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    Name: Nightshade
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Species: Earth Pony Conduit
    Appearance: light grey, almost a color of ashes coat, with black mane and tail in an unkempt style with red tips.
    Cutie Mark: two headed bird in a star position, one half red, the other white. (represents is neutral Karma)
    Personality: laid back, a bit calm, nice to his friends and family, a bit of a hothead a few moments went anger.
    Likes: free running, looks at clouds, hanging out with friends, tagging and star gazing.
    Dislikes: jerks, pompous nobles, ponies who hurt his friends and family, rapist and judgemental ponies.
    Clothes: wears a black and red plaid shirt, skinny jeans, a black sweatshirt with hoody, a sleeveless custom made jacket, on the back of the jacket was a two headed bird in a star position, one half red, the other white.

    Bio: Nightshade was a special case. 10 years ago, he discovered that he held powers over smoke and embers, triggered after an accident that unlocked his Conduit genes. Genes he inherited from his ancestor, Delsin Rowe. After 10 years of practice, he has mastered the 'gifts' revealed to him as a mere child. Today, on his 18th birthday, he is on the train toPonyville, to start a new life there and to continue his training. But he doesn't know of the other 'gifts' he inherited from his ancestor, nor of the new ones he'll get.

    He's an oc I made for a story in FimFiction, call Equestria's Heir of Conduits and has the same powers like Delsin, except he got them from his father, who was a smokeconduit and could absorb other powers.

    I'll add other of my oc to this list when I can, updating this when I can and also some of my oc are made from games or by hobbies like for example, this oc I made him from playing Infamous Second Sons.

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