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    Community Post #136

    Ah sod it...Y'know, I do get to read a good chunk of this site's content every week (I notice I haven't gotten any tags linking me to things to put in the Post...Forgot about it, hmmm? Remember, it's just the '@' symbol followed by Tyro the Fox. Not too hard, right? It even pops up with a little thing with me in as if to say 'Oh! You're summoning Tyro? I'll get the Millionaire's Shortbread on a Fishing Line Ready!'. Seriously, Millionaires Shortbread and a bottle of Irn Bru and I'll be as happy as Larry. A particularly happy Larry too.)

    ...I had a point here...Oh yeah! Sometimes I read up on one of the recaps on the site and I do like them but I always think 'Oh! You could do this!' or 'Oooooh! It would be better if you did this!'.

    Although, I don't always feel like it's my place too. I do reviews. Something else entirely. Usually, I'm picking something apart objectively, not skimming over what happened with a few bits here and there. I do sometimes feel like I'm just butting in like I know better when I have previous experience in something else.

    Plus, while I consider myself a decent writer, I still have my foibles. One being a strange blindness concerning 'there' and 'they're'. I'm always mixing them up some how.

    But then Episode 100 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was released! Entitled 'Slice of Life'. A witty, self-referential title for a momentous occasion. That Saturday was awash with togetherness as Bronies gathered together to watch the centennial episode!

    I was marathoning Atop The Fourth Wall and playing Splatoon.

    But now! It's E3! A festival of excitement and promises as companies showcase what they're planning to do over the next year. Gamers all over the world gather around screens to see just what every company is planning to show off. It could be anything, like getting to peak at Birthday presents!

    Instead, I was catching up on MLP and figured I'd talk about the 100th episode. Because if I was too topical, I just wouldn't be me.

    So, let's try a recap. I've binge-watched half of Channel Awesome to know how this goes. Let's do this.

    Our scene begins overlooking the scrapbook of Matilda and Crankie's adventures together. A few photos of other places, one of Twilight at...something. I don't know but they were there, apparently.

    The pair have been planning their wedding, excited for the big day.

    "Dear, do you think we need more turret defences against a Changeling attack? Never can be too careful!"
    They chuckle, thinking that the other ponies are nuts as they all seem to think that the wedding is today by how they're acting. Nudging Cranky and asking if he's nervous, so on and so on.

    But! Uh oh! The invitations were printed incorrectly! They state the wedding is a day early! Oh teh noes!

    Actually, this does get a fantastic line from Cranky:

    "I told you we should have eloped!"
    That got a chuckle.

    S0, now they try and complain to the pony they got the invites from. This happens to be...

    T-to-to be...Derpy. Really?! After the fiasco we had last time? And she spoke! Derpy had a line! Oh my word, this is utter bravery! I guess they just caved in and tried slipping Derpy in under the radar. I can just imagine the angry letters flooding in right now.

    And yet, her offering a muffin in response was bloody adorable. Maybe this time, we'll get to have an episode where she'll stay put without causing an uproar.

    So the credits roll and the Donkey's have to move everything they'd planned ahead a day, sending them in a panic.

    We cut to Twilight storming ahead, hot on the trail of...Oh! OK, she just ran out of shot. That's cool. Instead, we cut to...

    Derpy! Seriously?! Derpy is back again?! With more lines? These guys must have a death wish! Angry Mothers could rip you in half with one blast from their tongues! I know, my Mum just as to scold something hard enough and it's cooked in seconds out of shame!

    "I'll be sporting and give this five minutes before I light any torches and grab my lynching pitchfork."
    Well, thankfully, I do think they might have cracked it this time. Before, Derpy could be considered a little one note. She was dopey and scatterbrained, only being introduced with those qualities. The voice coupled with the word 'Derpy' was the main crux of the issue with Derpy before.

    Here? She's never named but the voice is cute but without sounding imbecilic. It's even got hints of an accent here and there, which is kinda interesting. There's character to it, which is hopefully enough to show that she's a klutz but not stupid.


    Anyway, she's talking to Doctor Whoves about her guilt concerning her foul up with the invitations. And, quite obviously, Doctor Whoves is pretty much straight up David Tennant's Doctor reincarnated as a pony. I mean, they're pretty flat out, just short of letting him shout "Allons-y!" or talk about how cool bowties are. I'm sure if I combed the lab of this guy, there's some fish fingers and custard. I just know it...

    Yeah, I would be a little awkward that he's pretty much just the 10th Doctor with four legs but Discord is pretty much a modified Q from Star Trek. Right down to his mannerisms. Right down to the actor! And Discord is awesome so, sure! Why not trace over the lines of something else just a little if your going to make something else with it?

