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    Name: Midnight Shadow


    Origin: Shadow Realm (Former) Equestria (Currently)

    Species: Shadow Pony

    Title: (Former) Leader of the Shadow ponies (Current) Princess of Shadows

    Gender: Female

    Abilitys: Powerful shadow magic, her powers phase depending on light intensity. E.g. At sunrise she begins to have her powers reduced, at Noon she can no longer perform any magic at all, and she burns quickly when in direct sunlight. Towards sunset her powers increase and during the night her powers are also amplified, unless there is a full moon then her powers are reduced. During the summer her powers are reduced though during the winter her powers are increased.

    Spells (During Summer/Noon): She can only levitate things 1/100th of her weight.

    Spells (During Spring/Sunrise): She can levitate things 1/10th of her weight. Partially hide herself with shadow magics, and use shadow magic for small duration of time, such as a single shot from her shadow beam or single teleportation.

    Spells (During Autumn/ Sunset): She can levitate things 10 times her weight, fully hide herself with magic as long as she doesn't enounter any particular high light sources, she can temporalrly block light from sources allowing use of more powerful shadow magic, can use shadow shield which blocks incoming magic (apart from light based magic). Can use shadow beam multiple times.

    Spells (During Winter/ Midnight): Can levitate things 100 times her weight, hide herself and others and large objects with magic, can remove weak light sources or extinguish them (e.g. fires). Can bring about complete darkness around a area, causing panic and chaos around where she wants. Can open up portals to alternate dimensions and corrupt ponies turning them into Shadow ponies, could potentially wipe out all life on Equestria.

    Bio: (Alternate Dimension- Shadow Dimension) Midnight Shadow ruled

    In the dark underground caves during the rule of Discord, though she kept herself hidden ruling from underground due to the power of Discord. In the large underground caves, she and her kind hid all the entraces with there own shadow magic which allowed them peace from Discord rule.

    After Celestia and Luna banished Discord to stone, the majority of the shadow ponies left the cave system, Midnight Shadow was among them to see who now ruled Equestria. When Midnight saw Celestia's sun cutiemark, she decided this was a great threat to the shadow pony population and declared war on her. She thought at the time that Celestia could raise the sun which would harm her subjects or turn them into regular ponies.

    The Battle of the Shadow Planes took place shortly after, Celestia and Midnight fought directly though Celestia quickly raised the sun after discovering that Midnight only fought with Shadow magic, which destroyed most of Midnight's power. Midnight fled back to her fractured empire which was slowly being destroyed by the Sun.

    She managed to escape to a alternative Equestria dimension and destroyed the portal so that Celestia couldn't follow her and finish what Midnight started. Midnight then lives under the fear of the sun, and only ventures out after Sunset and returns to her cave before noon.

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