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Mar 14, 2012
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Aug 20, 1995 (Age: 28)
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Somewhere in Quebec, Canada. Half-living everywher
Trying to take control of Everypony and trying to

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AKA SquishyGoodness, 28, from Somewhere in Quebec, Canada. Half-living everywher

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Jul 13, 2018
    1. Snow
      Happy happy birthday!
    2. Crimson Lionheart
      Crimson Lionheart
      Happy Birthday Saul. Hope you have an awesome day

    3. Crimson Lionheart
      Crimson Lionheart
      Need to clear some space in your inbox
    4. Snow
      Hey, what's up?
    5. Snow
      Skype and/or kik?
    6. SaulLaski
      Ain't home now, i've been running around these last few days, i'll have a lot to tell you and i've started my CS on a word doc (so i'll copy-past it here soon)
      My phone crashes when i try to go on skype, so... QQ!
    7. Snow
      Gonna post your cs for Terra yet?
    8. Snow
    9. DaRarityRikuNFan
      Awwwww cute profile... =) wanna be friends?^^;;
    10. SaulLaski
      Was away all day: lots of christmas food.
      I'll be on later t'night
    11. Snow
      Yo, skype?
    12. SaulLaski
      But, now that i know, i think i'll sign up.
    13. Snow
      Have ya seen my new RP?
    14. Snow
      Hey dude, what's up? ^^
    15. SaulLaski
      WOAH WOAH WOAH. I posted yesterday.
    16. SaulLaski
      I did, but i felt asleep in like 4 minutes.
      Cause brain was shutted down due to major cerebral activity
    17. Snow
      Hey, ya going to post in ALWFF?
    18. SaulLaski
      Edit is in order. Thanks, misunderstood something, i think.
    19. Snow
      Saul, Snow and Night aren't in front of the bakery. Just a different hill in the park.
    20. Bright Heart
      Bright Heart
      You know I thought you'd be more active on your own forum. I sifned up to unity and started an IC but still no activity
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    Aug 20, 1995 (Age: 28)
    Home Page:
    Somewhere in Quebec, Canada. Half-living everywher
    Trying to take control of Everypony and trying to
    Other (m)
    PSN Name:
    SilenceWhite or martineledruid
    Alias/Roleplaying Name:
    Saul Laski/Silence White
    This is a bio, so here's my story.

    I'm canadian, living in Quebec, and no, the background isn't only trees and snow! We're having huge cities with loads of polution, and only a few horse-riding police officers.
    I have a normal life: average student, had went through intimidation, and have some good friends. Then, one day, poof! Ponies on my Deviant. 'Was curious, watched MLP, and become a brony. I draw and write a lot, but don't post a lot of things. I prefer to write in french, so if one day a french-understanding brony would like to read my poems and one-shots, feel free to ask.

    'gotta say it has been a while that i'm a member on the forum, and guess what? no regrets. I enjoy this community, and i'd like to thank the staff for their good work.

    Oh gosh! I found something by googling my OC name. Has anyone read Dan Simmon's novel Carrion Comfort? Here's what i found:''Carrion Comfort is a science fiction/horror novel by American writer Dan Simmons, published in 1989 in hard cover by Dark Harvest and in 1990 in paperback by Warner Books.
    The premise of the novel is that a small number of humans are born with the Ability, which gives them the power to take control of others, mind and body. These psychic vampires vary in the strength of their gift, but most have been corrupted by it and are extremely dangerous. Not only do they use others as tools or sources of amusement, they quickly discover that they gain energy from the act, "feeding" from the emotions of those they control - and feeding most successfully when their victims are tormented or forced into acts of violence. Thus, many of the most violent and inexplicable human actions are actually signs of these mind vampires at work.
    Saul Laski, a former victim, is determined to track down the Nazi who used the Ability to torment him. In the course of his quest, he begins to uncover a series of deadly power struggles and intrigues that are rocking the secretive world of the mind vampires.''

    *Update*- Email: saullaski[at]derpymail[dot]org
    you can make a derpymail account too on

    Since the last time i wrote my bio, a lot of things had changed. I'm still proud to be a brony, and my roleplay has made me quite popular on several places of the Net. I'm now the second admin at ManeStreamMLP, a radio that relates news, the best fandom's music, and get you interviews with awesome people. Google our name to find us! (too tired and busy to get the links)

    RPing and loosing time on my computer, reading, playing bass, mix music.



    When people ask about inspirations, and you're like 'oh, it was a flower or a mountain or a pony', some people just think you're insane. I'm worried to come across that way.
    - Phillip Lim
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