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Nov 15, 2020 at 3:55 PM
Oct 18, 2011
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Tyro D. Fox

Ho, hog, heg! I can does Game Dev thing, yes!, from Earth, Milky Way, A few thousand dots to the right

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Happy New Year Everypony. May 2019 bring better prospects than the last year. Jan 19, 2019

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Nov 15, 2020
    1. Rashall
      A majority of the people that signed up aren't online just yet so it really hasen't started just yet, but I know it will get going soon.
    2. Rashall
      good to hear ^^

      I finally posted up the actual role play thread for the MLP:FiM role play
    3. Rashall
      Tyro I already told Yeti about that thread that Twily made
    4. Rashall
      I'm at work but I'm good, how about you?
    5. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    6. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    7. HarleyCyn
      I don't know o_o where am I hiding? ...
    8. HarleyCyn
      I see you @_@
    9. Rashall
      I have a cut off at 15 person right now, so far I believe nine have signed up. I'm going to make the character/discussion area when I get home.
    10. Rashall
      I thought I would the first one was quite popular.
    11. Rashall
      I'm good waiting for work to get out in another hour.

      I also put up that intrest check thread for MLP:FiM Roleplay take II
    12. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    13. Rashall
      Okay then I have put up an interest check for take two of MLP:FiM Roleplay, lets see how this goes.
    14. Rashall
    15. Tyro D. Fox
      Tyro D. Fox
      Been slow. Did some coding for a bit but didn't really get far.
    16. Rashall
      I'm good bout to get off work here in a couple of minutes. How about yourself?
    17. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    18. Grey Knightmare
      Grey Knightmare
      Hey Tyro, I've implemented a new profile setting into the site that allows a user to specify a role-play/alias name that will replace their username inside the one on one and group rp forums.
      Once they've had time to mess around with it could you please let me know if it's looking useful or causing any potential problems?
    19. Rashall
      you think there should be something dealing with talking out of context in Role Plays? I've noticed that a lot of it happens in the Role Play thread itself when there's an OOC thread up. Yesterday I told Snow to just contact TheBrony925 via visitor messages to tell him what he is doing wrong and how to fix it, I thought it was a good idea and I'm not sure if Snow did what I had mentioned.
    20. Rashall
      I'm good, trying to work out some issues with my computer mainly.

      Was wondering something though.
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    Earth, Milky Way, A few thousand dots to the right
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    A fox that seems to sprout up seemingly randomly on the site. Some say he appears when you need him. Some say he only appears if there's an RP forums. Others say you have to whisper his name into a Millionaire Shortbread three times then feed it to a fox before he'll arrive. Others think he was asked to join up and gave in but he'll definitely arrive sooner or later...

    RP, Computer Games, Drawing Stuff, Playing Guitar, Attempting to fly out of my window.
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