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    Note!: If anything in this character needs an edit, or if parts of his backstory are just plain unacceptable, please tell me immediately! I will make the changes as soon as possible once I am notified!

    "Heya! My name's Arcus, Archerpony Royal Guard from Cloudsdale, at your service!... Wait, did you just call me "Arcee"? Hey! Get back here!"

    1. Appearance --Coming from the Royal Guard, Arcus is a tall, surprisingly well-built stallion. He may seem weak, but the strength with which he pulls his bow would quickly disprove that. His coat is a blueish silver (#69b9c9), while his mane is a shade of brown (#a16430). But most surprising, and weird, are his eyes, which are a bright shade of orange. (#ff752b) Finally, a picture!--

    2. Cutie Mark --His Cutie Mark is an intricate quiver, placed under a golden bow and arrow, ready to fire. --

    3. Personality --When ponies think about Royal Guards, they often bring up images of scary and serious ponies in armor, silent and unmoving. Well, those ponies would be surprised if they met Arcus off duty. Arcus is almost always smiling, an optimistic and cheerful stallion. He's rarely serious, except when he's on duty... Then, he becomes the "ideal" royal guard, a unmoving, stone-cold sentinel. But, as soon as the serious facade wears off, which surprisingly doesn't take long, he becomes a whole new pony. Laughs and smiles galore, and making friends all around, kind of like a foal. Because deep inside all that armor, The Warrior is a Child. --

    4. History --Born to a pegasus mother, and a unicorn father, Arcus led a pretty hectic life. His parents were in the Royal Guard, with his father working as an archery instructor and officer, so Arcus didn't really get to see them much. And they couldn't let Arcus stay at home either, since he didn't really have any relatives to take care of him at home. So they did the next best thing, and took their son along with them when they were stationed. As a result, Arcus got to travel all over Equestria. Never really settling down, never really making any friends, for he knew that they'd eventually move away anyway. Sure, it was a little sad... Until Arcus found archery, the hobby that would eventually change his life.

    It was during one of the past Equestria Games that Arcus discovered archery, during the ice archery event that his father made him watch. He watched the contestants' arrows whizz and fly towards the targets, and he wondered... Could he do that too?

    His first thought was that he needed a bow. But to his surprise, his father already had one for him. A beautiful, hoof-made recurve bow, that was kept safe in their family for generations. And now, it was Arcus's turn to use it. He started his lessons almost immediately, under the watchful eye of his father. He learned how to hold to bow properly, how to pull it back, how to nock arrows... The list goes on. The lessons were all hard to learn, sure, but on the day of his enlistment? They were all worth it.

    On that day, when Arcus took and passed the exam to join the Royal Guard as an Archerpony, those lessons proved their worth. Years of target practice made themselves known, as he hit every single target dead-on. Years of focus and response training showed their results, as he flew and shot targets down with amazing speed on the combat course. And years of pent-up frustration and worry were all dispelled, when Arcus' father trotted up to him, put his hoof on his shoulder, and smiled.

    "You're in."

    Years after that day, Arcus still hasn't left the Royal Guard, and isn't planning to do so anytime soon, holding the rank of Major. He's living his life, jumping around from town to town, the wind to his back, and his bow to his side. --

    5. Inventory --


    Arcus owns a recurve takedown bow, painted black, which has been in his family's possession for quite some time. The bow has wooden limbs, with a carbon-foam core. The bow's riser is made out of a magnesium metal alloy, and the cord is made of Dacron fibre. He has a small leather case, like a violin case, to carry the bow around in when disassembled. He almost always has the bow with him, carried in the case he puts on his back.


    Arcus sometimes uses a few different types of arrows, which he usually keeps in a quiver slung over his back. The two he uses the most, however, are safety arrows and corded arrows. Safety arrows have a moderately heavy aluminum alloy shaft, and standard three-feather fletching. The tips of the safety arrows are much wider than normal, and are heavily padded. They cannot cause any damage to ponies at all, aside from annoying them. The other type, corded arrows, are special. Long, heavy arrows, with a flat head magically enchanted to stick to any surface, and a length of hard nylon cord attached to the back that uncoils when fired. Usually used to pull far-away objects, or even ponies.

    6. Flight -- Arcus never really specialized for flying, but that doesn't mean he's bad at it. He's not particularly fast, but he can control his wings well. Hovering and strafing hold no challenge for him, having practiced aerial marksmanship back in training. --

    7. Stuff and Things and Info and Stuff about Arcus--
    - Has basically perfect eyesight. Eating all those veggies was worth!
    - Loves spicy foods. Those things are great!
    - Dislikes bitter foods. Seriously, why'd you wanna taste bitter anyway?
    - Dampened sense of taste. Maybe he loves spicy foods a little too much?
    - Very protective of his bow! No touchies!... Unless allowed.
    - Bad at throwing things. Reaaaaaal bad.
    - His weirdest nickname? "Arcee". Yep.
    - If you must know all the stuffy stuff, he's Maj. Arcus, of Royal Guard Archer Company. Don't go around calling him that, though, he doesn't like being all stuffy.
    - He wears his service dress as casual wear. Because doing laundry is a bore, that's why.
    - He's been in service for almost 8 years!
    - His last name? Revenir. Does anybody know? Nope!

    ==Nightmare Night 2015: Because of a silly bet, he's thinking about going as a Royal Guard! Just to see how long it takes ponies to realize he's an actual one on duty... If ponies even go as Royal Guards, that is!==

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