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Jun 12, 2011
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Vulpine Script

Cleaner of Ponies, from UK

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Jun 17, 2017
    1. HarleyCyn
      Foxy-loxy pudding and pie...
      you're the absolutely bestest pinkie pony washing machine attendant around. And I severely miss you.
      <3 Harlz
    2. redmon77
      pardon my asking, but my friend on this site (Xenopony) seemed to have forgotten his password. would you be able to email it to him or remind him somehow please?
    3. laserpon3
      oh hello :3
    4. redmon77
      i would send a VM to someone and half the time when they replied the notification wouldnt show up on my page.
    5. redmon77
      i doubt you will find time for this or if you can even help but i think my profile has a glitch on it...
    6. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      I feel a lot better today. How was your new years Foxy? :3
    7. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Oh no not really.. I'm recovering slowly like I usually do. I'm really congested so far. When that clears up maybe I'll sound like my good old self. @_@
    8. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Still not doing so well, dealing with my breakup still and I'm sick with Strep throat and a migraine. >_<
    9. The Davidson Nation
      The Davidson Nation
      hello your las pegasus project mentioned games and I love games so is there any joinings or something?
    10. Junko Enoshima
    11. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Hey foxy, how are you? :(
    12. redmon77
      another random fact: their necks take up 30% of their body length
    13. redmon77
      random fact: five out of six ponies are female
    14. mike406
      That thread Foxy, that thread! I think people need to lighten up a bit >>; Also I just claimed your 200th VM.
    15. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      Well, all I really have for PC games currently are Roms/Emulators. I play a few Ragnarok Private servers, along with a Private Luna Online servers. I may download more games for steam when I get a better computer. Other then that, I don't really have anything I play for the PC just yet. xP I rather stick to my xbox. :3 I can't stop thinking how adorable your OC is. xD
    16. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      That's awesome, I probably won't have my net back for sometime. So PC games maybe all I can do for a little while. @_@ I'll add you when I get my net back, my gamertag is "A Nargacuga" xD
    17. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      I'd love it! ^^ Though I'd have to buy net and mic again... Kittens literally ate... my headset... = w= What other games do you play? :3
    18. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      I also forgot to mention, yes I do have skype but I don't use it much. Mainly because it slows my computer down and I don't have friends to talk to there. >:
    19. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      I play tons of games, mainly shooters, fighters, and RPGs. I have...

      Modern Warefare 2 & 3
      Black ops 1 & 2
      All the halos... xD
      Borderlands 1 & 2
      Soul Calibur 4 and 5
      Most RPG's are single player like fallout and dragon age and such.
      The others are mostly just random single player games. xP
    20. Claudia Kitsune
      Claudia Kitsune
      I've been enjoying it thoroughly, My Xbox may even get some dust because of this site. This show and community have really given my life a serious improvement.. I'm not as shy anymore, I still don't like asking people for help or charity... pride issue there. XD It's really nice to chat with you too. :3 Would it be alright if I sent you a friend request? ^ 3^/)
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