An overdue farewell

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    Greetings everyone, both old/new, friends/strangers, and lurkers/active guys.

    As much as I hate goodbyes, I feel that after 4-5 years of procrastinating, it's finally time to create this thread.
    But before I get to the point, I want to thank the staff and the community for creating this site that played such a big role in my teenagehood and made it so much more fun than it would've been without you all.

    I found this site and made this account 8 years ago when I was still only 13, and a lot has happened since.
    Lots of people in my life came and went, some good and some bad. The radio started dying out, and eventually I went from DJ to Mod, and then stepped down completely. The friends I met here left the site, the show gradually became worse, my association with the fandom faded away. Then my Matura exam and work took up my 2016 and '17. Meanwhile EP became barren and empty. Right now I'm preparing for my avionics exam that I'll have in a few weeks, and if I pass it, I'll be busy with my dream job. Plus various yadda-yadda's... It feels bad to say but due to these things I just no longer feel the same drive or feeling of familiarity that I had about the fandom and the EP community back then. I feel like it's time to move on and start planning my future and working for it.

    If there's someone who still remembers me and wants to say hi, my Skype (and Steam) hasn't changed since 2011, so feel free to. I also have Discord but I don't use it because it's the pinnacle of absolute garbage. In theory I SHOULD get notifications about on-site conversations via e-mail so that might work too I guess...?

    I don't plan to come back (at least for another couple of years if this place will still be up), but one thing is for sure: I'll never forget EP and the friends I met during my time here. Even if we've run out of common topics, grown distant and went our own separate ways, it's still a great feeling to know that you're all still out there and doing your own things. Especially you, staffbros.

    Take care of yourselves and each other you awesome bunch. I wish the best to each and every single one of you.
    (Hopefully until a possible next time,) Swifty signs off.
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