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Sonic Bluefire

A Pony Every Pony Should Know, from A small cloud over São Paulo (Brasil)

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Sep 3, 2012
    1. Saikyo
      OK Cool, just clear up some space in your PM Section and I'll tell ya.
    2. Saikyo
      Think you could draw something for me?

      Pony related of course. More details on reply.

      *Hopes it's free*
    3. ePONYmous
      Yeah! I'd really like that. Imageshack is fine. :)
    4. ePONYmous
      Haha! I love it! That's funny! That seems so typical of Pinkie. She's breaking the 4th wall again by acknowledging that someone outside of the realm of Equestria drew her. Heh.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "scan and send." The "scan" part I understand, but not the "send" part. Do you mean send via PM?
    5. ePONYmous
      That's fine. Take as much time as you need. No need to rush it. I'd rather you take your time with it instead of rush into it to get it done. No need to hurry.

      I'm not concerned with how it comes out. Just the fact that you're considering taking the time to draw something for lil' ol' me is good enough.

      I don't have really any reference or particular preference. Surprise me. Pinkie likes surprises. :grin:
    6. ePONYmous
      You're welcome. :)

      I just checked out your art thread and I must say I like what I see. You draw really well. There's one thing: it needs more Pinkie Pie. Heh. I don't have an OC, so I don't know if I'm allowed to request this or not, but if you wanted to, I wouldn't mind something Pinkie Pie related. It can be anything you want. I don't have any particular preference. Just Pinkie.


      If you can't do that, I understand.
    7. ePONYmous
      Congratulations on earning your green crystal! :)
    8. Double Rainbow "Dash"
      Double Rainbow "Dash"
      No problem, for the gem. :smile:

      Sure, whenever I think of something to draw I'll ask you again. :)
    9. Double Rainbow "Dash"
      Double Rainbow "Dash"
      I'd love to fly with Rainbow Dash. She's so awesome! :omg:

      Also, would want to go to Equestria and go to Ponyville to meet with them.

      You draw good, I love your drawings. Don't forget practice makes perfect. Your skills will be perfect one day. Keep on drawing. =)
    10. Double Rainbow "Dash"
      Double Rainbow "Dash"
      Also congratulations on your green crystal You deserve it! :smile:
    11. Double Rainbow "Dash"
      Double Rainbow "Dash"
      I love it! :)

      It looks so amazing, it's like I'm flying with Rainbow Dash! Also, a good present for my 4,000th posts.

      Thank you Sonic! :omg:
    12. Setzertrancer
      Yes please, I am so Jelly of Zephyr's picture, He can't have her all to himself :(
    13. Setzertrancer
      Thanks for your drawing of my OC, but there was no Fluttershy in it. It's okay, I have yet to prove I love her more then Zephyr. I will prove it no doubt in the future.
    14. nbunomad
      ^_^ thanks! this is gonna take me a few days, i am not pro, so i do not know any tactics for digitizing quickly.
    15. nbunomad
      hehe, i'm only an amateur photoshopper. i don;t even know if i'm doing it right, i'm literally just guessing at times.
    16. nbunomad
      you're not breaking my concentration, its nice having people watch me actually, even if its just one.
    17. nbunomad
      i hope you like it, if you are still watching it i did a close up on both the original and the re-touch
    18. nbunomad
      thx ^_^ that's only step one, wait till i get to the actual digitizing part, that's hard.
    19. nbunomad
    20. nbunomad
      No prob! i am doing that right now, first i am just erasing the erasearks so the stroke slector can find the lines easier
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