CYOA (Pony Edition!)

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    this is a thread to see who would like to help with something new I'm trying to do to hopefully spark the RP section of the forums!

    This will be a Choose Your Own Adventure staring a young mare named Chosen Path, a blank flank who goes on a search to discover her purpose in life! Will she join a Bat Pony Clan? Or maybe not find her purpose at all! Maybe even suffer a terrible death!

    Now it may sound rather dull already, but this is where YOU come in! You get to post what you think she should do next and me (and a select few people) will be periodically updating the thread unless we say other wise. (Sickness,Hiatus, etc.)

    If any of you want to contribute (for example, combat systems, updating the thread, providing art for the thread. Also etc.) please PM me! Thank you!

    So, tell me what you think, and hopefully, some of you would like to help me!

    P.S. any questions and concerns you may have I'll gladly answer.
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