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Mar 27, 2013 at 1:25 PM
Oct 30, 2012
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slender mane

Cpt. Skittles, from right behind you.....

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Mar 27, 2013
    1. redmon77
      brrr, its getting cold
      in with the new and out with the old!
      i'm chill, always as calm as can be
      boy quit steppin when you know you cant beat me!
      man i beat Toby, Famine, War, and Death
      and when im done with you there wont be anything left!
    2. redmon77
      eeyup! i guess i'll be a fallen this time
      lets get it!
      i'm cold! i feel no pain
      i think between the two of us
      you're the one who's insane!
      grrr, you're makin me sick!
      sittin, spittin, against a faceless lunatic
      man, you're a chicken!
      you're nowhere in site!
      the only thing scary about you are the stories you write!
    3. redmon77
      i read one of your fics bro....
      oh my celestia i have never been so freaked out in my life. but you said that was only chapters one to three right? how the buck do you manage to come up with all that stuff? props because it was well written, but GEEEZUSSS!!! you'd put pinkamena, lil miss rarity, and rainbow slash to shame!
      keep up the good work! =D
    4. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      Nice to make your acquaintance!
    5. redmon77
      eeyup. the B.A.P
    6. redmon77
      Dude! it's been forever! what was it, like, two years?
    7. redmon77
      hey, i heard that you were on the site. i just wanted to know if this was slendy from United
    8. Sparkypony
      Dont know how it works. Alls i know is how to absorb physical things.
    9. xenopony 771
      xenopony 771
      Hello slender mane how goes the hunt (evil language) hahahaha
    10. Sparkypony
      Slendy?When did you get a mouth? *psycho pinkie face*
    11. Sparkypony
      Yes i do. I am the all consuming monster that lives deep in a forest...and hey..wait a minute.
    12. Eight Star
      Eight Star
      Sounds like fun. I usually just RP and post pony art.
    13. Eight Star
      Eight Star
      Indeed, I've found your introduction.
      Well, good to have you. What sort of things do you like to do in a forum?
    14. Eight Star
      Eight Star
      Ahh, hello there!
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    right behind you.....
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    i like the woods.....

    hide & seek
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