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Feb 23, 2016
    1. DoDo1234
      Hey, Zeph!
      Your avatar's cute. :33
    2. Glorious Rex's Apostle
      Glorious Rex's Apostle
      Lol, Zephy, how many times have I spoke up about the RPs? Anyway, good job on it. You know how I see these matters. As long as it fixed, I don't care how.

      And I look at one of the posts below... I believe "zefur" is the correct pronunciation.
    3. Princess Holly Rainbow
      Princess Holly Rainbow
      How many Zephyr are there my brain it hurts D:
    4. Zephyr

      I still don't even know how mine's pronounced.
      I have people who say "Zypher" or "Zeffer" and that one guy who says "Zefear"
    5. HarleyCyn
      Although Cyn does stand for Canyon like (Red Rover Cyn Road, here in southern cali). But that was an unintentional coincidence XD
    6. HarleyCyn
      *giggles* Imagine saying "Harlequin" but as "Harley Cyn" so it sounds like Har-Lee Kin. XD Silly Zephski
    7. HarleyCyn
      I am tempted but HarleyCyn will be my name forever and always. <3 Teh original is teh best
    8. HarleyCyn
      Quite behind. I had to leave in September of last year. D:
      It just now clicked that your name changed. I had seen it before but it wasn't til today I was like 'OHHWAITASECOND'
    9. HarleyCyn
      For a second.
      I was so confused.
      I'm so used to seeing Or... OT... your original username that I could never spell. <_< >_>
    10. Princess Holly Rainbow
      Princess Holly Rainbow
      We have 2 spammers that believe are the same person I have reported one of the posts
    11. Princess Holly Rainbow
      Princess Holly Rainbow
      cool :P i love new spring default
    12. Princess Holly Rainbow
      Princess Holly Rainbow
      What site theme do u use :)
    13. TheLogFather
      Excuse me kind fellow would you be so pleased as to buy some of Garret Bobby Ferguson's cookies? They are delightful if you eat them after the moon rises in the house of cor-flog. Fluttershy even said she likes em'. Please buy the cookies.
    14. Princess Holly Rainbow
    15. Princess Holly Rainbow
      Princess Holly Rainbow
      welcome ;) I would have used something pony related ;)
    16. Princess Holly Rainbow
      Princess Holly Rainbow
      Love the image in the Love and Tolerance topic I fell out of my chair laughing
    17. Glorious Rex's Apostle
      Glorious Rex's Apostle
      Love your new avatar.
    18. Wolf
      Alright, let me know how that ends up.
    19. Wolf
      Can't you guys send a PM or some sort of Email, considering if somebody hasn't been online for 6 months, the chances that they may be to busy to actually visit. An email checking if they would be willing to give up the name might work to get them back on the site, or if they just decide to give the name away.

      Plus, if they just ignore the email, it might show they don't WANT to come back, so either way, it'll end up being helpful.
    20. Wolf
      Oh, alright. In that case, I was wondering about the situation involving cannon/fannon names, as the name I originally wanted is held by a user that hasn't logged into the site for 6 months.
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