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Nov 15, 2020 at 3:55 PM
Oct 18, 2011
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Tyro D. Fox

Ho, hog, heg! I can does Game Dev thing, yes!, from Earth, Milky Way, A few thousand dots to the right

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Happy New Year Everypony. May 2019 bring better prospects than the last year. Jan 19, 2019

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Nov 15, 2020
    1. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    2. Tech Tea
      Tech Tea
      You should do an ask thread, with those images of yours!
    3. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    4. Rashall
      Lol there's one old movie that I want to see again that's a cartoon, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
    5. Rashall
      I'm fine at work with an hour to go before I go home reading a good book so all is well here. How about you?
    6. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    7. Rashall
      If it doesn't I probably try another one
    8. Rashall
      If your looking for my group RP, it's in interest check still.
    9. Rashall
      Don't worry about it, I guess I will stick with one on one's.
    10. Rashall
      Not much really, just Role Playing, and having nopony sign up for any of my group RP's ah well.
    11. Rashall
      I'm good a little tired though.
    12. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    13. crashsite
      Hey i was wondering what worlds we are alowed to go to in the kingdom hearts rp. Like can we go to disney worlds and if so would eveyone there be a pony or there original forms.
    14. Rashall
      Hiya Tyro ^^
    15. Rashall
      Thanks I asked Moon what she wanted to do and she answered "I don't know" then I suggested to her that she either come up with a second part of our 1 on 1 RP or come up with a 1 on 1 RP herself that I would join.
    16. Rashall
      just stuff realy, you can take a look if you want, though it's something like 158 posts of material, but it's interesting none the less. And I do believe it is the first "Finished" Role Play here on EP.
    17. Rashall
      Well I finished my 1 on 1 RP with MoonLightSunLight and now I am going to start one with Rex. This should be fun!
    18. Rashall
      I think for once they're going to look at the RP app section and decide from there. All those, myself incuded, that have posted up an app are mainly found in the RP section. Well at least I am anyways, I'll post once or twice in other sections but a majority of my activity on the site is in the RP section, as you no doubt know.
    19. Rashall
      It is trust me, I play both the table top game and the computer game as well. Both of which are fun, but quite boring without friends to play with.

      I say that Grey said they were considering picking aother RP forum Mod.
    20. Rashall
      It can be complicated at times, but you eventually start to get into the jive of things.
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    Earth, Milky Way, A few thousand dots to the right
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    A fox that seems to sprout up seemingly randomly on the site. Some say he appears when you need him. Some say he only appears if there's an RP forums. Others say you have to whisper his name into a Millionaire Shortbread three times then feed it to a fox before he'll arrive. Others think he was asked to join up and gave in but he'll definitely arrive sooner or later...

    RP, Computer Games, Drawing Stuff, Playing Guitar, Attempting to fly out of my window.
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