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Nov 15, 2020 at 3:55 PM
Oct 18, 2011
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Tyro D. Fox

Ho, hog, heg! I can does Game Dev thing, yes!, from Earth, Milky Way, A few thousand dots to the right

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Happy New Year Everypony. May 2019 bring better prospects than the last year. Jan 19, 2019

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Nov 15, 2020
    1. Rashall
      If you and another person have in mind to start up a one on one do you need to still do an interest check or can you go ahead to the OOC thread?
    2. Rashall
      I got a quick question for ya, and I mean quick I got 20 minutes give or take before I leave work.
    3. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      I'll keep it in mind, but I'll need your input if I go for it. Got other stuff to do first new radio etc, but remind me in a month or so, if I forget :)
    4. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      Ah, but roleplay gateway is designed entirely for - well - roleplays, EP isn't... :/
    5. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      Surely possible, but no, not easy... Anything with databases I tend to consider getting towards difficult. Still, doesn't mean we can't look at it, but it wouldn't happen overnight :)
    6. Rashall
      heh, nothing bad trust me nothing bad. I may let you in on it via PM though seeing as I've sparked your curosity.
    7. Rashall
      I'm. . . alright you could say.
    8. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    9. Rashall
      I know of at least four others near me, but I told them all to help me spread the news.
    10. Rashall
      I'm waiting to get home to check, I put that call up on a Ponysquare group I made for Cropus Christi bronies so we will see eh?
    11. Rashall
      I'm good at work trying to see if any bronies down where I live want to meet up friday.
    12. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    13. Rashall
      Front desk assistant at the Peer Tutoring area at my College, not very glamorus but money is money and I like the atmosphere.
    14. Rashall
      Good to hear, my boss called me back to help him with something if you're wondering why this reply is late.
    15. Rashall
      I'm good at work right now, my work schedule has changed to afternoons instead of mornings for me.

      How are you doing?
    16. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    17. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      If you've additional ideas, I'm all ears. I don't have any plans at present though.
    18. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      Entirely your area of expertise, just wanted to check in. Make sure it's not proving problematic or unpopular/not worth maintaining. If it's being used and there are no apparent issues, I'm happy :)
    19. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      Hey man! How's the alias thing? :)
    20. Rashall
      Well then didn't take long for the others to start posting.
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    Earth, Milky Way, A few thousand dots to the right
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    A fox that seems to sprout up seemingly randomly on the site. Some say he appears when you need him. Some say he only appears if there's an RP forums. Others say you have to whisper his name into a Millionaire Shortbread three times then feed it to a fox before he'll arrive. Others think he was asked to join up and gave in but he'll definitely arrive sooner or later...

    RP, Computer Games, Drawing Stuff, Playing Guitar, Attempting to fly out of my window.
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