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    This is an Role play that i had with Eight_Star last night. I enjoyed it and i hope he doesn't mind me posting this.
    I know that my role playing skills are a bit rusty but i,m getting the hang of it.
    here is a picture of the scene. Sorry if you cant see much detail, it was taken from my phone.

    AKA. Fluttershy is Eight_Star

    *Fluttershy would normally retire for the night once the sun was down, but tonight was particularly lovely, and she couldn't bring herself to go in just yet. Upon the park hill she sat, displaced from the trees, as she quietly gazed up into the full starry night, and the bright shining moon.

    Carson its dark, and hes all alone, again. Other ponys would be home, out a partys or friend places but he wonders through the town. he has nothing else to do. but sit at home and think about his future...

    *Fluttershy lays down upon the early spring grass, gently swishing her tail from time to time as her eyes were turned upwards. The hair of her mane partially veiled her face as she stayed in quiet contemplation, mentally musing to herself over the shapes of the stars and impressions of the moon.

    Carson wonders to the edge of town, just when he realized he popped his head up to see where he was. he looks to the left, no pony, but to the right the moon glazed on a certain pony that he saw just the other day. He feels so warmhearted that a pony he knows is out here. he makes his way over to her, slowly, not trying to disturb her.

    *Fluttershy was being rather calm and collected in her stargazing, quite enjoying the rare amount of light the stars were giving off this clear evening, when suddenly her ears perked up. The sound of grass, or twig under somepony's hoof! Her entire body reacted as she ended up standing on all fours and staring at Carson in no time through her startled fright. "Oh!" Realizing who it was, she took a few long breaths and calmed, smiling lightly. "Hello..."
    Carson: 'oh..oh..' he said in sympathy 'im sorry, did I?'. He was afraid that he had troubled her, he backs off a bit while she bereaves heavily. 'oh ur. Hi..' He said with relief that she wasn't angry with him. 'Wha.What are you doing out here?' He asked, as looked up and watched the sky for a second that he never really noticed

    *Fluttershy was feeling a little more comfortable around Carson than the previous few times, and notably wasn't hiding herself quite as much as she had. "Oh, out here?" She looked him in the eyes for a moment before turning her head up to the sky. "Nothing, really..." she said in her usual soft voice, "it's just so pretty tonight. I was just relaxing..."

    Carson smiles and sits down, he had been walking all afternoon, waiting for something to happen. He keeps his eyes on the sky and as the moon shone upon him a huge wave of his nerves made him fall on his back and on to the soft grass. He groaned as he released all the tension that had been going through him all day.
    Carson: (put a (.) in between 'moon shone upon...(and) a huge wave)

    *Fluttershy watched his display for a moment, then quietly took a spot in the grass, not far from him, laying down on her belly by folding her hooves beneath her. She hummed lightly in contentment, and looked at him. "Feeling better?"

    Carson listened to the tune that she hummed so gracefully. Once she asked him he turns his head towards her and said, "much better" with simplicity. This grass was a tad bit cool, and was more softer then his rock hard bed. 'arrrrr' he moaned as he made himself a spot in the grass. "How come no pony told me about this"

    *Fluttershy smiled and giggled lightly. If only other ponies would take their time like she would, they would find that... "Nature holds many beautiful things." Her head lifted as she gazed back up as the sky, adding a quiet... "Yes it does..." She gave him a few silent minutes to let it sink in before slowly lifting her hoof to the night sky. "You can even play games with the stars... if you want."

    Carson: "Games?.." he questioned as he watched her hoof rise "...With the stars?" He looked up and scanned them with his eyes. "How do we play these games?" he asked while he put his hoof up to the sky

    *Fluttershy lowered her fore-arm for a moment and tilted her head. "Like Connect the Dots..." After another pause, she quietly and pensively moved closer to him and rested in the grass again. Lifting her hoof again to point so he could follow it, "If you follow those dots... you can make a smile..." she said.

    Carson watches carefully as she points out the stars. "Oh. Wow." He was straight into game and put a few stars together. He points up towards the sky and tries to show her. "Here, we, have a..." At each break he pointed out a shinning star " pony?" he was confused, he drew a stick figure of a pony in his mind.

    *Fluttershy stared for a few moments, but finally nodded. "Oh, yes! I see it!" Even while excitedly exclaiming, she was still pretty quiet, not far above a whisper in volume at any time. She turned a little and pointed with her hoof, waving it a little as she drew lines in the air with her mind. "I saw a bunny there earlier... can you?"