    ...I'd do a Drawponies Joke here but...I feel like it would be a little mean of me. So why don't I copy another blogger's joke on it and claim it as my own?

    ...I have a luxury pit with an ensuite full of raging ferrets waiting for me in Tartarus for that one, don't I?

    Oh! Yes, here's the brochure! Ooo, real leather whips and non-stop Black Eyed Peas songs. Fancy!

    Still, I like what they do with Doc here: he's a scientist. A big ol' brain with a half-decent English Accent. It's not perfect but it's certainly fitting at least. I do like the nod towards the Time Travel spell from a previous episode and, him being a scientist is kinda neat. Makes you wonder what else he's done with his stuff.

    Oh! And this didn't escape my gaze:

    "My life's work. Decades, well, centuries really..."

    Heh! Subtle. The BBC might not have noticed, but I did.

    So, we've characterised two character's that were originally kinda silent inside of two minutes. And they're both really appealing! What's next? Well, instead of Time Travel, where you think this is where it's all going, Doctor Whooves realises he needs to get his suit sorted out by Rarity.

    Oh yes! And Flameless Fireworks. Because that's a thing. Keep up, this episode goes at a breakneck pace to keep all these character's in!

    He bangs on the door to no avail. He sees Vinyl Scratch trotting by, listening to something and decides to ask her for help.

    The problem is that the unicorn doesn't understand him because she doesn't take off her headphones. She translates the Doctor's ramblings to mean that he wants to go bowling because he traces a circle in the air with his hoof.

    He then meets the main characters from The Big Lebowski. Not-Jeff-Bridges spots the doctor, claiming that they'll fix his suit if he bowls with them.

    Meanwhile, a group of ponies are watching the Mane Six, chatting about something. It's here that we meet Octavia, who will be playing cello at the wedding later.

    Oh by word... As an owner of a British Accent, Doctor Whooves' accent is pretty decent and actually fitting as they're trying to sound similar enough to David Tennant to pay homage but not get hit with a copyright notice.

    Octavia, on the other hand, sounds so painfully British that I think she could make Eluuna's head pop off if she really turned it up a notch.

    Just have her talk about...I dunno, 'rich, creamery butter' and how comforting it is and watch Eluuna explode.

    It's the contrast between her and all the American voiced characters too. It sticks out a mile for her. Still, again, kinda fitting so. OK.

    Oh yeah! There's a Bugbear. And it's dangerous. The Mane Six are fighting it off but cut to Derpy Hooves feeling sad for screwing up the invites. Matilda, trying desperately to get everything sorted, shouts that she should sort out the flowers.

    This leads us to...

    Yeah, the flower arrangers aren't being too helpful so, Derpy Hooves decides to use the highly dangerous, untested Flameless Fireworks that Doctor Whooves stated he has no idea what's needed to set them off. Great going, sweetie...

    So, bet's on how big the crater is going to be when they go off?

    Next, we pan down on Lyra and Bon Bon. Because why not? It's the background ponies time to shine! So, they're both talking, getting marginally close to saying that they're basically girlfriends because...well, it's still a kid's show. If a wall eyed, clumsy pony sets people off, then a gay couple will have riots in the streets for largely silly reasons.

    Challenging kids with things they might not know about but will end up finding out about later? Oh the horror! The horror!

    Ok, I kid but these two are so close to just pecking the other on the cheek, it's kinda awkward.

    They say that they're such good friends because they know each other so well.

    0.2 nanoseconds later, the script goes utterly and completely bonkers as Bon Bon reveals herself to be Special Agent Sweetie Drops and she's been hiding from the Bugbear all this time. She pulls out random spy equipment and jumps out of the window, expositing all about her tragic, secret past.

    What the actual, living and calamitous hell? We were relaxing quite comfortably with our little stories about Marget panicking and Doctor Whoves getting his suit readied or Derpy trying to fix everything. The wedding was rolling along nicely.

    Then boom, secret agents and deep rooted betrayal. This episode just keeps getting more and more unhinged as it goes, doesn't it?

    Cut to Matilda panicking while at the spa, getting her mane done.

    Suddenly, Steven Magnet, the river serpent. And with more lines, he's camper than he's ever been. Seriously camp. The interesting point was when Matilda realises that Cranky truly loves her, having a small epiphany moment, regaling that the wedding doesn't truly matter, but the marriage does. The music twinkles as Margret realises just how silly she's been. The world is clearer. The world is brighter.

