For the Sake of Being Amusing, Part Two

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    A direct quotation from my story "Manehattan's Lone Guardian", chapter "Alexandrite":

    "Hidden away from prying eyes deep within the city's commercial districts was the Lonely Heart Nightclub, a dimly lit establishment that catered to those looking for entertainment, love and drinks in all the wrong places. Rundown but nonetheless steadfast in its determination to keep going, the club was frequented by those who had secrets to hide and desires to fulfill. The drinks were fine, but the food was average at best and the entertainment left much to be desired; very rarely they were able to get somepony who was figurative magic with music, but most days clients were left with the dregs.

    "Still, for all of its faults, the nightclub's customers rated it higher than the Broken Heart Nightclub elsewhere in the district; that facility was so haphazardly run that it was a wonder it was still standing. Yes, the owner of the Lonely Heart was much better than the owner of the Broken Heart."

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