Clockworx Survival (Tyro and Karl)

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    A slight twitch and a spark made Karls eyes fling up as he raised his head into the darkness surrounding him. His crystallite leg had been sawn off, but luckily his eye was in its place, inside his eye socket. He could sense around him, he wasn't alone in this black enviroment.

    It took some time for his other, biologic eye, to get accustomed to the darkness. He seemed to be stuck in a chamber with panels everywhere, shining and free of any filth whatsoever. "Heh, i wonder what Max could do in here..." Karl muttered in a low and quiet tone, thinking to himself. He turned his head around, spying for any objects or shapes that threw off the pattern of panels. Indeed, there was something that obstructed his view. The slumped lifeless body of a kitsune braced his eyes, giving him a momentary feeling of panic rushing through his body. The dark-red pony tried getting up, but failed miserably from missing his front leg and fell right down onto the hard, cold floor. "My soul cap to the one who finds the bastard who sawed off my leg..." He muttered irritatingly.

    On the left side of the left side of the room was a window, made in a fashion as to distort the image from the subjects side, with the silhouette of a pony sitting on a chair with her legs crossed whilst holding a pen in her right hoof and a checkboard in her other. She kept watching the two subjects, scribbling down a note every few times. She had a beige colored coat and blond mane put up in a ponytail, wearing a white lab coat with black oval glasses resting on her nose.

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