Chessica Wildcard, an upcoming indie game made by me!

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    This is Chessica Wildcard, the main character of my upcoming indie game called Chessica Wildcard: Thrust Into The Ring!

    Remember all that talk about my upcoming "Rabbit Game"? That was a working title, the game will be called "Chessica Wildcard: Thrust Into The Ring", and it will feature Chessica Wildcard as the main character and playable character. Progress on the game is going well, the engine and HUD works though I'm still using placeholder graphics, it'll take another year or two before this solo-developed game is done. Her full name is Chessica Luminarie Albianne Wildcard but she doesn't use her middle names much. Her race is Sylvillusion, and her species is Sylvilmagus, classification Infomorph, Light element. She's made of light and she can learn new abilities from any source, typically fallen foes or defeated Magisters.

    This game is a fantasy sci-fi character-action stylish-action metroidvania puzzle-platformer run-and-gun adventure game! The unique and innovative letter-based ranking system, along with a visible score, spurs you on to show off and never stop improving as you explore, solve puzzles, fight foes, and search for what was taken from you as you try to escape.

    Link to more info: Chessica Wildcard: Thrust Into The Ring by SilverStarApple on DeviantArt

    Pretty cool, huh?

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