    Carson looks deeply into what she saw. he quickly put the ears together with the head, then with the rest of the body. "Oh, i see it." He exclaimed. He turned his head towards her, but knowing that she is flutter'shy', she has the soft voice. (yes he said 'I ask'>)"I ask, why don't your friends come out here?"

    looked away a little. "Oh, uhm..." After a moment, she smiled and turned her head to him, nodding a little. "They do... but they're busy right now..." It would've been rude for her to really say that she enjoyed some time to herself, or just time away from them sometimes. She knew her blue pegasus friend meant well, but she wasn't always up for being pushed to do her best when she felt doing what she could was good enough.

    Carson "Ok, ha if i was them i would be sleepin" He puts hoof down and notices that she sounded abit secure with her words. He turns his head towards her and with a drowsy face he asks. "Are you alright...?" He yawns and the top of his eye lids started to close.
    Carson: (as* the top of his eye)

    *Fluttershy: (I'm also assuming you mean *insecure.)

    Carson: (not sure, well she was secure with the words that she said)

    *Fluttershy keeps smiling and nods. "Yes." His yawn was contagious, and she covered her mouth with her hoof as she too yawned, making a soft squeaking sound coupled with her exhale. "I'm... fine." She looks back up to the stars and lifts her hoof again. "Can you see the ladle in the stars?"

    Carson Smirks at the little squeak she made. "Ok?" He looks back up at the stars and tries to figure out what a ladle is. "It's a spoon, Right?"

    *Fluttershy nods lightly. "One used in a pot... for dishing out soups for bowls." She smiled gently, realizing she probably could've just said yes, but she felt he wouldn't feel any offense by her talking more than normal.

    Carson: "Oh goo(Yawn)ood.... I knew i was right" he smiles as she explains the whole thing. "You could of said..." stops what he was about to say. He didnt want to offend her, shes a good friend, well like his only friend. He stares at the stars and tries to make a constellation. As the night got cooler his eyes started to drop.

    *Fluttershy turned and looked at him quietly... noticing his eyes drooping. She thought for a moment, then slowly stood. "Oh... I'm sorry... I'm keeping you up..." Since she didn't expend as much energy in a day as most ponies, she didn't feel quite as sleepy, but she knew the importance of a full night's rest.

    Carson (LOL. i might go in a half an hour then :/ its like 0039 here) "I could sleep here all night" He watches her get up on her hooves. "No, wait, Its ok. Im just tired like usual. would it mind if i was to rest out here for the rest of the night?"

    *Fluttershy laid back down in the grass when she heard him assure her it was okay. She shook her head. "No... it's fine. It might get a little cold or windy while you sleep..." she spoke with a little concern for his health.

    Carson: "Yea.. Do you think i should go then?" He turns his head back towards the town and groans>> "and it is a fair way" he looks to tired to walk all that way. and he starts to doze off.

    *Fluttershy shook her head. "No... it's okay..." She smiled politely. "Stay here... if you want to..." she reassured herself by believing that the weather would probably stay fair all night long. Plus, with the light the night sky was providing, he should be plenty safe here. Though... "would you... like a blanket?"

    Carson: "Oh. im. not sure..." his front legs start to sit in their natural position. "you sure that...nothing will happen?" he looks up to her with a smile but finding it hard to keep his eyes open.

    *Fluttershy nods reassuringly. "Oh yes... you'll be fine..." she smiled. She didn't really add in the part where she would sleep out here sometimes during a warm Summer night. "I'll be back in a few minutes... I promise." She gets back on her hooves and backs up a little, spreading her wings out.

    Carson turns towards her and watches her. he smiles "I trust you". he lay there and he watches her flap her wings so softly.

    *Fluttershy glides off to her home, not too far from the park itself. Her animal friends were mostly sleeping as well, but a few of the more nocturnal species came out to greet her as she came home. She smiled and spoke softly to them. "Hello friends... I'll be back soon." She opened up one of her closets and pulled out a soft blue fleece blanket that was neatly folded up. It was only a few more minutes before she could be seen again, making her way back to Carson.

    Carson she makes her way back to him. hes fast asleep under bright moody moonlight. The soft breeze attracting the shaded grass flowed around him like he was a rock in a steam of running water. The sound that came from him is was just a little breathing and before he was in deep sleep he muttered a few words in his sleep.

    *Fluttershy cooed lightly and smiled. She unfolded the blanket and gently laid it over him, timidly tucking the edges under his sides as he slept, very careful not to disrupt his slumber as she wrapped him with one of her favorite blankets for outdoor resting. She stood and stared at him for a few more minutes... then turned her gaze skyward. She spent a few more minutes stargazing before she, also, turned in for the night... finally heading back home.
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