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Aug 9, 2015 at 6:33 PM
Jan 22, 2012
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Feb 7, 1999 (Age: 25)
Chicago, Fillynois//Cambridge, Minneighsota

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Everypony's Resident Black Guy, 25, from Chicago, Fillynois//Cambridge, Minneighsota

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Aug 9, 2015
    1. LyonKS555
      Happy Valentine's Day Rada and Happy late birthday XOXO :grin:
    2. Saikyo
      Happy birthday, Rada! <3
    3. NotWhatWeExpected
      Happy birthday! Rada!
    4. B-Dog1996
      Happy Birthday Radaboy!
    5. BryGuy Shinigami
      BryGuy Shinigami
      BTW, happy bday bro.
    6. mike406
      Happy Birthday!
    7. Yamiookami
      Happy birthday Rada!

    8. BryGuy Shinigami
      BryGuy Shinigami
      Thanks, love punk rock music.
    9. BryGuy Shinigami
      BryGuy Shinigami
      Sorta, I joined on the first of November, but would take little breaks and just started posting often recently and beginning to make friends. Like that you are a fellow Bad Brains fan. Very good punk band, plus the band is Rastas.
    10. BryGuy Shinigami
      BryGuy Shinigami
      Hey man, I am Bry, you seem cool and we got a lot in common, so I came to say hi. Hope to converse with you man. From one Black Brony to another :D
    11. Miggy
      I'm at college at the mo, so I'll do it when I get home! 2hour
    12. Miggy
      Hi dude, I was asleep when you messaged me on Skype. What was it you needed?
    13. Junko Enoshima
    14. Rashall
      Nice can't wait to see what you make ^^
    15. Rashall
      I'm good

      How are you doing?
    16. Rashall
      Hiya Rada ^^
    17. Gothic_Fluttashy
      heres my collection so far
      and i have a blue case for them and a few ramps and grinds. i also have a cheese and cracker half pipe
      edit: oh and i forgot, i used to have alot more its just i kept losing them untile i got the case
    18. Gothic_Fluttashy
      well i dont actually skateboard, but if youve ever heard of a techdeck i have a ton of those. theyre really good finger boards that i collect. the only actual skateboarding ive ever done is a while back my older brothers had a skateboard and i only knew like one trick. and recently my cousin let me borrow his
    19. Gothic_Fluttashy
      its my favorite skateboarding company
    20. Blackjack
      I only just noticed that Lyra is naked in your avatar.
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    Feb 7, 1999 (Age: 25)
    Chicago, Fillynois//Cambridge, Minneighsota
    Pegasus (m)
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    Amazingly Dapper
    I'm Radaboy, my real name is Jay. I fakeskate, as shown here. And while I fakeskate I ride this board which was made by this guy who also happens to be a brony. I skate in real life, too hence my going to the SLAP forums. Not to mention I also check out the thrasher website daily. I LOVE to read, I'm reading 5 different books right now, the one I'm mainly focusing on is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I like all kids of music, from world (specifically african) to emo to metal to rap to hip hop and then to my absolute favorite kind of music, punk. My favorite bands/musicians are, The Junior Varsity (rip), Common (rapper), subseven (rip), Black Flag, Bad Brains, Friction (rip), Craig's Brother, MxPx, Slick Shoes (rip), Thursday (rip) and a lot of other guys, it goes on and on. If you haven't noticed, I listen to alot of dead bands :/ I don't know this happens, but I really with they would all just get back together. For TV shows, I really like M*A*S*H, obviously MLP: FiM, Family Guy, Law & Order: SVU and a lot of other stuff. I guess this is the part where you ask me questions/welcome me to the forums. And then this is my dA.

    Skateboarding, Playing Video Game, Pony Related Antics, Taking part in shenanigans



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