    And then Magnet laughs at such platitudes, ruining everything and states:

    "The wedding is everything!"​

    Heh...He just stomps on what little peice she might have had there. When did Steven get so jaded?

    Cut to Octavia and Vinyl's abode. Yes, they not only live together but they also cut the house in half like it's a sitcom. I guess it makes sense. They jam for a few seconds, which is actually pretty damn sweet to see until Octavia realises she's about to be late.

    So, of course, the logical solution is to hitch a lift on a moving DJ platform with two huge speakers. Wouldn't you?

    They crash into every Tom, Dick and Harry they bump into, gaining quite the collection of background character riding on top of this thing until finally hitting a road block and flying forwards. Slow motion starts, drawing the instance out immedurably.

    And then Gummy starts narrating. A-and then Gummy starts philosophising about the nature of the pursuit of a Cutie Mark and how he is doomed to never having the same vision of purpose a pony enjoys.


    It's like being asked if you wanted to see inside an Etchasketch. Just something that's not really pondered over...

    This...I...What? This shouldn't be...I...Like. There are rules. There are established things that you just don't think about and do not get covered.

    This episode is just stomping around doing whatever it wants. Bring back Derpy? Sure. Speaking parts for all the ponies originally intended to be there for sight gags? Go right ahead. Randomly enter the mind and hear the deep thoughts of a character that has thus far shown all the animation and personality of a stuffed toy? Most asurredly yes!

    What the actual hell?! I...Yes, I can feel my brain liquifying in pure confusion. This is so out of convention, it's fantastic. It's just...

    So, they make it to Town Hall. Everyone is assembled but not without a short scene of Luna and Celestia arguing over who should have brought the wedding gift. That's a good moment, I enjoyed that. Considering that the comics have been doing tones of character bits for those two, some appearing in the show is a biiiig plus from me.

    We get our moral about how everyone is special, even if they're not the main character.

    For 'moral', read 'excuse to do the most fan pleasing thing we could possibly do without causing cranial explosions. I just dug the hell out of this episode. It's a prime slice of fun. Each character is very well done and decently, if very quickly, characterised. Every single one of these new characters has some great moments and they're so appealing, it makes me wish they'd get to come back.

    Ain't no bad thing though...

    Another episode with Doctor Whooves and Derpy? Yes. More with Jeff Letrotski and his boys? Sure. Check up on Cranky and Matilda? Wouldn't say 'no'. Lyra and Bon Bon go on an adventure? Sign me up. Jamming with Octavia and Vinyl? Just try to hold me back.

    More from the mind of Gummy? Um...I might need a little time to prepare.

    Still, the loose, fun nature of the episode just makes it so unique. I love it for that and wish a little more of that would permiate a few more of the other episodes.

    Although, Discord gatecrashing with a green blob monster because he's jealious is still fun to watch.


    - Recommended Reading

    For once, we skip right to Recommended Reading. There's nothing sitewise we need to discuss right now, just testing of some new Text Boxes for replies and things. That'll be expanded on later. So...

    So, in need of somewhere to gush about the up and coming games from E3? We got you covered.

    Next, McKyitten has a fantastic looking Spitfire Cosplay that I think will not only turn hearts and minds but maybe a few heads too.

    So...What do we think? Spitfire for Episode 150? Or 200?

    Speaking of a drill sargents and instructors, how about Dilly Star's talk all about how the Colours of Magic: The Gathering relate to one another and how they like to behave. Very necessary information if your going to choose a school of magic to follow.

    Personally, I've felt my mix of Black's Paracitic attacks coupled with White's ability to heal easily has served me very well. A very tanky deck but hideously powerful in the right hands. And if I get all the mana I need.

    Lastly, this week's reviews. First, there's Tommyspud bringing up two things I've never heard of. Firstly, Masami Kuramada's Saint Seiya; an anime apparently about Japan's idea of what Greece's mythology is like. Secondly, Robot Arena 2; a game based on Robot Wars/BattleBots. And it's free. Simply all of my 'Yes'. All of it.

    Lastly, MorphinBrony and the Mane Six are looking at one of the many, many Dragonball Z games, this one on the Playstation. From what I hear, they didn't like Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 very much.

    Incomprehensible to me but...Eh.

    That's it for this post. If you'll excuse me, I will be attempting to concult Gummy for more nuggets of deep wisdom.
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    Two things that you never heard of, hahaha. I'm glad you at least read them, and... well, I'm sure you've already downloaded Robot Arena 2 already, haven't you?

    Also, nice community post, I loved the episode. It was insane, but awesome, and I think my brain melted a bit from it.

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