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  1. Blackened Blue
    Blackened Blue
    That's pretty grim, but a while back, I found a can of mac and cheese in my cupboards that expired way back in 2012.
    Jun 15, 2016
  2. Malak
    Jun 15, 2016
    Blackened Blue bro hoofs this.
  3. RainbowDash9000
    About a week ago, I found a bag of pretzels that expired in August 2011. They tasted like crap.
    Jun 15, 2016
  4. Saber Scratch
    Saber Scratch
    I found a can of beer from the 80s. It wasnt opened, so i opened it. Shocked to find out it still was carbonated. I took a sip, and hated it, but my dog sure loved it.
    Aug 21, 2016