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    full name: Invicta Alexander Rosenburg
    Species: Alicorn, half bat pony
    Mane and fur color: black mane and bright brown fur.
    Age: 120( alicorn years)
    cutie mark: A Ink pen
    Class: Artist and book writer

    Skills in offense in defense:
    Has over 100 years of experience with normal alicorn and Batpony alicorn magic.
    offensive magic: A mix of both alicorn and Batpony magic.
    Defensive: same as above
    Speed of flying: normally flies only about 30 miles an hour, but can use batwings to reach speeds of over 100 miles an hour in an emergency
    Health cost: depending on the situation.

    Full throttle flying: My wings are very powerful, so if I wish to, I can charge at an opponent at over 120 miles an hour if needed.
    Health cost: 6

    Batpony magic: Very, very powerful magic that only my family has the ability
    to use, even Celestia thinks that it is powerful. I can't really describe it, but for example... I can shoot at an opponent and he could be turned into literal dust, just by the sheer force.
    Health cost: 4

    flexible aerodynamic flying: Allows me to make very sharp turns to meet my opponents head on.
    Health cost:2

    I was once a member of the Imperial Batpony royal family of the Rosenburgs. My
    family had been in charge since 1811, but after losing a horrific war in 1919... My family was removed from power. I've been trying to live a normal life ever since, but as time goes on.. Less and less ponies recognize me... It is not Actually hurting my feelings, but I can get lonely sometimes.
    Ever since I was overthrown, I have been trying to find a way to peacefully regain the throne ever since.
    I am a medium built alicorn, slightly taller than most ponies, and I have a tall horn, and medium sized bat wings.
    Magic ability rating: 87 percent efficiency
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    This is not even close to actual, proper EPRP sheet.

    Due take note from the proper sheets.
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    In your pillows. Duh.
    I....I.... what is that?

    I just... it...uhh?


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