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Mar 21, 2012
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Aug 5, 1994 (Age: 29)
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England, Suffolk, Ipswich.
Full time education in English Language and Litera

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I am Queen SaucyBuns, 29, from England, Suffolk, Ipswich.

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Nov 26, 2015
    1. Saikyo
      Damnit, I missed your birthday... sorry, Sinders. I'll make it up to you somehow.
    2. Yamiookami
      Happy birthday to the Sindiest of Lockes!

    3. Dilly Star
      Dilly Star
      An official happy birthday to you, Sinderlocke. It sounds like it was a good one!
    4. GalacticToast
      Happy B'day person I barely know!!! *dumps tons of cookies on top of you*
    5. Malak
    6. Crimson Lionheart
      Crimson Lionheart
      Happy Birthday Sinders

    7. Rockout E. Stringer
      Rockout E. Stringer
      Absolutely! So glad you like it! o3o
    8. Rockout E. Stringer
      Rockout E. Stringer
      Just couldn't wait another day!!
    9. Rockout E. Stringer
      Rockout E. Stringer
      I rarely catch you while you're on here! How ya been?
    10. DesuPastaLuv
      Hey Sinder!!! :) It's been awhile! How are you?
    11. Woona
      Plus, it seems like they actually did learn something from their experience. Fluttershy has been assertive a couple times since Hurricane Fluttershy, though some of the recent episodes like the Power Ponies, she seems to go back to being quite passive, which is annoying to see, and why Rainbow Dash is such an irritating character. They CONSTANTLY forget the lessons she's learned and continue to make her a jerk. She would be a good character otherwise.
    12. Woona
      Haha, it's okay. I think Rarity is the best because her flaws really compliment her and actually help her to grow. She's quite prideful and sometimes puts herself before her friends, but her generosity always shines through more than anything else. Rainbow Dash hardly seems true to her element unless it gets to the point she needs to turn around before she loses her friends completely.

      Hell, she learned loyalty from her friends in that Equestria Games episode more than she taught it to the Wonderbolts.
    13. Woona
      Just want to say I agree with you about RD. They do such a bad job of writing her to be just a bit self-centered and end up doing a good job of turning her into a complete jerk of a pony. I mean, Gilda was a jerk who didn't apologize for her actions, Rainbow is constantly a jerk and is always forgiven even though she never actually improves.
    14. DesuPastaLuv
      If you're into Scary Games i suggest playing slender mod, Amenisa, or Sonic.EXE if you have the guts for that, i'm still attempting to beat slender mod >ω<
    15. Saikyo
      I am a pretty pony.
    16. masvale
      interesting biography you have there miss, happy birthday by the way ;)
    17. rexhyuga
      never actually talked but you seem nice.
      So happy birthday
    18. DoDo1234
    19. Yamiookami
      A happiest of birthdays to you, my dear Sindy!

    20. LyonKS555
      Happy birthday : )
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    Aug 5, 1994 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:!/kimberley.catchpole
    England, Suffolk, Ipswich.
    Full time education in English Language and Litera
    Cutie Mark:
    Alias/Roleplaying Name:
    Permit me to introduce myself to you freaklings briefly~!
    I'm the purple people eater.
    Hello all. I reside from the United Kingdom, the place where discipline is unheard of and where the government fear rebellion. I attended Suffolk new College studying full time As levels; English language and Literature, History and Government and Politics. I am currently studying at A2 level. However, in the future I will aspire to teach english.
    I'm an agnostic libertarian. This is the only label I shall assign to myself.
    Despite the strict and stubborn demeanor, I am actually a very Cuddly person. Hence my nickname: Cuddles.
    I hope to gain new friends who share my interests and opinons, although there aren't neccesarily any rules or regulations if you want to be my friend. (I'm not that important, anyway XD)
    So, I'm finally updating my profile and making it tolerable instead of wasting anymore space with useless emptyness O_O
    • Some of my sentences do not adhere to the grammar ‘curriculum’, for I have adapted my own writing style, and I give not a **** what anybody thinks about that.
    • My opinion matters more to me than anyone else’s does, however that doesn’t mean I will not respect you for voicing your own view.
    • I dislike all forms of extremism, whether it be religion, politics, sexism, or otherwise.
    • What I call art, and what you may call it will possibly differ from one another, but there’s no need for conflict. Art is individual expression.
    • In my comics, I exploit both men and women. I praise and criticise both applicants of the gender spectrum equally.
    • Porn is for the weak.
    • Just because it is ‘Unnatural’, It doesn’t mean it is wrong.
    My life consists of debate, artistic, vocal and confident expression, self survival, educating myself, protecting those whom I love, being loyal to those I admire and devotion to my future career, family and significant other. Anything else is close to meaningless.
    My hobbies consist of; Debate, Opera, Drawing, Formulating opinionated responses, Reading, Studying, Writing and most crucial of all, investigating all possibilities.
    Likes; Black’n’Purple/Red/Dark Pink/ etc. Rainbows, relaxation, Anime, Wolves and Dogs, Drawing, Sketching, Debating, Exploring, Staying out late, Gothic fashion, Corsets, Bows, Leather, Lace, Chains and stripes.
    Dislikes; Extremists and Conformists.
    I admire music in all forms. I have not a ‘favourite’ band, but instead I have favourite songs. I don’t particularly conform to certain genres. However I must admit I have only ever despised songs purely consisting of rap and screamo. I prefer songs to have a melodic enthusiasm to it. I adore many songs that have rap and screamo in them; however cannibal corpse and ghetto black are an example of the song variety that I try to avoid.
    All modern comedy originates from their older forms. That’s why Morecambe and Wise, Laurel and Hardy, The Carry On films, Blackadder, yes minister, Splitting Image and many others are the ancestry of all forms of comedy today.
    Despite my strict demeanour I am actually a very warm hearted individual. I only become serious when in a serious situation. I laugh at myself, life, and anything else that people do not speak of. I love Anime. I enjoy drawing, mostly in the form of Manga, abstract, Macabre, Photography, Photo manipulation using both Digital/Traditional media. I love listening to music, Writing, Reading, Being inspired, inspiring others and inspiring myself. I care deeply for those whom I love, and I’m searching for somebody who accepts me for who I am and who doesn’t care what others say about me.
    I repeat myself.

    Music, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Studying, Colour Combinating, Eccentrically Dressing, Aspiring.


    Check out my NEW Pony ask blog!
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