Gab's new app, Dissenter, gains salt from the Leftists.

Discussion in 'Serious Discussion' started by Poisonous Nightmare, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Gab, for those in the know, has recently launched a app called Dissenter. This app, like it's name suggests, allows others to post criticisms and points of view on sites. Even if the site has disabled the comment section or has none. Dissenter allows for you to still post comments regardless. This is Gab's answer to the Mainstream Media trying to censor the public spaces we all go to.

    The irony is thick, since this has got the attention of the leftists, who are once again playing the victim in all of this. Their attempt at slam pieces only serve to help Gab's service than hurt it. To Gab, and anyone for free speech, this is free advertising for a app to get around the increasing censorship of comments on the internet.

    Honestly, until everyone is on the same page. Apps like Dissenter will pave the way to supporting alt-media. To allow people to see what others think, unhindered. Despite the authoritarianism of the Mainstream Media.

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