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    Name: Aurora Night
    Gender: Female
    Age: Young Adult
    Race: Earth Pony
    Class: Assassin

    Health: 100
    Stamina: 100

    Resilience: 3
    Ferocity: 6
    Speed: 3
    Awareness: 6
    Creativity: 5
    Willpower: 1


    Passive Skills:
    With Endurance, any time a normal pony rolls lucky doubles while using a skill, the skill costs no Stamina!

    Active Skills:
    Lay in Wait
    Cost: 4 Stamina
    Acquired: Scout Class
    Hides the scout, who makes a 2d12+Creativity check. This skill only works if nobody is actually looking at the scout at the time. To be spotted by another character, the other character has to beat the scout’s initial roll.
    If somepony passes close by, or looks for the scout at a distance, they may roll 2d12.
    If somepony looking for the scout passes close by, or has Spot and is looking for the scout, they may roll 2d12+Awareness.
    If the scout makes an action against a pony who is nearby and has not spotted the scout, they do not get a defensive roll.
    If the scout makes an action against a pony at range who has not spotted them, then the stat that would normally be used for the target’s defensive roll will be the target number for the scout.

    Cost: 15 Stamina
    Acquired: Assassin Class
    Weapon Types: Bladed Weapons
    To use this skill, the user must be undetected by the target, and the target must be in melee. This skill
    allows the user to hit for free, and using a normal attack roll they may add twice their
    Ferocity and Weapon Damage to the blow. The enemy may not apply any damage reduction
    to the hit.

    Furious Charge
    Cost: 5 Stamina
    Acquired: Berserker Class
    During a gallop-speed movement, this skill may be used to violently collide with an enemy. This allows the user to make a normal melee attack, but Speed is added to the roll.

    Instant Skills:


    Appearance: A tall earth pony with a heavy black mane and grey coat. She appears
    nimble, in contrast to other members of her race. Aurora sports scars of ice, engraved
    into her body for as long as she can remember, that expand in exposure to weather.
    She wears a heavy scarf to keep them constricted, yet still produces a chilling aura
    in which passerby's may feel.

    Background: The first thing she remembers is waking to the cold night as a filly, looking
    across the grassy plains and then at herself. She first noticed her scarf, followed by her
    scars. Confused and dazed, she got up and simply walked forward towards the southern
    lights. A wandering Pegasus, admiring the lights known as Amnesia, saw her and took
    her into to the point of which she was a teenager. No longer feeling she needed him,
    and her feeling mutually, Aurora went forward on her own journey and to carve her own

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