[Morphin/Crim] New Friends, New Problems

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    As if the humiliation wasn't enough for Sangria, the police arrived onto the farm mere moments later. The Chief walked out of her car as officers went to restrain him, quickly cuffing his arms and legs.

    "Sangria Bloom" Winter started to speak. "You have the right to remain silence: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you at interrogation time and in court. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?"

    "I HATE YOU!" Sangria screamed, before his head was pushed onto the ground. The chief kneeled down next to her, laughing to herself.

    "I know you do. And let's just say that once the court is done with you, considering what you've done to your daughter alone, you are never getting out." Winter told him calmly before looking at Applejack and her brother. "We will take it from here. Thank you for holding him down..."
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    "Mah pleasure," replied Applejack warmly, "Always happy to help."

    "Eeyup," added Big Macintosh, nodding in satisfaction.

    Sangria gritted his teeth. "So much for 'innocent until proven guilty,'" he muttered.

    "Tell it to the judge, scumbag," replied Winter as she put him into the car's backseat and shut the door.

    As they drove away, Sangria wondered who could have ratted him out. The Pink Cloud, his old gang, was gone, so that was out. No one at his legitimate job knew of his transgressions, so they were also ruled out. Then, he remembered his daughter transferred schools...

    "THAT LITTLE *squee!*!" he shouted, "I'M GONNA KILL HER-"

    "Not helping your slim chances of a defense, mate," replied Winter. "Remember what I said about your right to remain silent? You'd better start exercising it before I lose my patience."


    "Alright, we did it!" said Circuit as he and the others celebrated after school.

    The group high-fived each other.

    "I wish I could've been there, AJ," said Rainbow Dash excitedly.

    "Eh, it wasn't that interestin', really," replied Applejack humbly.

    Meanwhile, Ivy sighed sadly.

    "Well, I've got to go. My parents are taking me on a trip to Yellowstone National Park tomorrow, so I might not see you for a while," she explained.

    Pinkie shook her hand. "Oki doki loki!" she replied cheerfully. "Have fun!"

    "Thanks! Au revoir!" said Ivy as she walked away. The group waved and said good-bye.

    Orchid meekly approached Circuit.

    "So... are you sure he's finally gone?" she asked, her voice shaking slightly.

    Circuit gave her a hug as he replied, with a comforting smile, "Yes, he can't hurt you anymore."

    Orchid began to cry.

    "What's wrong?" asked Circuit, a worried look on his face.

    "I... I don't have anywhere to go... Where am I supposed to stay?" she asked between sobs.

    "Don't worry," replied Circuit, his smile returning. "Tell you what, you can stay at my place. I'm sure Dad won't mind. I'll have Winter clear it with Child Services tomorrow and then it'll be official... okay?"

    Orchid gasped. "You... you mean it?"

    "Yep. That's what friends are for, right?"

    Orchid hugged Circuit tighter, her tears turning to tears of joy.

    "Well, that was fun. Who's for Chinese?" asked Pinkie.


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