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    Name: Candy Star

    Gender: Female

    Age: Young Mare

    Species: Earth Pony

    Eye colour: Pink.

    Character colour: White

    Mane/Tail/Other: medium length, poofy , and has the color of cotton candy with some sense of neatness.

    Physique: Average build

    Residence: Ponyville

    Occupation: Candy Maker

    Cutie Mark: Three Konpeito, a Japanese sugar candy.

    Unique Traits: The one thing Candy loves most is spending time with her friends, she treasures those friendships every day. Though there may be some disagreements, it can always be fixed with an apology or a simple hug. Also seems to lack control of her feelings when upset, leading to some unpleasant experiences. She wears a pink scarf at all times, a gift from her mother before they left for Tall Tales; holds great sentimental value to her.

    History: Candy Star was born in Tall Tales, a city in which she has known for years, but her family, wanting the best for their daughter, set out to find a better place to raise her. They're choice? Ponyville. Here she could meet others her age and hopefully get along just fine with them. When finally she becomes a teen, she is taught responsibility when her parents buy a store for her to work at. This store would be whatever she wanted it to be, and as they suspected, she chooses a candy shop of all occupations, and became a Candy Maker. Supporting her goal, the mother and father gave and taught her everything she would need to succeed and left for Tall Tales again.

    Hearing this, Candy Star felt sad, but knew it wasn't right to go back and try to live with them again, she was a teen and needed to act like one. Through those tough times, she persevered and made a living making candy, earning her cutie mark along the way. Candy Star still takes the time to make trips to see her parents when she has to close shop for the day and is happy to learn they are on their business trips.

    Now with new friends, Candy Star pushes forward with her motto in tow: "Friends help each other, no matter what!"

    Character Personality: Good-humored, tolerant, and approachable. Also easy-going, calm, serene and peaceful. Ponies don't expect her to be overly emotional; they would be very surprised if she lost her temper. Also of a cheerful nature, which allows her to easily make many friends.

    Character Summary: Being good humored, she makes ponies around her feel better about themselves, and a few laughs in between. Her tolerance is limited, considering her sensitivity, if made fun of, she gets easily upset. But annoyances are not much of a deal to her. Anypony wishing to talk with Candy will have an easy time of it, as she enjoys others company, and making friends, the more the merrier. With her easy-going, calm and peaceful demeanor, she can appear happy, and go about the town without worrying anypony.

    Being overly emotional, she sometimes hides behind a smile, and doesn't show sign of unhappiness, as they say, practice makes perfect. But when caught in the act, Candy will show it, knowing it can't be hid anymore. The best thing about her life, is that she has friends that help bring her spirits back whenever the need arises.
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