sites. And give you directions to the ruins I mentioned, if not take you myself somehow.
    7. Dwynter
      Yeah, best to watch it when you're more or less fully conscious.

      The place I lived in is a tiny little hamlet (I suppose that's as good a word as any) in California. Any particular part of the USA you're visiting? It is a rather big place.
    8. Dwynter
      No problem. I wished I still lived in the small community I lived in when I was around 14 - ruins all over. I'd be sending you dozens of pics of the "American west" in all its decaying glory. There's some abandoned buildings around here, but they look pretty normal. There's one casino that got abandoned back in 1980, and it really looks pretty normal, except for the huge flocks of pigeons that live on it. The abandoned bust station's pretty neat, but doesn't look that special in the winter. In the summer, if they *still* don't do anything with it, I'll have to take some pictures.

      Any ways, you're welcome for the link. You'll have to let me know what you think of the series.
    9. Dwynter
      Well, they ask that age old question, "What will happen to all our creations after we're gone?" And they suppose that one day, everyone on the planet just - disappears. Why doesn't matter - they focus on what happens to the stuff left behind by us. Here's the YouTube:

      I'm not sure how many episodes there are off hand - about ten at least, and they're about an hour and a half, but it might give you something to watch next time insomnia strikes.
    10. Dwynter
      Least you didn't say "Climate gon' mate," or something worse . . .

      Any ways, I keep meaning to ask you, have you heard of the series "Life after People"? It was shown here in America, and I imagine it was shown over the pond, but I don't know how much makes it over there. Everything, I would think. And what doesn't, there's always the internet. I thought of it when you mentioned enjoying seeing abandoned buildings and such.
    11. Merri
      Ah, well. At least you know we can talk on skype.
      Pop up any time, mate.
    12. Dwynter
      Hey Lupr! Just dropping by to say "Hey." It looks like you've been keeping yourself pretty busy. I hope things are going well for you - or, at least, better. Things are OK for me - still looking for a better paying job, or a same-paying but different job, but those are still pretty rare. We've apparently decided to skip winter this year, and just stick with fall. 7 millimeters of snow, temps in the 50's - it's weird. Good thing Climate Change doesn't exist, hmm?
    13. Merri
      I think I actually have you on Skype. Cheers for the offer, too.
    14. Merri
      Welp, I guess I shall wait for that. Sounds awfully fun. :P
    15. Merri
      Ugh, exams. I'm doing mine at the moment. Well, GCSE's. Still got college to worry about afterwards but after my GCSE's I'll be free for a few months.
      Can't. Wait. :l
    16. Merri
      Hey, wassap? Haven't talked to you in a while.
    17. Bounty

      I burped and started laughing.
      All of my giggles
    18. Echoax
      Thanks man, I appreciate it.
    19. Echoax
      Lupr, I made this, please critique it. picture
    20. Glitter Butterfly
      Glitter Butterfly
      I accidentally submitted it twice because I clicked it fast and I didn't know if it submitted so I re-did it. @.@
      and Thank you!
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    Oct 8, 1993 (Age: 30)